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For All We’ve Lost

I have a tattered copy of a photograph I keep folded in a pocket of my jeans. Here she still loves me, she smiles back at me. I close my eyes and hear the sweet sound of her laugh. As … Continue reading

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Australian Dingos: Eco-Saviours Or Pests?

“Dingoes choose a mate for life and when it’s partner dies, it is not uncommon for the living mate to ‘mourn itself to death.’  Classed as an endangered species, dingoes cannot bark.   For thousands of years dingoes have been … Continue reading

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State Wide DNA/DNR/DNT Warning On Tri-State Min Pin “Rescuer” Aimee Tindell-Barker

DNA (Do not adopt for, release animals to, or transport animals to/for AIMEE E. TINDELL aka AIMEE BARKER – last known residence city/state of Huntington Beach, CA –  IF YOU PULL FOR AIMEE YOUR PULLING PRIVILEGE WILL BE REVOKED. IF PUT ANY ANIMAL IN HER CARE YOU WILL KNOWINGLY  BE … Continue reading

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Who Really Is Beatrice Marot?

This blog is my attempt to chronicle proof of Beatrice Marot’s more than twenty year history of cyber bullying and cyber stalking any one she’s having a problem with, and she is constantly having some problem with some body. For one thing, she … Continue reading

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DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters)

This gallery contains 15 photos.

A known cyber stalker and pathological liar  – Although she claims I am actually the one who won’t let this go, while she continues to harass me, my friends and supporters and watches my social websites daily for anything that might be … Continue reading

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