State Wide DNA/DNR/DNT Warning On Tri-State Min Pin “Rescuer” Aimee Tindell-Barker

This is the victim, Petie. We feel terrible about what happened.  We love him and think of him often.  It’s so unfair.   We luv u Petie, you took a piece of our hearts with you.

Pictured here is the real victim, his name is Petie. We feel terrible about what happened. We love him and think of him often. It’s so unfair.
We luv u Petie, where ever you are, a piece of our hearts are with you.  😥

DNA (Do not adopt for, release animals to, or transport animals to/for AIMEE E. TINDELL aka AIMEE BARKER – last known residence city/state of Huntington Beach, CA –  IF YOU PULL FOR AIMEE YOUR PULLING PRIVILEGE WILL BE REVOKED. IF PUT ANY ANIMAL IN HER CARE YOU WILL KNOWINGLY  BE PUTTING THOSE ANIMALS AT SERIOUS RISK!

Aimee has been under investigation for falsifying health certificates and forging shelter and vet paperwork as well as other unethical, illegal and immoral behavior like switching dogs and putting a similar dog on transport to unsuspecting adopter customer! She wants to be known as a rescuer but in reality she’s a dog broker, also knows as a “dog flipper”, known more for selling dogs than adopting them out. Below I go into further detail what she does to put her in that category and show proof of her being a broker/flipper.  The reason an investigation was launched when Aimee was proven to have FORGED a health certificate and shelter papers that by the way had the other dog’s micro-chip number – Aimee even shipped a similar looking dog in place of the one the adopter client paid for and expected to show up, several states away! Which is taking a huge risk with that poor dog! Risking they might see they were delivered a different dog and ship it back, or take it to their shelter and she wouldn’t even know because the micro-chip # in the dogs neck won’t match the one listed on the papers she sent!!! and do you think Aimee cares? No, she does not care about the dogs or she would never do something like that. 

Dog’s from the shelters and the streets many times have already been though enough hardship to last a lifetime, and if they’re even lucky enough to be rescued, and getting another chance at life, the last thing they need is to be further traumatized by  being recognized as a different dog, rejected and shipped all the way or be dumped somewhere because of greedy Aimee. All animals are vulnerable but rescue animals are the most vulnerable.  Some were found starving, sick and swarming with fleas after trying to survive on the streets, some were rescued in the nick of time from a high kill, high volume shelter, or from owners who abused and neglected them and I can’t imagine being able to just let them go to just anyone who paid me after that and be able to live with myself, and sleep at night. Really think about this, how vulnerable they are, how they’re completely dependent on us to take care of them and do what’s best for them, how they have complete and utter trust in us to do right by them, think about how unconditionally loving they are, and forgiving, no matter what their humans do to them, how all they want in life is to please them and be loved by them, to be a part of their pack, their family. Much like children and intelligent –  as humans we have free will to make our own choices but animals do not, we make choices for them, what kind of person would take on the responsibility for that animal and actually care less about the welfare and well-being of that living, breathing, loving soul who has feelings much like our own, and taking it upon themselves to change that dog’s life forever and not care if they’re changing it for the better or if they’re changing it for the worse – to not care if they’re sending that dog to live a life of abuse, like being sold to a lab who tests on animals, or someone who’s just mean and likes to kick around and bully their dog, or even worse, a dog molester. What kind of person sells animals indiscriminately to anyone with the right amount of money?    CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED THAT SEVERAL SHELTERS HAVE REVOKED AIMEE E. TINDELL-BARKER’S PULL RIGHTS AND SEVERAL RESCUES HAVE CUT TIES WITH HER. WARNINGS ABOUT HER HAVE BEEN IN CIRCULATION FOR WELL OVER A YEAR AND NOW THEY WARN IF YOU PULL FOR AIMEE YOUR PULLING PRIVILEGE WILL BE REVOKED. IF PUT ANY ANIMAL IN HER CARE YOU WILL KNOWINGLY  BE PUTTING THOSE ANIMALS AT SERIOUS RISK!

  • DNA/DNR/DNT stands for DO NOT ADOPT/DO NOT RELEASE/DO NOT TRANSPORT animals for someone.

collage of aimie n petie 3

This is a MUST read if you know or plan to work with Aimee E. Tindell, who FYI began using her maiden name of Barker when her bad reputation started becoming too well-known and effecting her pocket-book.  and was last known to reside in the city/state of Huntington Beach, CA. What she’s done to this dog and others is not only WRONG in every aspect on every level but is also ILLEGAL. Please don’t believe her lies like we did at one time, and like other trusting rescuers have once done, not when the lives of vulnerable rescue animals are on the line, knowing all the animals she has hurt already. This is not some attempt to ruin the name of a decent rescuer. This is my experience with her and below you will read comments from many other people who’ve also had personal experiences with her. All these people are not lying, we are all animal lovers who just don’t want to see any more animals suffer at the hands of this person. Since Aimee seems very likable and so caring about animals that it’s hard to believe she might not have the best intentions when it comes to the animals, but she’s just a good actress, a good liar, a good manipulator who knows all the right things to say. I was even contacted by a family member of hers who tells me she’s addicted to the powerful narcotic pain killer Oxycontin, and when they told me this I said I thought that’s probably why she’s constantly getting evicted, having to move, and why she’s so erratic and impossible to communicate with, but, this family member (who requests identity remain anonymous) confided in me that she’s always been that way, that she’s a bipolar schizophrenic and has been for many years. Mentally ill or not, there is no excuse for victimizing an innocent rescue animals, who in many instances have already been been used, abused and victimized by humans. The dog she’d agreed to foster for me that she stole and (we think she sold and shipped to other state) had been homeless for months, wandering alone trying to find food anywhere he could, which from the looks of him wasn’t much. He would up in some apartments where there were lots of places to hide and a couple of people who felt sorry for him and would occasionally set out food and water for him, so he stayed in that area, and having never been neutered he ended up getting a residents female dog pregnant. While that was not the best outcome, it was the catalyst that set him on the path to rescue, for when the owner of the female reached out to local rescues with the story of the little homeless dog we later named Petie, who impregnated her female and would come to visit his “kids” often. Petie’s story and original pix can be found at this link: 

There are dog rescuers and there are dog brokers; also commonly referred to as “dog flippers” or “pet traffickers”. The difference between a rescue and a dog flipper is that a rescue’s first priority is the dog’s well-being, whereas a dog flipper’s first , and basically only priority money – how they can increase their profit. A reputable rescue always requires adoption applications with personal and vet references and does detailed home checks as part of the adoption process. Before entrusting this woman with any animal I beg you to read what happened when she fostered a dog for me this year February 2013, as well as what other people have to say who’ve worked with her.

Link to Aimee’s Facebook profile:

Recent pic Aimee

Aimee comment redone without red circle

This is Petie at Aimee’s, look how frightened he is. Look at his body language, he sensed she was bad, I wish I’d have known.

Above, the dog photo you’ll see a picture of a blonde girl with bad teeth and an evil grin, that’s a recent shot of Aimee E. Tindell aka Barker, then under that picture, directly above is a photo of our poor little rescue dog Petie on the first night she fostered him – did I mention how Aimee later denied being a foster for us or even knowing this dog, but you can clearly see to the right of the pic Aimee admitting she is FOSTERING him, you can also see the dates on all my documentation and can see that later when admitting she did have him (but acted confused and played dumb, saying the dogs name wasn’t Petie but Frankie or something like that)  Link to Petie’s Facebook  album:
the very night we rescued him and brought him to her home February 1st 20113. That night we decided to call him Petie, before that he was only known as the stray we rescued at the Norwalk Manor Apartments. Below her comment you can see comments from my daughter and I thanking her for offering to foster Petie for however long it might take to find him a home after she saw us sharing his pictures, saying he was homeless and that we couldn’t rescue him until someone stepped up to foster. We thought oh wasn’t that nice of her,  never in my worst nightmares did we think he might end up being sold, or sent out of state and that we might never see or hear of Petie again, let alone that she would try to trick me out of a couple hundred dollars by using my love for him, knowing she might be able to use our love for him and desire to do the right thing for the dog and pay her the $225.  to get him back. And she said we had to send it to her Paypal, then she’d let us have him back, but we didn’t believe she’d give him back. It sounded like she just wanted money. What Aimee did to Petie was so wrong on so many levels, not to mention what sad circumstances her fake health certificate’s and incorrect micro chip information she may have caused some of the rescue dogs with the misfortune of being “flipped” for a profit in the name of saving selfish Aimee a few bucks.  Nothing like this can ever be allowed to happen ever again.
I posted a copy of this screen shot on my Facebook page (that had a red circle over Aimee’s comment) after she started sharing that she didn’t even know us or Petie, (see screen shot of it below) but someone must have reported it, because right after I commented an answer to a comment from Aimee’s husband the posts he commented on were removed by Facebook citing a violation of terms. Gee I wonder who keeps reporting my screen shots?  It just so happens the other post of the screen shot was of her status denying in a flip way any knowledge of any dog or even knowing us. I think she’s only going through all that trouble because she doesn’t want people to see what I see, how at times she contradicts herself, at other times she just blatantly tells straight out obvious lies. But it’s too little late for covering her tracks, I’d already saved everything, and actually wasn’t even sharing about it on Facebook until I saw a bunch of lies being posted on her Facebook wall denying that she even knew us or knew anything about Petie. I was too blown away not to try to correct that dirty trick, it was just so wrong. I only posted it on Facebook to #1.) To explain the lies she was posting on her wall and tell our side – and #2. Because SOMEONE has to speak up for Petie. As his rescuer it’s my responsibility to advocate for him. What she did to him no matter what way she spins it, wasn’t right. She had no right to do what she did even if we were taking too long to find him a home or had abandoned him there, which we can prove isn’t true, it’s all lies, and I’m going to prove it. What kind of person actually thinks she could pull this off and that people would just believe all her lies about me. And how cruel to put money and herself above the welfare and safety of a poor little rescue dog who’s already been through hell.
Peties shots receipts 1
 This is the receipt from the vet WE got Petie vaccinated at (we took him for vetting, NOT Aimee) including rabies the day we rescued him, Feb 1st, the same day we took him to her home after she offered to foster him when we shared his pictures, saying we couldn’t rescue him until we found a foster. She offered. We had no idea what she was like. We heard a little negative about her and believed her story about it and didn’t check into it until we had our own bad experience with her. THEN I looked into it and found out that everything people are saying about her is true. That and much more. Please feel free to call the vet to verify since his name is written in by hand, (it was the same day we rescued him and we hadn’t named him yet, but by the time we got to Aimee’s we’d chosen the name Petie, which Aimee’s always misspelled like this: Petey) verify that Petie is the dog on the receipt, you can see the invoice number, the date and also that he got his rabies shot, client number, then in the next picture you’ll see the rabies certificate.She claims at first that never worked with us then claims the dog in these pics isn’t the dog that she did foster for us, but she wants to call it volunteering or something? She also said in her comment on my screen shot post of her Facebook status where she denies ever working with us, that she got removed by complaining about it, that she not only paid for all his shots but also claims to have paid for his neuter, but the truth is that even though I sent her via PayPal $55 to get him neutered, she insisted on getting it done for FREE at Pet Fix at 1714 E McFadden Ave Ste M, Santa Ana, CA. Call them at (714) 973-1840. Also to get it done for free it took nearly a month to get him an appointment, and she had the nerve to complain that it was taking me too long to find him a home, like she’s in rescue but doesn’t know that no rescue can make the dog available for adoption until their vaccinated and spayed or neutered.Then on the day of his neuter, which was on Feb 26th, (she had him only since Feb 1st) and she came up with this big lie about needing me to take Petie cuz she was going out of town on business, her husband Scott admitted that wasn’t true. His words were sheepish and spoken with a shrug and embarrassed look on his face oh, that was me”. After talking with him at length it became clear that he’d had no idea that his wife had agreed to foster for however long it might take to find a home, and blew his lid, and started pressuring her to give him back or find him another rescue. That was when she started giving us problems, all because she failed to ask her husband and he was saying NO. Why she’s lying about what she spent and those details I have no idea unless she’s just trying to make us sound bad. Even going as far as to claim that our screen shots and all our proof, messages and IM’s between us are photo shopped! And I’ve never ever as many years as I’ve been online have EVER photo shopped anything. I wouldn’t even know how. But she can’t say the same, in fact everyone knows she uses photo shop. She’s an editor and you can bet your bootie she uses her work tools to fake everything from health certificates to fake messages created by her designed to make the person who’s exposing her look bad. But the only person she’s making look bad with all this is herself. In fact I wasn’t even sharing about it until I saw she was sharing that these pictures weren’t of Petie, she claimed she never worked with us then admits she did foster for us, she claims she paid for things that we actually paid for and claims that she paid for things she got for free and ALL these things can be proven. Please don’t be fooled like we and the other people were, not when the lives of vulnerable rescue animals are on the line. Before believing her lies like we did, please just look into what people are saying. A little bit of research will tell you everything everyone is saying about her is true. That and more.
Aimee - paypal receipt for $$ we sent for Petie
THIS SCREEN SHOT DIRECTLY BELOW SELFISH, COLD BLOODED AIMEE SHARES HERSELF LAUGHING ABOUT PETIE’S BEING MISSING, MAKING HEARTLESS JOKE THAT SHE LOOKED ALL OVER HER APARTMENT FOR MISSING PETIE AND HE’S NOT THERE AROUND as SHE PRETENDS NOT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT A DOG NAMED PETIE OR BAMBI’S HOPE RESCUE THEN CLAIMS SHE HEARD BAD STUFF ABOUT US AND WOULDN’T “FOSTER OR FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FOR BAMBI’S HOPE EVER EVER” IN HER OWN WORDS!  Then further below I put the screen shot of the ridiculous excuse she offers up when caught in that lie, claiming she was confused because she knows the dog as Freddie.  Big contradiction when the picture she took of him the first night she fostered him, also showing her comments, which are shaded because her effort to delete it only hid it from her and her friends  (that picture I’m referring to is above, directly below the picture of Aimee’s face) on his first night being foster with her WHO SHE CLEARLY BELOW WAS FOSTERING FOR US.
Aimee Tindell wall post
Above is a screen shot of Aimee’s Facebook status which is a direct contradiction to her side of the story, and these screen shots and messages you see here shows Aimee getting caught in so many other such contradictions and lies it’s hard to make sense out of what’s going on.  Further on I will  add other people’s experiences with her, I’m still working on gathering information.
Heartless Aimee to actually think this is funny, it’s just incredible to me anyone who would claim to love and rescue animals then be so flip about stealing a dog from a rescuer and holding him for ransom, thinking only of money as she heartlessly ruins his chance to be adopted  into a loving home in the name of making a little more money off of him.  And she also signed a foster contract for us, which in CA is a legally binding contract. Petie’s the victim here, but she’s trying to gain sympathy while she jokes about it. She needs to have her ignorant, uneducated, lying country bumpkin face punched.
Aimee's foster application she filled out for us before we rescued the dog. I'm trying to leave out her address.

The foster application Aimee filled out for us before we rescued the dog. I’m trying to leave out her address although it’s changed once since then – she moved one apartment complex away.

 I added the screen shot of her status to my album of Petie, then  guess who left a comment there then deleted it, AIMEE!! And it was so long the screen shots had to be taken in four parts.  Below are those screen shots: 
Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 1 of 4

Aimee’s comment on Peties thread Part 1 of 4

Aimee's comment on Peties thread Part 2 of 4

Aimee’s comment on Peties thread Part 2 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 3 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 3 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part  of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 4 of 4

Aimee - email more excuses why Petie rescue postponed
Aimee - email more excuses
Aimee - email Mar 25 she says Peties safe in her home
Aimees email April 1st
Aimee - email - my response to her Mar 30 email
Aimee - email using our worry and holding Petie ransom
This email above is one of the ones she was desperate to get removed from online, because it shows her true colors. SHE WANTS PEOPLE TO THINK WE ABANDONED PETIE THEIR AND THAT’S WHY SHE TOOK IT UPON HERSELF TO RE-HOME THE DOG BUT OUR CONSTANT EFFORTS TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER AND GET UPDATES ON WHAT WAS GOING ON SHOW SHE ISN’T BEING HONEST WITH PEOPLE (don’t miss the last message where she tries to get us to Paypal her $225. using our love and concern for Petie to line her wallet with some more money from us, and at the same time won’t tell us where he is or give us a number where we can call. She was holding him for ransom.
Aimee's new rescue listed in her home, called MIN PIN NATION - recently renamed Min Pin Madness

Aimee’s new rescue listed in her home, called MIN PIN NATION – recently renamed Min Pin Madness

 Oh now sly Aimee has done it again.  She has removed their application.  It’s okay, no worries at all, there’s more than one way to skin a dog flipper.
Aimee should be featured on the Worlds Dumbest Criminals. When she first started her dog rescue/dog brokering business, she STOLE the name of a reputable rescue that already established here in CA.  Aimee didn’t put in much of an effort, like most people would, in choosing a name for the new business (or maybe she did) because it’s alot of hassle to try to change all the details involved in starting a business like filing DBA and starting a website and paying for the use of your .com every year and that’s barely scratching the surface of the ton of things you’d have to change.  So to make a long story short, there was a real rescue DBA (doing business as) Min Pin Nation, as soon as this was brought to their attention, they had to serve Aimee to legally to stop her from wrecking their good name and profiting off of it in her extremely illegal, rather pathetically sad bid to lend credibility to her new cover for the business of flipping dogs for profit. This forced her to stop doing business under the stolen name, so then she AGAIN, changed the name to Min Pin Madness. She might change it again but we know who she is. If you pull animals from the shelter for and give them to her you could lose your pull rights like AMPS did. Don’t let her ruin your good name. I know she seems nice and is very likable very believable, but with the lives of animals in our hands we owe it to them to use every precaution. You’re changing their life, make sure it’s a change for the better. You don’t have to take my word for it, a little research goes a long way.   ***  Amiee later added the DBA’s Hurley Tailz and A Pupz Rescue to the mess of new names she’s using now for this “rescue”.  She was also evicted out of yet another apartment because she has no kennel licence or permission from the property managers to run a rescue out of her tiny apartment. 
Aimees rescue C

And if you think all this is bad, it’s nothing compared to the cruel games she’s been playing with us since I wrote this. I’ll be writing all about it as soon as it’s all over. I’m not sure right not how this is going to play out, except that we’ll most likely never see or hear from Petie again, because all Aimee cares about is money. I’ll keep you posted.

…. Aimee made some changes since I posted the screen shots above. She’s trying to clean up her act a little, but she’s not actually a rescue, she’s more like a dog broker, albeit a severely psychotic one.


In writing this post I actually went pretty easy on Aimee, I didn’t even talk about some of the worst things she did, because they were things she did to us (my daughter and I) not the dog, but I need to tell the horrible things she did to us because she it shows she’s lacking in character, morals and ethics, and can’t be trusted. This blog didn’t even cover half of what she put us through. I was pretty embarrassed how much I put up with in the name of doing the best thing for the dog, I let her make complete fools of us. She  played with us in the cruelest “games” you can imagine. This is the type of thing she’s known for, but I didn’t know about that when I first got involved with her, but I can tell you she’s really a horrible heinous person and I’m going to lay out all the cruel and cold blooded things she did to us. Like insisting on texting Cassy even after I told her the stress was getting her down and to please deal with me instead of Cassy, then she started harassing Cassy even worse, sending 30-60 texts back to back when she was in the hospital sick and trying not to lose her baby. Then lied to her husband right before we were due to meet, telling him Cassy’s fiance threatened him, but it was a lie. I was right there all he texted back to her was “wow my wife is in the ER and could lose our baby, and you’re really doing this?” that’s ALL he said, no threats. And that was just for starters!! I wasn’t the only one fooled. But I was and am still dealing with regrets, wishing I had done things different, so as hard as anyone could be one me, it’s nothing compared to what I’m going through since this happened. I think about him every day, and would deal face to face with the devil himself if I could get Petie back. And I did go through alot with her I didn’t even write here, I can tell you I tried to get him back, and let her drag our hearts drug through the mud for it, you have no idea what I let her put us through… communicating with her (which if you’ve ever had the misfortune of working with her you’ll know that’s damn near impossible) the whole time she fostered for us was just HORRIBLE, as bad as it gets. Then when I thought it was over she contacted me again, and proceeded to use our concern for him to play the cruelest game with us you can imagine, letting us believe she was going to give him back to us, putting up with her crazy rantings and biting my tongue to play her game because even though I knew she was probably lying, but on the slim chance he could be actually on transport coming back to us and they really did break down like she said… she even had go to a meeting spot where someone was supposed to bring him to us and we waited and waited, then checked our email and she’d emailed us at the time we were due to meet saying they’d broke down, that it would be postponed. For almost two weeks she made one excuse after another, even saying she just didn’t have transports phone number, “sorry” she says. How could anyone do that to another for any reason …. actually she pretty much was like that the whole time, but I thought it was more emotional problems than maliciousness. I guess it’s both. I hope no one has to go through what we just went through. That’s why I’m putting this out there, and I have proof every word I say is TRUE. I saved EVERYTHING. It was Hell working with Aimee, absolutely horrible, we didn’t even know people like that existed. Maybe then people will understand just what level of wicked Aimee Tindell really is and to just please do a little research if you’re thinking of pulling for her or working with her. And she’s actively looking for a new rescue partner like I said before, so look out everyone.

UPDATE: July 28, 2013 – SEE BELOW New Additions To Blog! More Proof AIMEE Uses Lies Trickery Trying To Fool Us All!!

Notice how the IP addresses are all the same, but Aimee didn’t always remember to always use the fake email address that went with each fake profile.  

On this blog you only have to wait for approval once, once a comment from you is approved, all comments after that will be posted immediately without needing approval. So once I learned which comments were from Aimee’s fake profiles I didn’t delete them like she accused me of doing, I just un–approved them. I don’t want Aimee to use my blog for lying and tricking my readers, but I did take screen shots with the proof highlighted and the ridiculous underlined. Thank you.
proof  1
proof 2
proof profiles 2
proof profiles 3
 Aimee’s most recent comment here on this blog lost in the sea of the rest, so I took screen shot. She did use a different computer but she’s already caught from before lying and faking. It’s just too funny how she calls herself dumb ass. lol!
Aimee lost loser comment wordpress
And here, the first emails to me she’s denying the email belongs to her, but then her hubby used it to message me in the circled email. 
Aimee n hubby in hurleytails email 1

Aimee get's called out on her fundraiser as she removed vet info from it. They say they never did surgery for that dog.  Aimee lied.

Aimee was called out on her fundraiser page
Above you see Aimee was called out on her fundraiser – immediately afterwards she REMOVED THE VET’S CONTACT INFO from this fundraiser and the pictures.  Calls after Aimee said the surgery was done the vet said they never did surgery for that dog.  So Aimee lied. What she did and is still doing is criminal and soon a warrant will be handed down and finally she’ll be where she belongs, in jail with all the other drug addicts and thieves. 

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82 Responses to State Wide DNA/DNR/DNT Warning On Tri-State Min Pin “Rescuer” Aimee Tindell-Barker

  1. I want to praise Kim for taking a stance against Aimee Tindell! I have first hand knowledge with Aimee. I wanted a dog in the OC Shelter back in December 2012. A good friend of mine offered to get the dog for me, since I live in MI. not CA. She was friends with Aimee at the time and said Aimee could pull the dog under AMPS (A rescue Aimee WAS associated with, before having her pull rights terminated by their president). Aimee tried to talk me out of my dog I wanted, saying that she was “bit by my dog a week earlier at the shelter”. I was persistent that I wouldn’t change my mind. My friend ended up fostering my dog until she could be flown to me (2 weeks later). Aimee kept referring to my dog as a “AMPS rescue dog”, but not once did she do or arrange to have a home check with me, unlike what she stated in her thread to Kim above. Once my dog was flown to me, I took a good look at the health certificate Aimee sent with my dog. It prompted me to call the vet listed on the certificate. My suspicions were right, the health certificate she sent was FAKE! Aimee had the audacity to not only fly my dog with a FAKE health certificate across state lines, but to also send me a pm to PAY her for it!! Needless to say, I was contacted by a USDA agent in CA that is now investigating Aimee Tindell for FRAUD! During the time she sent my dog to me, she boasted on her page that she had sent at least 5 or more within those 2 weeks. So if my certificate was FAKE, how many other people got dogs from her with fake certificates? If she fakes certificates, what other despicable things has Aimee done in the name of “rescue”? When she was confronted with this information, she denied it (of course) and then ranted on her page that “haters are after her for being such a great rescue person”. I have learned that Aimee is a pro at twisting things to make herself look innocent. It sickens me that there are so many people on her friend’s list that are quick to defend and support her without doing their own research. I’m so glad my dog IS healthy, even though Aimee sent her with a fake certificate. I can’t even begin to think of what could have happened if she had been flown with a contagious sickness.

    • Thank you for checking out the new blog and for sharing your own personal experience with Aimee Tindell. This blog has already had 46 views just today. I’m still working on it. Aimee’s wishing now she hadn’t forced me to move my post exposing her, she’s totally desperate to get those screen shots catching her up in her lies from being seen by everyone, all those lies and contradictions lmao, because she kept reporting them and after getting the second group of two taken down I got blocked from posting for 24 hrs then warned that if it happened again I might lose my account so I temprarily deactivated it taking my power back. And man is she ever pissed. I still have no idea how she could pass those off as any kind of violation, especially knowing what people have reported in the past that SHOULD have been removed but stayed up. Go figure. So it took control of that out of her hands (man she needs help) and am putting that and MORE right here on my blog where she can’t get to it unless I let her. AND we can share it and it can’t be taken down by anyone. Really she did me a favor, the way it WAS it was so hard to read and make sense out of it all, in so many posts to have to look at and read. Now it’s so easy to put together and to see what I’m talking about. So thanks dim wit. Really lmao.

      Oh and so they can’t mess with my main profile I temporarily deactivated it today, but it WILL be back very soon – I’m not gone, I’m still here at my extended profile at and of course the Bambi page at

      • Candace says:

        Interesting discovery tonight… Aimee Tindell is once again being evicted from her apartment. This should explain her bogus fundraiser.

  2. The fundraiser app below is one Aimee Tindell is circulating. I’m told by a mutual acquaintance of ours that she’s met this dog and that this dog is not 8-9, that Aimee told her he is between 16-18 and he’s just going blind from being old. We all feel for the dog but are pretty sure this is a scam. If it was legit then why isn’t there any vet info for people to verify or donate directly to the vet?

  3. Edna says:

    Trying to find a word worse than despicable for that “woman”. Hope she does something that causes her to go to jail

  4. Jesus Christ, you should have taken the dog off of her from the start. As a reputable rescue myself, nothing is more infuriating when you have two idiots fighting and nobody looking out for the welfare of the dog. YOU’RE IN THIS FOR THE ANIMALS, act like it.

    • Thanks alot for judging me and calling me an idiot, that’s really nice. We did the best we could at the time. We have regrets, but feel that the bulk of the blame should lie with the person who lied and manipulated us to get a free dog, and that is Aimee. If I’m at fault it is for trusting and believing lies. I feel terrible, and don’t need other people calling me names. I feel horrible as it is, believe me, I do. I cry when I think about him, which is every day.

      • Marianna says:

        We gain experience by making mistakes. Aimee belonged to AMPS before I took over. I was going to release her from the rescue, but the former treasurer really liked her and told me that I should really give her a chance. This person is ex military and worked in the legal department of the Navy. She was even snowballed. I don’t think it is fair to call Kim an idiot. Good con-artists can pull the wool over very discerning people’s eyes.

      • Oh I know, I was being so careful, but she had me fooled. I was too embarrassed to even admit how much I let her get away with. I didn’t even tell half the details here, I was mostly focusing on the dog, which was my main concern. I wasn’t the only one fooled. But I was and am still dealing with regrets, wishing I had done things different, so as hard as anyone could be one me, it’s nothing compared to what I’m going through since this happened. I think about him every day, and would deal face to face with the devil himself if I could get Petie back. And I did go through alot with her I didn’t even write here, I can tell you I tried to get him back, and had my heart drug through the mud for it, you have no idea what I let her put us through… she used our concern for him to play the cruelest game with us you can imagine, letting us believe she was going to give him back to us, putting up with her crazy rantings and biting my tongue to play her game because even though I knew she was probably lying, but on the slim chance he could be actually on transport coming back to us and they really did break down like she said… she even had go to a meeting spot where someone was supposed to bring him to us and we waited and waited, then checked our email and she’d emailed us at the time we were due to meet saying they’d broke down, that it would be postponed. For almost two weeks she made one excuse after another, even saying she just didn’t have transports phone number, sorry. I wouldn’t do that to anyone for any reason, actually she pretty much was like that the whole time, but I thought it was more emotional problems than maliciousness. I guess it’s both. I hope no one has to go through what we just went through. That’s why I’m putting this out there, even though I know people are going to hate me for working with her, too many people are like I was and just don’t know. I’m here to tell them. Thanks you all for sharing your story and comments. I really appreciate it.

  5. Maggi Forootan says:

    I am the Regional Coordinator in Southern California for IMPS Miniature Pinscher Rescue, and we put Aimee Tindell on our Do Not Adopt list (nationwide) about three months ago. Recently she has attempted to adopt from us. In the past she had been an IMPS volunteer and was removed. One of our applicants had an experience with her that resulted in her feeling the need to block Aimee’s calls, and instruct the guard at her gated residence to prohibit Amy from entering the property. I wholeheartedly support any effort being made to stop Aimee from causing any more damage to the dogs she is claiming to want to “help/rescue”, and the unsuspecting people that she has manipulated.

    • Thank you Maggie so much for letting me know it was IMPS, not AMPS, especially since I just saw that they sent several nasty messages about the mis-print (the one below is nice compared to the others I chose not to publish). Anything shared in confidence I won’t repeat or print so I appreciate any one who is willing to share their experience in the open. Together maybe we can convince people that it’s true that they shouldn’t adopt or pull for Aimee Tindell, that this is NOT a campaign to ruin a good rescue, it is a warning to others so that they don’t have to find out the hard way, like we did – to prevent yet another dog and another, from falling prey to her, being sold and shipped out of state to the highest bidder like she did to our poor Petie. Please help, if you care about animals at all people, please just do your research – in honor of Petie and the other dogs Aimee used and didn’t care about that we’ll never see again, or ever even know if they’re alive.

    • Laura Baggett says:

      I’m so glad you posted this Maggi Forootan. Aimee is absolutely one of the most neurotic pathological liars I’ve ever met who won’t stop at anything. After making false accusations with the police and having them sent out to my house FOUR times back in January she almost got arrested herself for filing a false police report. When that didn’t work she called OC Animal Control and made reports that I had dead and dying animals living in deplorable conditions in my house! These are very false reports and AC was quite annoyed that their time was wasted TWICE but very clearly saw my dogs, cats, and fosters are well fed and quite healthy! Her report that two of my foster puppies dying because I denied them medical care is also untrue. How could the puppies have died shortly after birth and I still have current pictures of them at 3.5 mths old? Hmmm… seems quite odd to me!
      I hope every rescue in America gets wind of this and refuses to work with her!

    • Thanks everyone for your comments and support. My hope is this will get out and save some rescuers and some animals from going through the same thing. I know some may hate me for admitting to working with her, but if you know Aimee then you know how good a liar and manipulator she is, she had me fooled. I’m here to tell them. Thanks again you all for sharing your story and comments. I really appreciate it.

      • Marianna says:

        Don’t feel bad Kim. Many of us had the wool pulled over our eyes. It was very hard to keep an eye on her from 3000 mile away, and the lack of communication bugged me. an ex board member of AMPS really liked her, thought the did great things for the dogs, and told me to give the kid a chance. I was ready to let her go nearly a year ago when I took over because I didn’t like her terrible communication and outbursts. Now that ex board member who was a friend of mine has taken Aimee’s side and it really hurts knowing that that person would believe Aimee and stand by her after being a founding member of the rescue. 😦

  6. AMPS Board 2013 says:

    Dear Bambi’s Hope Rescue,
    NOW! you are none as “shady” and I cannot believe this post or your lies. Why were Our posts deleted? Exactly! NOW! I have asked you nicely to take AMPS out of any of your threads and especially is blog that is a scam. If AMPS name is not removed within 24 hours we will take action against you. You can not do this to someone than allow the other side of the story not to be heard. That makes you a liar! Take our name out! I will be talking to you no more only our attorney. Thank You. AMPS Board Members 2013

    • Laura Baggett says:

      THIS WASN’T WRITTEN BY AMPS! I just spoke with Marianna Hyrck and she knows nothing about this! This is YET AGAIN Aimee’s FAKE attempt of trying to come to her own defense! You can even look at it and see it’s Aimee’s writing style. She’s full of it and needs to be stopped!
      She DID lose pull rights with AMPS… they want NOTHING to do with her!

      • Note: What Laura was responding to was removed, but the screens shots of the removed comments from Aimee’s fake profiles can be seen at the bottom the blog where I add recent updates when I have them.

      • A heads up I got from someone that dog stealing/flipping pos we know as Aimee Tindell is now using a fake name, created this profile with it: Aimee Barker. Link:

      • Dumb Ass says:

        Barker is my maiden name dumbass…..You are such lost loser.

      • Thank you Ms. Dumb Ass, that’s your maiden name, I stand corrected. My apologies… Ms. Dumb Ass. Thank you very much.

        …roflmao!!!bbfftht WAHh Hah ha hah hah hah hah hah!!
        omg I laughed so hard I cried!! Poor little thing is so stupid.

        ok come on now Aimee, don’t tell me you showed up to do a battle of wits un-armed. You need to go back and find where you left your mind, get it, and then come back. It’s okay, Dumb Ass, I’ll be right here.

        …This isn’t even a fair fight. I feel bad now. Like a bully. This isn’t fun anymore. Maybe there’s really something wrong with that girl. Does anyone know if she’s retarded?

    • Marianna says:

      You’re fine Kim. This isn’t anyone from AMPS, it is Aimee or a “follower” of hers. Neither myself or anyone in AMPS would so something like this. It has her erratic behavior written all over it.

      • You can’t even see those now since I un-approved the comments from the fake profiles, but I did post them up at the bottom of the blog where the updates are. And yes, thank you, the more she commented posing as AMPS the clearer it became that it was really Aimee. Thanks all of you for your comments and support. I don’t feel so alone in being duped by this person. It means alot.

    • AIMEE…..You are so lame.

    • By the way I don’t delete comments, but I don’t always approve them the same day they’re left. Please be patient, as long as it’s not inflammatory or abusive it WILL be published. Once you comment is published you no longer have to wait for comments to be approved – they go right up. Thank you.

    • ROFLMAO!! Oh Aimee! You slay me! hahaha hah hah hah

  7. Marianna says:

    AMPS Board 2013 is either Aimee or a minion of hers. I’m too the point of pressing charges for her impersonating a board member, fraud and defamation of character. Tammy at the OC suspended pull rights because Aimee told her that I died and she was given the 501c3. That was told to me by Tammy.

    • She behaves like a common criminal, and if not soon, then later she will be in jail for fraud and thievery. She’s so stupid about it too, she doesn’t think things through. That’s why she always get’s caught up in crazy sounding lies, because she just spins stories without thinking it through and then has to tell more lies and call other people liars trying to clean it up. Even accuses me of using photo shop.

  8. Since I shared about the DNA on Aimee Tindell she did a little research and gotten her hooks into this false consumer report filed by another foster gone bad by the name of Beatrice Marot and is sharing it to try to discredit me, so you won’t believe what I say about her. I love Google, and Bing, just search her name with Chip Coffey (and you’ll also see the names of a few other celebrities she’s stalked over the years) and you’ll see all you need to know about Beatrice Marot. Directly below is the link to my Facebook Note written about my own personal experience with Beatrice.

    In this blog please see my other posts about both of these horrible women as well as a few others who’ve victimized vulnerable rescue dogs for their own personal gain. Please see the menu of “Recent Posts” here in the upper right hand column, or follow this link and scroll down to see all posts:

  9. By the way I don’t delete comments, but I don’t always approve them the same day they’re left. Please be patient, as long as it’s not inflammatory or abusive it WILL be published. Once you comment is published you no longer have to wait for comments to be approved – they go right up. Thank you.

  10. I believe you about Aimee. I live in MA and this name has been mentioned by other rescues I know here. What an evil thing to do to those poor dogs and the people who are trying to save them. I am sure hell has a special place just for her. I have now shared your warning for all to see.

  11. Dog Lover says:

    I was reading all the info regarding Aimee Tindell. Aimee contacted me through my Etsy site and asked me to donate an item for her fundraiser for Hurley who is blind. She said it would be an auction with many other artist’s work and people would bid on the items. This was NOT the “Fundrazr” that she had to raise money on her facebook page, but an auction with artistry items for people to bid on. She said that all the items would be shown on the art auction site, and who they were donated by, to allow exposure to those websites or Etsy sites (not that I really cared about that part.) Later Aimee email me to tell me the “Auction” was up and running along with all the other artist’s items included. She did not include the web address, so I asked her to send it to me. She didn’t. She said it was on a facebook page and said if I gave her my facebook name and link, she would add me, so that I could see the auction of artist items. Again, she didn’t add me or even respond when I gave her the information. I searched her Facebook page for the auction and only found the Fundrazr requesting money. No art auction. I googled and searched Facebook for the information regarding the auction for Hurley. Finally, I never heard from her again. She never gave me the name of the person who bid on the two items that I donated. Do you know, or does anyone else have the link for the “auction”? The art one, with the items that I donated with all the other artist items? If there was no such “auction”, It’s people like this that makes me want to never trust or donate anything to anyone.

  12. doglover says:

    Please disregard my last post. Aimee did finally send the link to the auction…..after….the auction was over.

    • I’m sorry it took so long to see and approve your comment. Now that you’ve been approved any future comments you leave will go up immediately and require no approval. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Aimee has me blocked so unless mutual friends come to me with what she is up to I won’t see it. Usually I’m quickly made aware what she’s up to. I hear she’s still up to her same old tricks. Those who know her believe she won’t stop until stopped, when she’s in a cell somewhere, which from what I hear won’t be long since she’s under federal investigation for fraud. Keep sharing she’s a bad egg and maybe we can save some poor person or rescue animal from being used by her to make money. That’s pretty much all we can do at this point.

  13. Laura Baggett says:

     Aimee Tindell has wrecked havoc on Min Pin Rescue here in CA! She’s since resurfaced again and is pulling dogs from our local shelters claiming to be a Min Pin & Chihuahua hero. Please be aware and watch out for her being tagged and sharing dogs with her. Whatever you do, don’t help her pull dogs from the shelter! This woman is a danger to these dogs. Soon the FBI will arrest her on Federal Forgery, Charity Fraud, Misappropriation of funds, among all the other ILLEGAL things she’s done and BRAGGED about. I have personally see her switch dogs on adopters and lie to them telling them it was the dog they specifically picked out. She even suggested I do that with someone because she liked another dog better! I absolutely did not switch dogs on the owners, and they got the dog they wanted. Dogs were taken from owner surrender lines at shelters, made up fake shelter paperwork– the “animal ID number” traced back to a deceased dog, the microchip was not the chip the dog had, and vaccination records were fake as well. The owner verified this after calling the shelter and verifying her dog was never in the shelter. Once the USDA/FBI investigation is complete and Aimee is arrested it may be the only way some people will finally realize Aimee is a lying, manipulative thief who uses dogs as pawns on her chessboard to line her pocketbook.
    I WITNESSED these things myself! These aren’t rumors going around! Once you stop talking to Aimee or ignore her, the harassment commences… Text after text, calls, voicemails, FB messages… It never ends.
    Clara herself has had her own run ins with Aimee and blocked her after Aimee stole her rescue name “Min Pin Nation”. 
    She sent the police to my house on several occasions claiming I stole a pregnant min pin. Complete false accusations! She even had to add that two of the four puppies died due to me denying them medical care… WOW! One of the biggest lies of them all!! Funny how I have FOUR healthy puppies, now isn’t it…? After she changed her story 3 times in the hours she was out in front with the police, she was almost arrested for filing a false police report! When that didn’t work she tried Animal Control… Even went to OC Shelter telling them the president of AMPS died and left her the rescue and wanted all the paperwork to be turned over to her name immediately. The rescue coordinator knew Aimee was “at it again” as she put it… And disabled the rescue account. This all seems like a legit, responsible rescuer who’s in it for the dogs, doesn’t it….? Ummm NO! 

    STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM AIMEE TINDELL! She’s the demise of the rescue.

    • Candace Johner says:

      Aimee isn’t a rescuer, or even a rescue. She’s a disturbed woman that needs constant attention and her ego fed, so she harnesses that attention under the guise of “rescue.” Anyone with the above knowledge that’s been posted needs to take serious heed, and if those choose to ignore it are just as guilty. This isn’t some smear campaign, as one of her sheeple friends has mentioned. She is someone that is actively under FBI investigation for a plethora of wrongdoings, and these inquiries take time. The folks that are believing her constant drama and lies will soon be washing egg off of their faces. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    WHOA!!! So crummy that someone posing as a “rescuer” does this deceitful nonsense!! Just proves that crooks will always be crooks, even at the expense of the helpless…..the dogs. It’s clear that she’s swindler and taking advantage of peoples hearts. Shame on her and I’m glad that word is out within the rescue community, thank you guys for opening our eyes to her!

  15. I am now un-approving the comments left by Aimee’s fake profiles so she doesn’t have this forum to spread her bull shit. Thanks.

  16. Candace says:

    She tried a similar approach a few months back. She was in front of Laura’s house with the Sheriff first trying to claim that Gracie was “stolen” from her arms. Then she changed her story and said Laura reached through the car window and stole the dog. THEN she again switched her tale and told them something entirely different. After an hour or so, the Sheriff finally had enough of her bullshit and told her he didn’t believe her anymore because she couldn’t keep her story straight.

    Afterward, the Sheriff spoke with Laura and told her he had been very close to arresting Aimee for filing a FALSE report and for wasting his time. The Sheriff APOLOGIZED to Laura, and said that he thought Aimee was crazy. Said if she tried calling again, he would arrest her the next time.

    She whines that everyone is against her, everyone is a “hater” and trying to sabotage her “rescue” efforts. AND PEOPLE FALL FOR IT!! Can’t they see she is constantly changing her stories?? In the case of Petie: first she has never heard of Petie.. Then she claimed to have had him?? THEN claims to have found a home for him that Bambi’s Hope had no say in?? And that is just the tip of the iceberg. As I’ve said before, there is a reason so many people are finally speaking up about her wrongdoings. She’s burned so many with her deceit and lies, but most of all, it’s the dogs that ultimately lose. Her “efforts” are nothing but a self-serving way to gain sympathy and attention all the while getting her overly-inflated ego stroked. She has NO RIGHT to switch dogs on adopters. NO RIGHT to steal fosters from rescues. NO RIGHT to collect fees to line her own pocket.

    She now claims Hurley Tailz is a rescue?? WHERE is her 501?? Being that she is currently under federal investigation, there is no way in hell they would clear her for one. 501c3 statuses take a LONG time to aquire. Speaking of the investigation– she mentioned before that this was a story that was entirely made up, and then a week later turns right around and tells her adoring minions that she was cleared of all charges?? WHICH IS IT, AIMEE?? You’ve never heard of all this, but now state you are free and clear?

    I call bullshit!

    • Laura Baggett says:

      Wow VERY VERY WELL SAID Candace! I agree fully…. Actually to add to it.. she had Officer Steve out in front spinning her broke down web of lies for THREE HOURS before he told her to leave! This was abou the time my neighbor called me saying, “Umm… Laura.. Your stalker is out in front sobbing hysterically with the police…” Yea.. she burst into hysterics when the officer finally saw she was lying about everything and the ONLY consistent story was mine. It’s rather interesting to me how in just a mere 3 hours I can go from walking by her car that happens to be parked in front of my building, see there’s a pregnant min pin I want, reach in and take her and RUN…. THEN it goes to she agreed to take me along to the shelter with her to pick Gracie up (yea.. she switched her name around several times too.. she also referred to her as Gigi & Ruby) and when she dropped me off I grabbed the dog and RAN…. (I wonder how she felt convincing to the police that I went from a complete stranger walking by as she described to KNOWING me and taking me to the shelter with her??!)…. and then she decided (I personally think she was running out of ideas….) that she dropped mama dog off with me for several hours to “babysit” while she was at work and when she came back to get her I refused to give her back….

      NOW…. anyone with half a brain… as this officer SAW himself… would realize that they were dealing with a complete loonie! I’m a stranger, or I’m not…. I was RUNNING away with the dog or I was babysitting.. which is it.. hmm….. oh DON’T FORGET…. in this supposed “theft” and great RUNNING she kept explaining that I did.. not once did she chase me.. she just yelled “stop, stop” and didn’t follow me into my building….. AND I mangaged to carry a HEAVILY PREGNANT min pin, a folder with all the paperwork — 2 copies mind you… who steals a dog with paperwork?? HUH..? LOL.. AND the topper is that 20 lb bag of DOG FOOD!! Please…. ANYONE…. tell me how someone can RUN away carrying that quite awkward armful! It just baffles me… it’s like she thinks she gets a fresh start every day telling the “same” story a different way…. and then along the way as WE explain the story and defend ourselves to her lunacy she throws in little bits more addressing other things… randomly… yet puts spins on them that just make you shake your head…. I mean really… you meant the OTHER President of AMPS died (Phyllis)..???? She DIDN’T even die… yet she says she DID! Such a nut case.. seriously…
      The officer was QUITE pissed off she sent them out to my place FOUR times in a week…. and as he said on the phone after she drove away, “Now I have to explain the last three hours of my life….”
      BAM! Mama Gracie went into labor 10 mins later.. water broke in my living room…. IMAGINE the deadly consequences if Aimee had gotten her hands on that dog! She said so herself she knew nothing about whelping puppies… and according to the President of AMPS (to which Aimee was FINALLY in contact with—- They didn’t even know the dog existed prior to that!), AImee was going to put Mama on a flight back east that night! She hhad been in pre-labor the entire day and having mini contractions for 3 days prior to that…. she would have KILLED her and the puppies! The first one was born breech andhad to be manually pulled out to be saved after mama pushed for 3.5 hrs…. I’m horrified at the thought!
      BUT VERY GRATEFUL these puppies are safe and VETTED (I’m of course accused of depriving them of medical care), and have current REAL Health Certificates. Wow what a concept! As for Mama Gracie, she is in a WONDERFUL loving home with a mom who lavshes attention upon her constantly. What a life.. the horror of what she experienced prior to the shelter… she came in with fresh shaved down bite wounds on her neck, shoulder, and head area…. giving birth and raising 4 puppies at 5 yrs old…. and now has the rest of her life to live in the lap of luxury with a mom all to herself!
      Thrilled that Gracie and her babies have happy endings… as for Aimee… well, her end will be coming very soon…

  17. Laura Baggett says:

    My goodnesss…. Told you it never ends….. she tries every way possible, police, animal control, Facebook, Photoshop… any way possible… I fully realized what I was dealing with when she photoshopped a chat we were having on Facebook and make it look like I was inviting her over to smoke pot with my son and get another mama and pups I was fostering at the time high… I should have turned her in for that…. We really should band together with all our evidence and just take her to court as a group…
    Kim, if you’d like to see a snap shot of the real chat and the photo shopped chat to post here as well, you may… the photoshopped one is even darker and doesn’t even have straight lines! LOL….
    I also found a few changes she made to Mama Min pins paperwork she posted on her wall proving she pulled her from OC Shelter…. YES she DID pull her from the shelter and hand her over to me… I can take photos of the REAL paperwork and compare it to the snaps Aimee posted on her Facebook wall… funny how hers seem completely computerized and don’t even look like paper… even scanned or faxed paperwork would have a shadow here or there where its creased….. NOPE… She added at the bottom of the “exit notes” from the shelter– “Going to Rescue”… no.. my paperwork doesnt have that… and AFTER a dog has already left the building.. they dont add NEW NOTES to the paperwork! LOL
    Also… the name of the puller was moved to the left side of the paper as opposed to the right side where it ALWAYS IS on OC Paperwork…. it is on my originals…. I think she ran out of room on the right side of the page when she was trying to fit everything on the page to make it look legit.. Least her numbers matched up this time… I’ll applaud her for THAT one…. she didn’t give Gracie an ID number from a deceased dog or create fake microchip numbers….. GOOD JOB Aimee… you’re learning!
    Also wanted to address where she said admitted on her Facebook page about “switching dogs”….. I WAS NOT referring about recommending a different dog than the adopter was interested in….! I was referring to Aimee DIRECTLY SAYING to me, “Take that dog instead and just tell them (adopter) it’s _____. They’ll never know!” STUPID! Can’t even try to cover your own tracks correctly! LOL oh…… maybe it’s cause she forgot what she said and CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF HER LIES!

    • It’s because she doesn’t think. Btw, I hate the way these new comments are waaaay up the page.

      • Candace says:

        I too noticed some of these comments are posting out of order, but it’s the meat of the message that counts, right? 🙂

        Laura is right- it was actually THREE hours that Aimee stood in front of her complex. I just happened to be on the phone with Laura during the last hour of Aimee’s futile attempt of lying to the police and stalking Laura and Mama Gracie. Thank goodness all the puppies were delivered HEALTHY and SAFE thanks to Laura’s awesome whelping knowledge!

        @Laura.. YES!! You should send the REAL text screen captures along with the one Aimee tried to copy/paste over! Oh Kim, it was such a pathetic job to the point of being laughable. Aimee tried to pass the phony photoCHOP/copy/paste (whatever it is) through a Facebook IM to one of the adopters in a lame attempt to have her turn on Laura. *rolling eyes*

  18. Ria Fisher says:

    Wow, I’ve spent several hours reading this horror story… and am dumb founded that this evil woman has been allowed to get away with what she’s doing… especially with as many government agencies being made aware of her–and the fact that the FBI is now involved. I appald everyone above that is speaking out in an attempt to stop her. I myself have had a bad experience with a scammer posing as a dedicated rescue group. I caught on before I sent her my $300.00 dollar pledge–but to this day I’ve never been able to locate the dog she was suppose to be saving… and every day I’m haunted about what really happen to little Charlie… poor Charlie–who deserved a loving forever home, but disappeared overnight to God Knows Where-delivered to the hands of?? I fear for him, I cry for him and like you, I’m now much wiser. I research everyone, every way possible. I only pledge with rescues that I’ve checked out and have relationships with through rescue people I know personally. We’ve basically formed our own network and won’t let ANYONE in until they check out as legitimate. I’m a MinPin mom and love them like my children–they’re a very special breed. I love all dogs… but MinPins hold my heart. I’ve thought a lot about what has been said about this Aimee… and I’m wondering if you all ever considered organizing/planning a sting against Aimee?

    It’s a sure, proven method to bring a person or organization to justice (sooner than later). Peta and Greenpeace find the method both a necessary and effective action to win their war against animal and planet crimes. Inside exposure… from the inside out rather than the outside in.

    Recruit someone to infiltrate her world and then document everything up close as an “insider” (what they hear, what they see, pictures if they can be attained) this has been proven to be the only method to attain the information that can supply law officials the “witness” account and the details of the systematic methods being used to consciously, intentionally mislead and steal from people and doing harm by falsly representing herself. Any lawyer will tell you that paper trail and personal, one-on-one account witnesses is the ONLY thing that will win legally. You certainly have enough witnesses to testify against her regarding personal experiences… but as she’s doing it’s her word against yours… and that’s considered heresay legally and won’t win in court.

    You need that inside documentation and infiltrated plant to accomplish bringing her to justice. Who knows how long the “justice system” will take. I’ve learned through the years that animal situations don’t exactly take high priority in the legal system. People like her get away with murder for years and sometimes NEVER get brought to justice.

    So… this is just a suggestion. But I’d sure try to find a dedicated animal advocate who she doesn’t know (that’s in her area) and have them befriend her…. beat her at her own game guys. You all are smart women–upset women. You seriously can do this!

    There’s enough people who know what she’s doing–and between all of you– you can certainly find a volunteer (that she doens’t know or suspect) that can become her next best friend!! Someone who is good at pretending… who will make Aimee comfortable enough with that she’ll let down her guard a bit. From the sounds of it, it wouldn’t take that long for her to slip–she’s lying in too many directions. If I lived close–I’d gladly volunteer. I HATE, HATE, HATE people like her.

    I apologize for the length of this post… and if there’s anything I can do from a distance (besides sharing with FB & personal rescues, please let me know. I will be praying for all of you in this fight and will watch the blog for updates. Bless you all.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my article on what Aimee put us through and I appreciate your advice. Because something sure does need to be done about this. Aimee is getting more animals every week and doing what she normally does, which means if she finds someone to foster she won’t care enough about the dog to get a foster agreement signed or even do a home check, and if she finds someone willing to pay her what she wants for a dog she won’t do an adoption contract or a home check. This is because Aimee Tindell isn’t a real rescuer. She’s what’s know in the rescue community as a “dog flipper”, otherwise known as a “dog broker”. She spends as little as possible to obtain a dog then sells the dog for a large profit. She’ll typically offer to take a dog in need of rescue and act like she’s a hero, then get other people to pay the pull fee or better yet find dogs that aren’t coming from a shelter so she doesn’t even have much in the way of expenses. Then she’ll sell and ship the dog off to the highest bidder, with no foster or adoption applications or home checks, because she doesn’t really care where the dog will be living or how it will be living, she only cares about the money. I wonder how many of the dogs she’s “rescued” have ended up as bait in fighting rings, or test subjects in labs, or as one of way too pets in a hoarders hell they call home. I wonder what became of my Petey, if he’s even still alive. If he’s suffering. If some of them are in loving homes today it was only by pure luck, because we all know how Aimee operates. We all agree Aimee Tindell needs to be stopped NOW!

      I have a message for the people handing Aimee more dogs: People tried to reason with you but you wouldn’t listen, and even after being told about the DNA on Aimee, you continued to recklessly and irresponsibly hand Aimee more rescued animals for her to victimize, so now I’m going after your pull rights and I’m not going to stop until you lose them. The rescue you pull under will have a choice to either remove you from their pull list or risk having their pull rights permanently revoked.

  19. A. Evans says:

    I think that Aimee has lived in the land of Facebook too long and really believes she has imaginary friends.

  20. Nelson J. Meilak says:

    Hi Kim and everyone. You all have enough evidence to take Amiee to court. This is crazy you are all sitting here talking bad about her…I am on you side after seeing all your comments…Don’t talk take action get the docunments from the police and anyone else you can to stop this wowan. I am a volunteer with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (BDRA) and I will make sure all of our volunteers know this name. Please ladies stop this woman for the sake of the animals, she needs to be stopped and put into jail. I am so sorry you all went though this but you all need to ban together and stop her now…Nelson

    • Most of us, including me have gone to the authorities with what she was doing, but like us, were told there was nothing they could do legally right then with what we had – but that was when we were alone just looking at our word against hers, maybe if we complied all the victims stories and all their evidence together of all her shady activity from the beginning to the present, maybe they would have a case now.

  21. I need your help everyone to stop this woman, I need more names and screen shots or copies of the falsified papers she’s given out, (you can stay anonymous) but I need names and evidence of the fake paper work. I need people’s help to really stop her.

  22. Nelson J. Meilak says:

    Ladies…I thank you all for the way you are all coming together against Aimee…She sounds like a winner…But what scares me is someone who does not know her is going to let her get a dog and I fear for that dogs well being…With all you are saying there must be enought evidence to get her into court…Sorry I cannot help but I am letting other people and rescues know so she cannot get her hands on another precious life…Thank, Nelson

  23. Tracy Marzelli says:

    Wow. I’m disgusted that this woman continues to do what she does without fear of recrimination, and that she is STILL able to manipulate support from her friends. She sounds like a psychopath to me, and I’m only half joking.

    • Aimee’s days of rein of terror in the rescue community will soon be over. She’s under federal investigation and her b.s. about any judgments in her favor are lies. These things take time but trust and believe karma will rain down down on her and she will pay for everything she’s done.

  24. A heads up I got from someone that dog stealing/flipping pos we know as Aimee Tindell is now using a fake name, created this profile with it: Aimee Barker. Link:

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