DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters)

  • A known cyber stalker and pathological liar  – Although she claims I am actually the one who won’t let this go, while she continues to harass me, my friends and supporters and watches my social websites daily for anything that might be said about her, even though I’ve never done ANYTHING to this lunatic, she’s a liar. All I’ve ever done was use the same public forums to defend my name that she uses to slander everyone who pisses her off, including celebrities but where else would I go to defend myself against the lies she was posting? I had to to defend myself but it started to snowball after that and STILL  TO THIS DAY SINCE OCTOBER 16th she tries to publicly slander me, and my rescue, trying to add people in my network,  sending out messaging saying all kinds of horrible things about me, every few days I get a couple letters from friends saying how she’s trying to add them or sent them a crazy message, and stalking my friends pages as well as mine, ESPECIALLY ANYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE A FRIEND OR SUPPORTER OF MINE she really bothers them, just sharing this or commenting will get you harassed, we have her blocked but she has a secret profile because she knows daily what I’m doing and saying on my wall – sending out crazy messages every single day! She is bent on revenge for taking and putting the dogs she admitted she couldn’t handle to another foster when she wanted to change her mind and wanted me to leave them there but I couldn’t do that. Those dogs were my responsibility and if a foster is having such a hard time that they call constantly complaining that the dogs are ruining things and finally threatening that if I didn’t get there quick enough to pick them up she’d dump them at the shelter! So of course I couldn’t LEAVE THEM there. She wants her way and because I didn’t give it to her she thought I should pay and pay and pay and pay by doing to me what she’s doing – what she DOES to everyone who pisses her off. Google her name, see below links to see her history, her pattern of behavior has always been the same. What she does: She makes a crazy fool of herself,  then files complaints and e=blasts lies about you all over the internet, then tries to discredit her victim by spreading the lie that SHE is actually the one being harassed by them.  But it won’t work for her anymore becuase she’s done this exact same thing to so many people that if she doesn’t stop, she will at best get sued, worse get a bullet in the head becasue she’s made SO MANY enimies! There is a name for what she does and it’s called stalking and cyber bullying. She’s even CALLED several Facebook friends on the PHONE trying to drag them in to stand with her against me. And why do you think that is? If you believed her you’d have to believe she’s being a good citizen who’s trying to rid the rescue world of a bad, fraudulent rescuer. But none of it rings true, makes any sense or has any evidence to back it up. She’s just a crazy abrasive rude classless woman who just goes around trying to stir up shit for anyone who doesn’t play into her game or who stands up to her, like I did. In Beatrice Marot’s own admission and words “I sent those emails to your friends because you needed to feel the pain you were causing me. So when I do the same to you . . . gee I am a bad person but you are not.”  (to what she’s referring to I don’t know, only she has that answer, must be off her psych meds today) I’m noticing when she messaging people that if you just ignore her completely she’ll leave you alone but if you even block her she’ll go after you, you’ll find your name in some public blog or report somewhere so head my warning and don’t in any way acknowledge anything you get from her. This is my side of the story of what started this fight between us and began her war against me, and her history I uncovered when I researched her – blew my hair back! Don’t just take my word for it, Google or Bing her name, what I found below is some of it, but just a small portion. … please read on….

This dog and the pic at the top of the page are also Beatrice’s victims, along with my little rescue dogs I’d trusted her with, Chanel & Gracie. This is my side of the story from the beginning to the bitter end: I do volunteer animal rescue work (since 2006) and I had an acquaintance in NM named Gayle L Pfeiffer from NM who was interested in adopting an urgent OCAC Shelter dog & her pup that I was networking around June 2010. Because Gayle lived so far, I had to arrange temporary foster in case it took a couple days to get her on transport. Beatrice was someone I’d heard of in the past and knew she’d fostered so I asked her if she could help. Meanwhile I saw the woman on another rescue’s thread wanting to get another dog on the same transport out to her. I knew she already had lots of dogs so I looked into it, and what I learned was too concerning to follow through with my plan to adopt the dogs to Gayle. When I discussed it with Beatrice, we both agreed Gayle wasn’t able to provide a proper home for them, with 19 dogs and counting, none of which were fosters or temporary, Gayle owned them all and she also planned on keeping all the dogs she was trying to get on transport from here in CA to her in NM. When Beatrice said she could keep them until the perfect home could be found, I gratefully took her up on her offer and pulled Chanel (then Francis) and her pup from the shelter on June 30th, 2011, driving them first to my home, then on to Beatrice’s in Burbank.

As soon as I got them settled at Bea’s, I went to work on ads to find them a permanent home. When she saw the Facebook post, she asked me if I would wait on networking them for a home. She wanted to spend more time with the puppy and work with them to socialize them she said. She eluded to getting so attached that she might want to adopt them for her own. Fosters get first dibs when the pets are made available for adoption, so I gave her lots of time. Meanwhile because she lived a 90 minute drive from my house, rather than drive supplies over I opted to send her money for food and neccities. I got lots of complaints about the dogs chewing things up and having accidents (little teething puppy was only6 days old when she took them in) I apologized and tried to share some dog training tips with her. You’d have thought I was asking her be my baby surrogate the way she responded with a tone that told me I was asking too much of her, that she didn’t have “that kind of time. She “works” out of her home as a Tarot reader or Phsychc reader so I was surprised to hear she wasn unwilling to work with them. Especially since she said that was the whole reason she had kept them for more than 3 months. She was hard to keep happy the entire 3 months, the complaints made me feel bad, and I couldn’t drive over there all the time with them being so far so I sent lots of pretty thank you cards, and gifts for the dogs and money orders and gift cards to take care of the dogs food and necessities. I probably sent her more money and trusted her more than I should have, and now I don’t have money to spay the mommy dog because I’d just sent her everything we’d collected to that point. I didn’t know I was being “worked” by a pro. I sent her cash twice that week, had to be cash, gift cards or money orders she complained about. Didn’t want her name on anything she said.  I should have know it wasn’t right. I guess that was the first red flag, but I didn’t notice it.

Then came the big red flag that couldn’t be ignored, when she called me and was again saying how attached she was to the dogs. But this time, she wanted to see what I thought of her keeping the foster dogs Gracie and Chanel, and actually giving her own 2 dogs up for adoption in their place, since she didn’t want 4 dogs. I thought it seemed a little cold hearted but who am I to judge, right? The lady wanted to keep my fosters. It would be no extra trouble for me to just re-home Bea’s 2 dogs for her and let her keep the fosters. I was relieved when she didn’t bring it up again. So over the next three months, Bea kept changing her mind on wanting to continue keeping them or putting them back on the available list. Finally on Sept 10th she told me in none too polite terms, that I was to put them back on available list and network them for a forever home. I started immediately. When Beatrice insisted on only adopting the dogs out to someone who lived within about 20 minutes from her home so she could visit I reluctanltly agreed, and thought as long as she’s willing to care for them and keep them safe during the time it might take to find the perfect home within that proximity to her home, it would be okay. But after one month she sent me yet another email complaining about the dogs, but this time she had a solution in mind that she threatened to carry out if I didn’t respond to her fast enough and show up to pick up the dogs. She said she was going to dump them at the high kill Carson Animal Control Shelter! Over my dead body was I going to allow that to happen.


October 15Beatrice Marot
Kim, I am so pissed off with Gracie. She just ate another pair of my brand new $60 Nike pants and the other three were a total of $100. I am over it. I want them out of my house. I am sick of this. She is obsessed. It is not like I have them lying on the floor. They are in the hamper or on my trunk and she knocks shit over and gets to them while I am sleeping. You need to come and get them. I am so pissed right now I want to take them both to the Burbank shelter. She also ate a $28 Tarot deck last night. She has eaten three pairs of shoes and has ruined other pieces of clothing as well. I’m telling you Kim, I have run out of patience. She is gone today so it is up to you if you want to get her, otherwise she is going to Burbank Shelter.

October 15Beatrice Marot
I’m really sorry . . . but seriously, I have been there for these dogs for four months when it was supposed to be two days. I am taking full responsibility for making that choice but now I wish I just let Gayle have them as they have caused at lease $1000 worth of loss and damage. They have ruined furniture, clothing, shoes. It’s enough.

October 15Beatrice Marot
OK meltdown over. . . I will not take them to the shelter but they do have to go. I cannot deal with the destruction to my property and all the clothing Gracie has chewed up has been BRAND NEW a total of four pair of brand new yoga pants, three pairs of shoes (not new but barely worn), at least six brand new pair of underwear, several sarongs, my tarot deck, my couch, my coffee table, my wicker trunk.

I want her out of my house pronto. I cannot take it anymore. I am sorry Kim but enough is enough. I am never fostering another dog again. It is always a nightmare in the end.

October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
I have to say I can’t take it either. I’m glad I didn’t see the threat to take them right down to the shelter, a meltdown you never seen. Please. I wish some things but NEVER that I’d just sent them to Gayle. I wish you were willing to put time into teaching them, but you say you don’t have the time it take to house train and all that, but you get out what you put in. If you don’t teach them they won’t learn. The time it takes to house train them too much then you are going to have messes to clean up. I am doing all I can to find them a great home. Since fosters have dibs on adopting, when you wanted to wait, and keep them longer it was fine. I hoped you’d fall in love and keep them but you want to just foster and that’s fine. Now Gracie’s hardly even a puppy anymore, they’re both same size and I am looking everyday, talking to people and doing all I can. I don’t know what more I can do. I don’t have another foster and can’t take them. I will try to find another foster as well as a home. I’ll be working on that as hard as I can.


I didn’t see the message for 5 hours, when finally checked my email and saw it, I thought I was going to faint! But already, wishy washy Beatrice had already sent another message, this time saying her meltdown was over. But the damage was done and I couldn’t imagine leaving the dogs with her when she wasn’t handling it well. I told her I’d be there the next morning at 11 AM to pick them up, she replied with venom that I’d better “be punctual”. I thought if I reasured her the dogs would be okay, that we could end it on a positive not. We were in the middle of “chatting” with eachother on Facebook (I wanted it documented so made myself not available by phone right then, it was smart) going back and forth talking, she began to get angry when she saw I wasn’t going to let her get by with threatening the dogs, or give in to her and let her keep the them even though she’d expressed a thousand times she didn’t want them. It seemed like the more logical and reasonable I tried to be, the more upset she became, but I was trying so hard to reason with her, but while I was talking to her, telling her I’d found a great set of emergency fosters and every thing would be okay, she told me she was going to block me. I told her please don’t do that, we’re grown women, and we still had business, but she didn’t want to end things on a positive note, and insisted she’d already BLOCKED ME. Of course, I went forward with my plans to pick up the dogs.

No calls or messages came in that morning by the time we left for LA. But she wouldn’t answer the door. We drove for over 90 minutes through LA only to have her refuse to answer the door. I knew she was home, I could hear them on the hard wood floors while she was shuffling the dogs all into a back room but I kept knocking. Finally we sat on her stoop and ate lunch that my daughter was thoughtful enough to pack for us. Around 2 PM I called her from my cell phone and asked her politely to please come to the door and talk to me. That I didn’t want to end it on a negative note. She wouldn’t have it any other way. I told her in a calm tone that I would wait 10 minutes and if she didn’t come out to talk to me, that I would call the police. If nothing else, I thought I would have it on record with a report that I was there and she was refusing to relinquish the dogs, even though she has no legal right and had said time and time again that she wanted me to get them out of her home, I guess it just pissed her off that it wasn’t all her way. I thought it would probably end up in civil court. Lucky for us, the police that showed up on the scene were dog lovers. They warned me that they couldn’t kick in her door and make her give us the dogs. Burbank Police officer Moreno and his partner handled it so well. They made her feel like she had no choice but to give us the dogs. She went in and got them and brought them out, crying, yelling, cursing loudly and making a scene she brought out the dogs. They were so scared they were urinating on her. When the officer asked her if the leashes and collars belonged to her and when she looked up, I could see the wheels turning. She took off everything, including their collars and they took off running, he said “what did you do that for” and she sheepishly said “sorry” but we all knew that was no accident. She didn’t care what happened to them, as long as we didn’t get them. She just stood there as once police officer and my daughter went running after them to catch them.

When the officer and Cassandra came around the corner holding the dogs I was so relieved, and Beatrice began screaming at us like a mad woman. I looked up at the officer with Bea, and said I hated to ask, but I wondered if it would be too much to ask her if I could get some of the leashes, harnesses and collars I had for them there but the officer looked at me pleadingly, so I didn’t want to push my luck. That black heartless heathen didn’t even care about them enough to send them with their collars and maybe a blanket. It was so sad to see anyone treating them so mean. But I was getting the dogs back from this mad woman! That was just stuff and those things were replacable. It was nuts the way Beatrice was screaming at us while were trying to leave… one sentence she was saying we were heartless bitches and she never wanted to see any of us again, the next she would be crying and begging for me to come back with the dogs. While one officer held her there, the other walked us to our car with the dogs and helped us get them in the car.

It was far from over, and still is. Especially since I heard she found out how to contact the dogs new fosters and is trying to get them to team up against me with her, and let her have the dogs back. Everyone thinks she’s clearly disturbed and we suspect either bi-polar disorder, borderline personality or drugs, because her behavior isn’t normal. Beatrice started slandering my name all over Facebook, and messaging the people who donated to the dogs ChipIn that we were a fraud and they should ask for their donations back. I had just sent her the remaining balance of what we had in the dogs ChipIn and she knew that. She didn’t deny getting the money and using it on the dogs. Her reason for calling us a fraud she said was because we already had everything they needed right there with her,  so when she saw we were asking for a little help on the ChipIn because we had to start from scratch with nothing with the dogs again, and that she had offered to give them to us but we just took off in our car with the dogs so there for we were frauds for asking for money to replace any of it. She started posting that she spoke to 5 different rescues about us and that prompted them to tell her they would never work with us. I knew it was a lie, it made no sense a rescue would agree with a foster who admitted to threatening to dump them at a shelter. When she told another friend she got two dogs from a rescue we knew she was lying again. She was posting all over her Facebook wall her side of what happened, admitting her threats to dump the dogs, thinking people would sympathize. A few of her friends made an effort to be supportive but when she wouldn’t let it go and kept bad mouthing us for taking the dogs, her friends began to tell her in the nicest way they could that they thought she was wrong, and that they agreed we did the right thing by picking the dogs up and taking them from her. She deleted the thread after she turned it ugly and lost friends over it. She has truly gone off the deep end over all this.  First with the slander and lies, messaging people, that was bad enough, but when she posted a picture of a kitten with a caption that it was time to foster another little munchkin, we knew we had to act. When we started researching Beatrice Marot, we found we were the 3rd rescue she had done that exact same thing too. and she doesn’t limit her victims to dogs, no, senior citizens too.

Links to Chanel & Gracie’s Facebook albums: 


I Googled Beatrice Marot’s name (actually every time I do I see something I didn’t see before, that’s how much there is out there on her) and 7 Rip Off Conusmer Report Complaints were filed on her, and we also found a couple articles as well.  So Beatrice has an ever growing number of Rip Off Consumer Reports and 3 Rescue foster dog situations (that we know of) that all went bad to the point of a police report being on record.  We found a pattern of this behavior over a period that spans almost two decades.

Beatrice Marot known aliases: Bea Real, Elaine Marot More, Beatrice N Marot, Betty H Marot. 

Links to Beatrice Marot’s Facebook Profiles: http://www.facebook.com/beatrice.marot




Gayle L Pfeiffer’s Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546394825&sk=info

BEATRICE DIVES OVER THE EDGE OF INSANITY ~ the pm’s that started it all


My Post/Note on the story with Gayle L Pfeiffer, the person I originally pulled the dogs out the shelter for to adopt:  Francis & her newborn pup’s story + DEVASTATING UPDATE ON WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR MARTY/CLIFF FROM OCACS! update Nov 2011

by Kimberly Glasnapp on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:27pm


The link directly above is my Facebook Note the story of my experience with Gayle L Pfeiffer and how she almost got these two precious dogs when Beatrice Marot, (because that’s a whole other story) who initially was to be a temporary (2-3 days) foster for the two dogs just till I got them on transport to Gayle in NM, stepped in and said she’d keep the girls for however long it took to find the perfect home if I would agree NOT to to through with the transport them to Gayle after I learned she was trying to get even more dogs (Youngin’ from Jay Jay Woofin’ Paws rescue) transported to her home along with my two PLUS a cat for a woman she didn’t know personally but vouched for. To their credit, I contacted them and they said they knew about her and said they never considered for a second releasing any of their rescues to her. So I contacted Gayle Pfieffer’s friend Kitty Loman who wanted the cat that was supposed to go on the same transport, and for asking her to fill out an application before I would agree to pull a cat and transport it her when I didn’t know her or anyone who could really vouch for her and she acted like I’d asked her something so outrageously troublesome she was actually offended and sent me a very nasty message. Honestly, no offense but in animal rescue you meet all kinds of people from all walks of like, and we have to be careful because there are worse things than being humanely euthanized in a shelter, there’s being stuck with an animal hoarder and suffering sickness and disease mercilessly until your weak body finally gives out. If we are going to step in and take responsibility for an animal, then we have an obligation to use every precaution and do your best to do right by that animal. These people think it’s about them, about egos, they have no idea about animal rights and that these are lives, it’s not a game and if you aren’t willing to fill out an adoption application then you have no business expecting a pet to be adopted out to you and released to your care.

“DNA/DNT, Fraud Warnings on BEATRICE MAROT, from Los Angels CA” by Sara Cross: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.172246696195653.45176.100002309728080&type=3

NewsGator Article/Blog   “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality”  http://spiritchasertammy.blogspot.com/?zx=416b0025d572ac79

Complaints on consumer website/blog Ripoff Report can all be found by following this link: http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/Beatrice-Marot.aspx

Your Search | Beatrice-Marot
BEATRICE MAROT | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported

Below shows 6 of the reports I found:

1 10/23/2011
4:35 PM


4:35 PM

Beatrice Marot Bea Real, Elaine Marot More, Beatrice N Marot Betty H Marot …54, Santa Monica, CA Anaheim, CA South Gate, CA Los Angeles, CA, Burbank, CA Beatrice Marot Discloses Information Shared During Phsychic Readings, Con Arist, Cyber Stalker, Star Stalker, Adds Shelter Animals To Her List Of Victims Burbank, CaliforniaAuthor: La Mirada CaliforniaPsychic Fortune Tellers: Beatrice MarotCalifornia

12:37 PM

Beatrice Marot California Psychic Con artist, cold reader and fraud Internet, Internet*REBUTTAL Individual responds…The truth about meAuthor: Bethpage New YorkUnusual Rip-Off: Beatrice Marot California PsychicInternet

8:39 AM

Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet*REBUTTAL Individual responds…Get a life TammyAuthor: Alpharetta GeorgiaPsychic Fortune Tellers: Beatrice MarotInternet

10:42 AM

Beatrice Marot DON’T GET A READING FROM THIS PERSON Internet…The power of love is healing . . .Author: Adams TennesseePsychic Fortune Tellers: Beatrice MarotNationwide

4:07 PM


10:22 AM

BEATRICE MAROT – RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER Racist – Homophobe – Defamation of Character Los Angeles Area, Burbank California…The power of love is healing . . .Author: lilburn GeorgiaPsychic: BEATRICE MAROTCalifornia

Please share this with your friends so we can finally stop this person from victimizing any more innocent people or animals.

Screen Shot of Bea’s Note

Beatrice Marot after foster dogs removed, publicly posting “Time to foster another little munchkin…”
Gracie & Chanel, the dogs Bea claims to love so much that she threatened to dump at high kill shelter.
The tiny print is Beatrice saying the one dog’s back with rescue and this one she has decided to keep. So, like us, after reading all this about her you, no doubt are thinking “why would Beatrice get this dog?” CERTAINLY not to save it’s life, as she is motivated by other things… things that most of us wouldn’t understand and she does NOT have good intentions in any way, at the start or ever. She is evil.  They both are selfish, immature self centered people who don’t have a selfless philanthropic bone in their bodies.  There are takers and there are givers in life, they are not givers. They’re people (and animal) users. I can say with 100% certainty that Beatrice Marot does not care one iota for even her own dogs, let along the ones she fostered for me who she pretends to be so broken up about. The only thing she’s broken up about is not getting her way and how bad she made herself look, which she promptly blamed me for entirely and has been hurling lies and accusations since I left her home with my two rescue dogs. One month into fostering Chanel and Gracie for me, Beatrice came to me and said she wanted to know if I would find a home for the two dogs she owns, and let her keep the two foster dogs.  That’s how much she loves her OWN DOGS! Beatrice doesn’t even care about the two she has, why would she feel any more bonded with a foster dog? She is lying. She does not care about the animals, no, because Beatrice didn’t get this new dog to save it’s life! No, she got it hoping it would repair the damage she caused to her image and reputation with her non-stop talk about us and how we were mean and wrong.   
Unlike Beatrice, and contrary to her claims, I have no ill will or hate towards anyone, even her, I have no use or need for revenge. I am not motivated by hate or spite and unlike Beatrice, I am motivated by love. Love and passion for the animals is what motivates me and I do not make my living in rescue, nor am I on welfare. Those are all lies made to create the illusion that she is better than us. She is all about image, I am not. The ONLY person after revenge is her, not us. I was just on the defense, reacting to her slanderous lies.  She will do anything and say anything to make me look worse (even if she has to lie) and make herself look not as bad. I am motivated by a true and genuine love for animals. But I will defend myself against her lies designed to undermine my rescue efforts, and protect my daughter and our good reputation VEHEMENTLY!  and no one motivated by hate and revenge is going to be successful in slandering us.

Read more/ subscribe to my blogs at: http://kimberlyglasnapp.blogspot.com

Animal Activist and Rescuer Blogging Alerts, DNA/DNT’s and Related Articles

1st blog written Monday, December 26, 2011

“Beatrice Marots Long List of Victims and Crimes Spanning 2 Decades”



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97 Responses to DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters)


  2. You have an ipeccable reputation and have nothing to worry about Kimberly. We are all behind you and will see you thru this. Rescue attracts all sorts, and this wont be the last time someone gets mad at you and tries to slander your rescue. It happens to the best, and usually more effectively. This will blow over and youll be stronger and wiser for it. Meantime, sharing FAR & WIDE!

  3. OC Chihuahua Rescue says:

    Beatrice Marot fostered for me one time…similar story, commited to foster the dog but called back after one day wanted the dog picked immediately because he marked on her Buddha statue and she had “no time” to work on housetraining habits. I picked up the dog and quite frankly was glad to be rid of her. I was lucky….no so another rescuer i know, who left a dog with Beatrice to foster and she played the same game she did Kimberly, saying one day she wanted to keep the dog and then next day he needed to be picked up IMMEDIATELY…then when she was halfway up the 101 Beatrice called to tell her she’d changed her mind and wanted to keep him! After the rescuer finally gave up with Beatrice’s games she started posting threats on MY facebook wall to come pick up the dog (eventhough I had nothing to do with it!), that it was MY responsibly because she “met” this other rescuer because it was a dog i’d crossposted! Oh, and of course, it was ALL MY FAULT that she was NEVER going to foster another dog EVER AGAIN.

    Beatrice Marot should definitely be considered DNA/DNF.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. I appreciate OC Chihuahua Rescue, and everyone else who’s stepped out into the public eye and backed us up by commenting and sharing their experience with Beatrice Marot. Thank you. At the very least, we can share this among each other and keep her away from the animal rescue community and keep her away from the animals.

      With the help of fellow animal lovers and fellow rescuers like you we’ll spread the warning about her so that this sick pattern (one of many)of Beatrice Marot’s stops repeating itself.

  4. brenda scovalo says:

    Bea is a seriously a mental case, she’s mean, yes racist, anti-Semitic, anti black, anti-male, makes a habit of terrorizing innocent people, estranged from all her family, ex-friends, etc, on and on. I’ve had personal experiences with this horrible excuse for a human being. She just causes trouble with everyone, period. Verify her police reports, her personal breakdowns, maybe on meds or drugs. Can’t keep a relationship….and people actually listen to her for advice, she’s a fraud. You might say it’s sad, and it probably is, but she’s so spiteful, bi-polar, menacing and downright mean and not so bright, it’s hard to be compassionate. I and we are very glad to be rid of her from our lives, but you should be aware, she claims to be a psychic and she give the profession a really bad name. Don’t waste your hard earned money. Don’t have her foster pets, she will be off-med whacko about EVERYTHING. Nothing changes Beatrice, does it. Oh, and the pictures she put on her websites, uh, taken when Nixon was president and when she was 74 pounds lighter, Bye, bye.

    • iam truely sorry you had that kind of expieriance kim i have seen a few like this Dogs Deserve Better had a psycho like this she kidnaped a foster had the poor muffin chained out in a cage altered the foster doc if you know anything about ddb then you know they are antichaining and that sort iam trying to remeber the broads name it was a doctor she is a mental pt theres a scarey combo for ya. we have to be so carefull with who we take as a foster . personaly i would run a full crim and psych check as well as start an abuser data base nixon huh shes older than dirt lmao

    • Cassandra says:

      Wow. I am horrified that this is something she has a pattern with. As well as posting personal info from clients, stalking people, and trying slander our name and ruin our Rescue dream. If animals were not in danger this definitely would not be here. But they are, now shes risking their lives, and we wont stand for it. Or our name being slanderd but honestly all you have to do is look and google her and you can find everything on her, and so many clients that have been wronged by her. And oc chi rescue, thank you so much as well for posting your experiance. This just proves how dangerous she really could be. She is also now contacting my fosters, who have fostered for Angel Parisa, and they think she isnt right. Brenda, Beatrice is also trying to post that you are not real because she can not google your name… Shes not very bright because with what you said, I wouldn’t put my real name either because she was already trying to Google you and attack you. Thanks for everyone’s support and please continue to post your experiences. Lets try and make sure this is the last time this unstable women jeopardize an animals life.

  5. Beatrice Marot tried to leave this comment on my WordPress article, it’s such a big long b.s. letter but this part was typical of her twisted version of how she’s the victim in all this and is trying to justify her own scandalous behavior: “I sent those emails to your friends because you needed to feel the pain you were causing me. So when I do the same to you . . . gee I am a bad person but you are not.” Only that makes NO sense, any pain she was feeling was brought on by her own meltdown message to me about dumping the foster dogs at a shelter. So, I guess she though I should pay for the pain she caused herself. In other words, she thinks all that happened was our fault somehow. Or Maybe she just figured she could portray me in a bad light by telling her side of the story, but like every other time she opens her mouth to slander me, it back fires on her. Because even her close friends are telling her she’s wrong. She’s completely out of touch with reality.

  6. whats her psychic name ahemm snicker i have a site where scams and frauds are posted i would be happy to post her for you no one needs to be a victim of her and i shall post her as a foster to stay away from with my rescues as i have a number of them out west. these lovers have been put through enugh they dont need another psycho in there lives

    • Yes Barbara, please by all means share it with your animal rescue friends and local rescues so that maybe Beatrice will be less likely to get her hands on another poor shelter pet. Beatrice’s long pattern of doing this to rescues and their defenseless animals needs to come to an end. The animals and I thank you.

      • my dear friends knowing that these animals are never going to be harmed by this broad and seeing happy wagging tails is my thanks . i have also put her name on a fraud site called scam book in reguard to the foster and the psychic stuff she wants to rip people off and hurt animals i will make life hell for her we are the voice for the abused we are here for there protection

  7. LoveForDogs says:

    I am glad I saw this. Beatrice offered to foster a dog for me a week ago but thankfully I already had a friend willing before that. I was leaving to go out of town for a week and a half when I rescued the dog and would have been horrified to read this after giving her a foster dog!

    • kimberlyglasnapp says:

      She’s a textbook sociopath who everything she does is a show or act she’s putting on. I’m seriously concerned for the animals – Please share with all the CA rescue people you know since she seems so determined to effect the lives of more animals and get her hands so quickly on another foster dog. Thank you.

      • i have her black listed with all my western rescues we dont put up with this these babys have been put through enugh and everytime i am friended by a new rescue i repost i have a few sticky notes with nut jobs names that i keep updated oh you have seen the dnr dna report on the guy from ny shawn alot of AKA names kills cats bunnies and god knows what else has money to burn last whereabouts were west coast calli bay area at a petco adoption center

  8. Now she’s gone too far. See what she’s done now below. Besides this now, I have a TON of documentation against her and will sue this woman for what she’s doing. Aside from tons of messages she’s sent me and my friends, I have the police report showing everything was fine till I took the dogs away and this is all been nothing but me reacting to her smear campaign that she launched the minute we drove away. She’s a vicious, pathological liar who will stop at nothing and cares about nothing but her self – starting one major problem after another over the past two decades. Now this, she filed this on us and our brand new rescue just for revenge. I am going to be forced to take legal action now and all I ever did was the right thing by those dogs, the same thing any rescue would have done. This is an outrage. It takes a very evil person to be so ruled by hate and revenge that she would spread lies to ruin some she knows doesn’t deserve it.



  9. Sara says:

    Beatrice has done the same thing to at least three other rescues THAT YOU KNOW OF and there are also scam reports on her a mile long. Here are some new things I found today, lmao. She’s so insane, it’s almost not even funny. Not! You are going to love this brand new article she no doubt wrote herself TODAY dated 01 November 2011 where shes obviously trying put out false rumors Robert De Niro is actually dating her! Hallarious! (she even puts his name on her website, shes a celebrity stalker) TITLE: ROBERT DE NIRO AND BEATRICE MAROT – Dating, Gossip, News … http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_1750268/robert-de-niro-and-beatrice-marot/ TITLE: Beatrice Marot California Psychic Con artist, cold reader and fraud Internet, Internet http://www.ripoffreport.com/psychic-fortune-tellers/beatrice-marot-calif/beatrice-marot-california-psy-ea283.htm TITLE: Beatrice Marot and her Multi-delusional Reality – This is really how Beatrice Marot, the so called High-Priestess of Hollywood and Light Worker really is. It shows her true ugly side and how delusional she truly is. http://spiritchasertammy.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-beatrice-marot-harasses-others.html (Google her name there are many many more to be found, too many to list)

    TALK ABOUT MULTI-DELUSIONAL! LMFAO, she makes your case FOR you, obviously a liar and complete whack job! Doesn’t she know everyone is laughing at her? If she weren’t so mean I’d probably feel sorry for her but… she’s just too vicious for her own good.

    • HEY KIM! the whack job left a pm on my fb yesterday oh my fucking god telling me that you were a vindictive bitch and your evil she said she put all that stuff up to hurt you like you hurt her if that aint vindictive i dont know what is she didnt use screen shots she typed it all she said her melt down only lasted 15 min i say more like 15+ years that crazy bitch is dangerous and deserves to be put down what a psycho

      • Yes she does. Thank God she didn’t reproduce is what I’m thinking, but it’s a shame she got her hands on more foster dogs, she couldn’t handle the ones she had, that’s why she lost them but she couldn’t wait to get her vindictive hands on more just to try to make people believe she’s something she’s not, all this was to prove something. Those poor dogs! Did you see them? And it’s also quite concerning that she makes her living getting into people’s heads. Especially since she’s shown no regard for ethics and her track record proves she will post things she learned about them online when she get’s mad at them, and she DOES turn on people on a dime just like she turn on the dogs (one minute all nice next mean, then flops back, and then mean again, it’s nuts.

        Believe it or not many of these people just don’t know about her, and the ones who now do are disassociating themselves with her because of all this she’s doing. She never shuts up, I think she can’t stop herself, but I don’t complain because like Sara said, she’s so stupid, daily giving me more evidence against her that she MAKES my case FOR me, I hardly have to do a thing while she destroys herself with all her own poison.

      • lmfao i read the scam reports wow they go way back sevreal years and thats not the only fraud site shes listed on .i tried responding to the trash she put on my page but no dice. i want to post it on my page but i am not sure how to pull it out of my messages and display it pic me shaking my head roflmfao ; }

  10. This is my comment to Beatrice’s rip off report complaint she filed on me to get back at me by calling me a fraud and trying to muddy up the name of my new rescue It’s a report full of lies and twisted versions of the truth. Beatrice didn’t even love her own dogs if she was willing to put them up for adoption instead of the foster dogs. What does that tell you? <<>> This type of thing Bea did to me is typical what you get when your friends with Beatrice and you get on her bad side. So if she wants to be your new best or offers you a reading, run as fast as you can the opposite way because you’re now on the radar of a professional con person and stalker. I had a rebuttal but it got lost in her LONG sea of b.s. so I put another comment to ensure my side is heard:

    Hi it’s me, Kimberly again. I see there’s more lies written, not that I read it all, I skimmed over it and see alot of lies and even some partially fake rows of supposed messages between her and I, where she put in some paragraphs that weren’t in the message just like she’s done before so I stopped reading. It’s pretty much all lies and twisted versions of the truth. Everything she says I’m doing to her is actually what she’s doing to me. Beatrice is a deeply disturbed woman who, before things went south, I tried to be friends with, and maybe even still would be if she hadn’t have started calling me a fraud because I took the foster dogs away (that she couldn’t handle and didn’t want anyway) she had even threatened to dump them at the shelter if I didn’t get there fast enough then flipped AGAIN and wouldn’t answer the door after I drove almost two hours to get there. She tried to destroy me and my rescue because she was mad at me after she made such a scene the cops had to hold her back while the other cops helped us in our car with the dogs. To destroy my rescue wouldn’t just hurt me, as my friends know, because I’ve saved many lives, so that in turn would cost lives I wouldn’t be able to save. What she is doing to me is not just mean and unethical, it’s a CRIME, and the worst part is this is not her first time and I’m sure won’t be her last. Like I said earlier in my comment above, just Google Beatrice Marot’s name and you will see WHY she’s doing this to me, the real story of what happened, AND you will see a pattern of behavior over many years and how many OTHER PEOPLE SHE’S DONE THIS TO. Beatrice has done the EXACT same thing to many others and those times too she accused them of doing to her exactly what she was doing to them, and she was relentless in her pursuit of revenge for some imagined wrong perpetrated against her, causing herself all kinds of problems, one after another but she blames everyone but herself. This entire mess started with problems invented in her sick little mind. I was trying SO HARD to be kind to her, even though she hadn’t been cool about the dogs and threatened them, I was just trying to tell her I’d just pick them up, told her I didn’t want to fight or argue, that she tried and it didn’t work out and it’s ok, I even tried to reassure her (even though most rescues would think she didn’t deserve that) that I had a nice stable foster home to take them to and that she would get updates! When I say I was trying to end it on a positive note I mean I really was, and she was impossible … you know the type – that if it’s got to end and it’s not her choice then it’s going to end with a bang.

    There were 3 other rescues that I know of, besides me and two of them came forward and publicly told their experiences (along with other people who weren’t rescues) there experiences sounded so much like mine that if you read them all the word “serial” would probably be the first thing you’d think, it’s really creepy her pattern of behavior and it’s more than criminal, it’s really shameful! How she lives with herself I don’t know. The third rescue that contacted me wanted to be kept anonymous, she was so afraid of putting herself back on Beatrice’s stalker radar and her’s again sounded just like my story. Also you can if you Google her name you’ll see there are also many other people who have nothing to do with rescue who had also been stalked by her, and same as with me, they too were accused by her of “cyber stalking” while she was doing exactly that to them. That’s her thing. She will turn on a friend on a dime, get pissed and share any sensitive info on you she has, then try to smear you name publicly and will lie to make up for her lack of dirt on you, then with all that ugly out there she will tell you that if you remove your blog where you were defending yourself, that she will remove her stuff about you but she won’t, she lies, she flops from one minute wanting to smear you then the next wanting to make up and forget everything. But the things she put out there on the people she get’s mad at are permanent and damaging and if it were true that would be one thing, but it’s all lies, made up to get back at me for putting the welfare of those two innocent dogs before her and what she wanted. Even if she hadn’t kept changing her mind from wanting them to not wanting them, that wouldn’t have been okay. All I can say is if hear the name Beatrice Marot I suggest you run far and fast. Don”t wait around to see if she’s really as bad as they say, because I’m here to tell you, she’s worse.

    ♥ Animals do have a voice. If you ignore their suffering, I will remind you of it. ♥ If you don’t understand them, I will translate.♥ If you don’t hear them, I will be their voice. ♥ You may silence them but you cannot silence me as long as I live.” ~ Anita Mahdessian

    • She has a pattern of behavior that can be traced waaaay back to when Kennedy was president. She insults you Kim for not having a job when you’ve worked all your life, and volunteer in animal rescue and what, she thinks she’s better than you huh? lmao. Beatrice you really are a case. Ooh and it was sooo much to read I keep going back seeing things I didn’t notice. Check it out if you haven’t seen this already:

      #4 Consumer Suggestion
      Beatrice It Truly Is Sad
      URL Link: http://www.ripoffreport.com/psychic-fortune-tellers/beatrice-marot/beatrice-marot-don-t-get-a-rea-3442p.htm

      that you accuse everyone that posts something negative about you is somehow connected to Chip Coffey and trying to destroy you.

      You appear to be doing a fine job yourself.

      Fiona, I feel for you honey, make sure you get your money back from this scam artist. She has posted several places on the internet that she is psychic, then she has posted on MySpace stating that she isn’t a psychic. GET YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!

      She has made many outrageous claims against myself such as posing as another person on a made up profile to send her hate messages. She stated that she knew it was me because “Jesus” told her it was me. It certainly proves how psychic she is, because I have certainly never done such a thing and would really love for her to prove that it was me!

      See what I mean. This stuff is just everywhere on her along with her advertisements to sell her so called psychic services, whoring herself out like she’s done since she was 14,,, right Bea? You thought it wouldn’t get out? That’s all b.s. about being psychic sicne you were in your teens when really you asked a cell mate during one of your short stays in the county lock up for prostitution, to teach you to read tarot cards. She has never ever ever had a job in her life and she’s no more psychic than I’m a millionaire. She’s a whore and a con artist as well as eveyrthing else they all say she is. What a pig.

  11. Relieved to see, in the daily sea of b.s. I have to wade thru Ive learned that Beatrice has lost the new set of foster dogs that she got to replace the ones she had taken away. She didnt even want them, she just took them on to make people think that she was right, that shes worthy of a rescues trust and even made in charge of finding them homes (yea right Bea). The rescue she was trying to associate herself with (trying to loan herself a little credibility, doesn’t care that she’s using those dogs to get it, 2 more dogs she claimed she got not 2 weeks after losing ours by threatening to dump them at a shelter) by publicly claiming on her wall (just a few inches from the pics of the ones she had removed) this in her status: “Beatrice Marot ~ I will be doing readings at this event with 100% of the proceeds going to (name protected) animal rescue. SHARE YOUR LOVE!” Who, by the way, (the rescue) was very concerned and felt very used when they realized what was really going on with Beatrice, but to their credit, was quick to dis-associate themselves with her. But there’s still the issue with her slandering good rescue people, even to the point of filing false rip off consumer reports on Kimberly, her 19 yr old daughter and their Bambi’s Hope Rescue. Sound familiar? Doesn’t Beatrice file rip off reports on everyone who pisses her off? Yes. And how do you like the way she plays the victim, accusing her victims of doing to HER what SHE does to THEM. That behavior has the ring of what Diane Campbell did to the people who exposed her to it, but even Diane didnt destroy her victims that way. This Beatrice Marot really takes the cake. Shes even worse than Diane in some ways. Oh and for the umpteenth time she deleted ALL her rescue people off her profile. But she’ll add them back, always does. Flops from being one way one day, and a monster another day, then back again. So Id say dont drop your guard and keep sharing this. Because she is NOT going to go away, shes been doing this to rescues for years.
    My comment on Friday at 5:50pm
    Rescue Arbitration for Dnr/Dnt/Dna
    P.S. I’m wondering what the hoarder that Beatrice plotted against to keep from getting more dogs in June, that got back in touch with (to try to get more people on her team cuz she’s 2faces like that) feels about her name being dragged into this by Beatrice. When are people going to learn that Beartice uses people, and if you’re no use to her she won’t associate with you. In fact the free readings she gives is always when biz is slow and she wants some free advertising, she’ll say she’ll do a free reading then asks you to leave a recommendation for her services. LMAO Her name was out of it before this, but Beatrice drug her name back into it because even her close friends weren’t supporting her on this. She knew she could count on fellow animal abuser Gayle Pfeiffer of NM to join her in the team ruin Kim for caring more about animals than nutty people in her network. That woman Beatrice truly does care about no one else but herself. Not that I feel sorry for animal hoarder Gayle Pfeiffer! But I feel very sad for the animals in her home. She is not a stable person and the way she goes from being nice to being nuts and back again then back to nuts. When she had Kim’s foster dogs I heard she didn’t even try to house train them. That they didn’t know how to walk on a leash so she never walked them. What did she do, just sit up in that little apartment everyday, not even taking them out to pee? I knew she used pee pads but not for 24 hrs a day. And that the apartment was stinky and Beatrice goes around everywhere without a bra and she has some real national geographic shit going on there I’m telling ya. There is a reason you will never see a photo of that woman that was taken in the past 20 years and it’s probably been that long since she’s seen a dentist. Lay off the dope lady, don’t you know it’s bad for your teeth?

  12. Tanila says:

    Beatrice is a NUT!!! (That is my personal opinion. I am not a physician. I don’t even play one on TV)

  13. I am rolflmao!! Look what I just found!
    Howard Stern Show News Archives For The Week Of 9/2/2002 to 9/6/2002

    Beatrice M The Psychic Calls In. 9/6/02. 7:15am
    A psychic by the name of Beatrice M called in to talk to Howard. Howard said that the reason he had her on today was because she claims to have slept with Robert De Niro. Howard had a bunch of clips from various De Niro movies that they used to make up a whole vocabulary so he could have a discussion with him. Howard asked Beatrice about the relationship while ”Mr. De Niro” asked her some stuff that had nothing to do with sleeping with her. Howard would ask ”Mr. De Niro” questions and Fred would play the clips as answers. Beatrice would just laugh at all of the clips.
    Beatrice said that she’s been in psychic contact with the late comedians John Belushi and Lenny Bruce. She says that they have ideas for Howard that they wanted her to relay to him. She told him a couple of the ideas they had for him and they weren’t funny. Howard asked her if those guys died and got unfunny all of a sudden.
    Beatrice told Howard that she met Robert De Niro at the Sean Penn and Robin Wright wedding. Howard just said ”Ahhh.. a couple of retards.” when he heard their names. He spent a short time talking to her about that and then asked her some other questions before wrapping up the interview. He was having trouble ending the interview though. She wouldn’t stop talking so Howard muted his voice and told Fred to just play the Robert De Niro clips over her. Howard tried again to wrap it up but she kept going into these detailed stories that he just didn’t want to sit through. She mentioned Tupac Shakur so Howard asked her who killed him. She started rambling so Howard told her to just tell him who killed Tupac. It turns out she had no idea. Howard kept muting his voice and talking over her as she rambled on and on. After a few minutes of that he gave her another plug and wrapped up the call.

    • barb evans says:

      oh you have to put this out on the fb omg how funny i told ya there was a shit load of stuff on her you aint even smuged the surface yet ; }

  14. And I thought I had issues! I live in paradise compared to his head case! You should see her right now, on her wall getting all this heartwarming support towards her from her fake profile (who’s “going to take care of it” even if she says she gives up, poor me I’m the victim she keeps saying) says we’re still slandering her a month later. She twists it all as usual, actually every single thing I do is in direct response to either an accusation she’s made or a lie she told and public slander she keeps putting out. She is the one who made it ugly and kept it ugly something that never needed to be.

    I’ve said a million times but I’ll say it again – I know that couldn’t have handled it any better, but there was no reasoning with her. She would not have it any other way. She is NOT the victim here, she is THE PERPETRATOR. She has been study putting up fake reports on us, and won’t stop bad mouthing us and talking about getting more fosters, what is she that stupid or does she just think everyone else is? She is a raving lunatic and pathological liar and is absolutely every single thing she accuses us of being. You should see her wall right now… she is on there talking to herself, and her one ignorant supporter in the whole world. lol. Karma really is a big bad bitch isn’t it Beatrice? and it’s name is Beatrice Marot.

    I don’t have to kick your ass Beatrice, because you kick it for me. You are your own worst enemy. You acted like a fool and blew and you’re still acting like a fool and blowing it, can’t shut your mouth even though no ones listening. You were pissed that we weren’t going to leave the dogs there and even though I was assuring you I had good replacement foster and it would be okay you were pissed! You wanted it your way! You didn’t care about what was best for those dogs! You didn’t care about anything but your self! I was being so nice and polite to you and you were just being so unreasonable and you still are! and your lies!! Oh my God I have NEVER in my whole life (and this says alot) EVER met someone as manipulative and EVIL as you are Beatrice Marot. You tried to ruin us just to get back at us even though we so cool to you and the lying and calling me and my daughter childish names (ugly and fat) (how old are you again?) and tried to lie about us to ruin our rescue but it didn’t work. You call us classless, but do you think your being classy? We are the only side in this with any class, able to handle ourselves and this situation without losing it over and over like you’ve done.

    You say WE’re vengeful, YOU ARE THE ONE SO BENT ON REVENG YOU STARTED THIS WHOLE THING WHEN I WAS TRYING TO STAY FRIENDS THOUGH IT. Yeah Bea, you sure twist things, because you are every single thing you say we are, and your little plan to squash my little rescue dream didn’t work and that pisses you off! I started this in the middle of the shit storm you tried to cause and you didn’t hurt me AT ALL. You’re so pissed that I was able to start this rescue page and get even more support and more friends every day and you’re so pissed because you were unable to hurt me like you said you wanted to. and you say “I am just not cut out for this kind of cruelty” when you are the fucking puppeteer of this show you fucking sick twisted bipolar lying snake you are so full of shit!!!! roflmao!!

    Beatrice Marot: “She and her friends will never stop . . . ever. I know it.” That’s A fucking right I won’t stop Beatrice, not as long as you are still slandering me I won’t stop. That’s right. Why would I, when every day you say things publicly about it even still, today. You not only STARTED it, but won’t stop YOURSELF? Why would I stop sharing the DNA and talking about it when I see you still doing that crap to me?!? I WILL NEVER STOP DEFENDING OUR ACTIONS AND OUR NAME. THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL OVER LIES.

    • barb evans says:


  15. Cassandra says:

    It is ridiculous that she is still posting false things, still contacting our friends, and SAYING that we are contacting hers. Everything shes saying we are, is what she is. Shes the most twisted sick person I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Ms. Self proclaimed phsyic calling US frauds… That DNA will never go away, and since shes proven what a nut she is, and how unstable she is, and how she offered to give up her OWN dogs, I will make sure she doesnt get to keep any more. Beatrice you need to stop. You’ve dug yourself so far down into the ground. I promise you what your doing, all the hate and slander, and saying because we took those dogs from you now were frauds, your money and your career and your life is suffering, not ours. We are gaining supporters everyday and just trying to do what we do. Which is save lives. Your sick and need serious help. But keep it up, be my guest, you will be the only one who will regret anything. EVERYTHING we’ve done has been in response to your slander and attacking. Give it up.

  16. Why do you think Beatrice got this dog? Not to save it’s life, no, she is motivated by other things most of us wouldnd’t understand and she does NOT have good intentions in any way, she is evil. One month into fostering dogs for me, Beatrice came to me and said she wanted to know if I would find a home for the two dogs she owns, and let her keep the two foster dogs. That’s how much she loves her OWN DOGS! Beatrice doesn’t even care about the two she has, why would she feel any more bonded with a foster dog? She is lying. She does not care about the animals, no, because Beatrice didn’t get this new dog to save it’s life! No, she got it hoping it would repair the damage she caused to her image and reputation with her non-stop talk about us and how we were mean and wrong.
    Unlike Beatrice, and contrary to her claims, I have no ill will or hate towards anyone, even her, I have no use or need for revenge. I am not motivated by hate or spite and unlike Beatrice, I am motivated by love. Love and passion for the animals is what motivates me and I do not make my living in rescue, nor am I on welfare. Those are all lies made to create the illusion that she is better than us. She is all about image, I am not. The ONLY person after revenge is her, not us. I was just on the defense, reacting to her slanderous lies. She will do anything and say anything to make me look worse (even if she has to lie) and make herself look not as bad. I am motivated by a true and genuine love for animals. But I will defend myself against lies designed to undermine my rescue efforts VEHEMENTLY! (that means with passion for those of you who didn’t get past 10th grade Bea) and no one motivated by hate and revenge is going to be successful in slandering us.

    • barb evans says:

      get her kiddo dam thats one whacked bitch i looked for the e mails she sent and i cant find em any damed where i know she wrote all the shit her self or it would of changed pic and it didnt shs must think were stupid or something it really sucks about ace now dac is going after another rescues dogs know any one in detroit area that can absorb a dog or 2?

      • Barbara, I have a couple NY rescues in my friends list but no one I know personally except one lady and I know she’s maxed out already. If you have any furbabies that need homes please tag me or send me the pic and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

  17. Do any of you remember when we found a DNA on B.M. from 2010 and it was posted in the comment threads somewhere? It’s weird, all the times we Googled her and only found that once – now I can’t find it again. Did anyone maybe have it saved in Notification emails or anything? (PM me or email me to tell me if you’d like to answer me privately)

  18. Cassandra says:


  19. Yesterday after reading yet another email from Beatrice, who incidentally gave me until 5 PM to remove my blog or else, and I quote her here “when anyone visits those links on your blog. . . people will find out the truth about all your lies…. If your blog is still up in the morning I will proceed.” This is how she threatens me, she no doubt is plotting more to write more RipOff reports about us – those web sites are the very same ones she has used for decades to harass and get her lies up about people she’s mad at so that when they Google their name, her lies will pop up and so many people believe whatever they see so she loves to use those web sites to hold over her victims heads. She will never learn I guess that when ever she has threatened me or harassed my friends I usually re-share my blog again, which stirs up more supportive comments which in turn makes her more angry and more determined to try harder to turn people against me.

    This is my Note that I’d originally written in July when I pulled Chanel & Gracie from OCACS with new updates and a snazzy new title: Francis & her newborn pup’s story + DEVASTATING UPDATE ON WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR MARTY/CLIFF FROM OCACS! update Nov 2011
    by Kimberly Glasnapp on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:27pm http://www.facebook.com/notes/kimberly-glasnapp/francis-her-newborn-pups-story-devastating-update-on-what-happened-to-poor-marty/250487678295021

  20. She only makes herself look even worse (if that’s possible) trying so hard to go after me. If it weren’t so vicious and an actual permanent record I’d be laughing at her. But it’s actually pretty messed up and I can’t believe she’s put me through this just for putting those dogs welfare first and taking them to another foster.

  21. Look at the latest thread under the consumer complaint site Beatrice is trying to use to get to me – she’s absolutely lost it – Check it out if you want to laugh with me at Beatrice Marot doing what she does. http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/kimberly-glasnapp-la-mirada-california-c563826.html?sort=datea&page=2#1125493

    • barbara evans says:

      ya gotta go see what i just put up on the complaint board the pack made me do it you know how we pit bulls are they wouldnt let me go till i put there 50 cents in lmfao ; } wickied laughter

      • lmao!!! roflmao!!

        That wing nut is so desperate to try to make us look bad, since NOTHING else she tried worked and every thing she does back fires, she’s really blow a gasket now and the harder she tries the worse she makes herself look and the better I look. I haven’t even been in a hurry to get it taken down because it makes my case FOR me. Everyone who reads it sees it but she doesn’t see it she’s so blinded by hatred. We have lots of + (likes) on our comments on the complaint board while all her has all – (dislikes). You’re right Bea, maybe I’ve hung out with you too long because I actually am kind of starting to enjoy this now as I do anytime someone’s karma bites them in the ass. The more you try to squash my dream and try to ruin my rescuing animals the more that bad karma just might get you. I’m just glad I have a front seat view because you’re a fucking riot! Go smoke some more pot! Eat some make-up so you’ll be pretty on the inside! lol. You are the ugliest person on the internet Beatrice inside and out.

  22. My Post/Note on the story with Gayle L Pfeiffer, the person I originally pulled the dogs out the shelter for to adopt: Francis & her newborn pup’s story + DEVASTATING UPDATE ON WHAT HAPPENED TO POOR MARTY/CLIFF FROM OCACS! updated Nov 2011

    by Kimberly Glasnapp on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 11:27pm

    Copied/Pasted from the body of the updated portion of the note. Poor Mary 😦


    The reason I became concerned is because I had asked Nancy Stogsdill in the comment thread for an update but got no reply, no answer. When the relationship with Beatice went south, she was able to get one friend to side with her against me and that was Nancy Stogsdill. But still I didn’t think about Marty being at the mercy of those women for months, then I just realized that if Nancy’s judgement is THAT askew, then maybe she used poor judgement with Marty/Cliff as well. So I put a plea to my friends on Facebook that I was looking to find out what happened to Marty. Within two days I got my answer in the form a private message. Now I’m beyond concerned for him but I have no idea what I can do about it.

    Link to Marty’s original thread: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1395671709003&set=a.1167168796573.19696.1748541198&type=3&theater

    What happened is that this cat (back in June) was looking at being pts. That’s when Nancy Stogsdill, the lady who’d been donating to fund this rescue decided to take matters in her own hands. This cat is Mary aka Cliff from Orange County Shelter, the one Gayle Pfeiffer was trying to have me pull for her, and send on transport along with Chanel & Gracie to live with her. The problem with that is, even though she knew red flags were all over the place partly because Kitty Loman had refused to even fill out an adoption application, and told me off in a PM just for asking, Nancy shipped the cat there anyway. I know Nancy Stogsdill was worried about the cat being pts but I didn’t think she would have it sent somewhere without application or home check but that is exactly what she did! Nancy stepped in like a big shot with her money and funded for this cat to be pulled and put on transport with Gayle’s dogs out of state, with NO HOME CHECK, NO APPLICATION. Poor Marty got stuck there for over four MONTHS at this known hoarders home who admittedly had over 40 pets already and he got stuck there for months until Nancy once again stepped in to save the day supposedly, and do you think she was careful on her second chance to do the right thing by poor Marty? Hell no! Too much trouble right Nancy? So miss big shot Stogsdill paid to have poor Marty shipped from one hoarder to another (keep in mind that all these women only know eachother on Facebook) from Felicia Tawil’s to Gayle Pfeiffer in NM. – even though Felicia Tawil has by her own admission 30-40 animals on her property in Phelan.

    Marty is NOT in a SAFE loving home. Far from it. Marty is in grave danger and I hold Nancy Nancy Stogsdill, Gayle Pfeiffer and Felicia Tawil resonsible as well as the transporter who didn’t care where they were taking these animals and knew their was issue with these women.

    Oh btw Gayle, if you’re wondering who crawled up the ass of your local animal control and sent them out there those times, that was and is I. To the many dogs crowded in that little home with Gayle: you’re very welcome, and I’m very sorry careless people sent you there, and I’m trying to help.

    Don’t you people (Nancy Stogsdill , Felicia Tawil , Kitty Loman, Beatrice Marot) take it serious when you step in and make decisions that are going to alter the path the animal was on, you better make sure you can change his life for the better and not the worse. Or is this just a game to you? That’s what I suspect, that you’re all driven by ego, not a genuine concern or love for animals. Do you even care a little?

  23. She is attacking me like crazy on those websites she uses for her cyber bullying:


    But what she is doing to my 19 year old daughter just shows what a mean, vindictive, petty, vengeful horrible person she really is:

    The ONLY reason I haven’t gone to the District Atty YET is I was hoping while I had so much going on that by the time I had more time to deal with it she would have stopped, but she continues to stalk our Facebook profiles and page, messaging our friends and supporters with crazy allegations against us in a barely veiled attempt at trying to get people to doubt us, or delete us and she hopes ruin our rescue. It doesn’t matter to her that we save countless lives every year, she wants to ruin me just for taking back Chanel & Gracie, and SHE DIDN’T WANT THEM AND COULDN’T HANDLE THEM ANYWAY! I was doing her a favor and it all would have been fine but she couldn’t stand having control of a situation being taken from her. I am not going to stand by another week and by bullied by her, hashing it out with her online. Not one more minute is going to wasted. She just provides me more and more evidence every day. If she thinks people don’t tell me and send me her crazy messages she’s got another thing coming because no one that she has contacted has done anything but come straight to me, or Google our names then come to straight to me.

    That said I hope all my friends and supporters are having a happy Thanksgiving. I’m blessed that over here we feel have so much to be thankful for and I didn’t want to spend any part of this day on this negativity but I don’t get a break – as she bombards me daily. This will not continue – it is stalking and a violation of my rights.

  24. This is one of the threads (in their album on my personal profile) showing how one day she wanted them and the next wanted me to network them for homes then would suddenly say they’re no ready and wants to work with them but the next says she doesn’t have time to work with them. If you looked through the threads and the messages you’d see it was not just one day of instability, that she was wishy washy the whole time and I was so tolerant, even to the last days when she blocked me even though she still had the dogs and I hadn’t picked them up yet, even after I asked her not to, and tried to keep things from getting ugly – it’s all documented and then all the harrassing messages to us and our friends and the crazy lies she’s got all over the internet – I know it has gotten so out of hand that there has to be anti-stalking laws she is violating. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t been in trouble for that before considering all the problems she has with those other people (Google her name). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1395657428646&set=a.1445082224235.43942.1748541198&type=3&theater

    Sandra Liz Anghileri wow, i can’t believe everything i just read. so much back and forth. i just pray and hope everything being done is for the best interest of Francis and her little pup. everything else DOESN’T MATTER!
    July 7 at 10:44am · Unlike · 1

    Nancy Stogsdill · 149 mutual friends
    These pups are getting the best ….that IS what Matters
    July 7 at 10:47am · Unlike · 1

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    Sandra, everything is being done for the best interest of these two doggies. Francis is happy as a lark. She adores me and her new friends. My boy chihuahua CoCo who is only six pounds has taken to being her guardian and protector. He i…See More
    July 7 at 10:59am · Unlike · 2

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    Karen, I would never do that to Gayle. . . my point was that someone (a neighbor) could do that. I spoke to Gayle for a long time and I know she has a heart of gold. It is just unfortunate she chose to go this route and badmouth Kim and I.
    July 7 at 12:50pm · Like

    Karen Guzman · 1,060 mutual friends
    whew, ok, happy for Francis and her baby, love Gayles heart, and was just worried for the babies she has and cares for thank you all for saving Francis and her baby and for all you guys do for the animals,
    July 7 at 12:54pm · Like · 1
    Kimberly Glasnapp I hope no one takes offense because I appreciate any interest (that’s not negative) in any of these furbabies, but I feel that at this point it’s best to delete any comments that are not condusive to what we’re doing or that aren’t about this mom & pup. I thank you and appreciate all your help, support and concern.
    July 7 at 5:45pm · Like · 1

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    I second that emotion . . . 😉
    July 7 at 6:00pm · Unlike · 2

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    Update on Francis and Gracie. Both Mom and Pup are doing really great. Gracie has opened her eyes and she is taking her first steps on shaky legs. She is cute as a button. I will have to get a new photo up of these precious angels since …See More
    July 9 at 8:04am · Unlike · 2
    Kimberly Glasnapp Karen I loved her heard too and thought she was a decent who loved animals till I saw what she was willing to do to another friend and animal rescuer who she knows has rescued many, just to make herself look like the one in the right. Gayle…See More
    July 9 at 8:48pm · Like

    Nancy Stogsdill · 149 mutual friends
    Any updates on Frances and Gracie? I’d love to hear….
    July 13 at 8:14am · Like

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    They are doing great Nancy. I will have new pics up soon. Gracie is walking and her eyes are open. Francis is a very very sweet and affectionate dog but super needy. Whoever becomes her forever mommy will have to be into getting licked …See More
    July 13 at 8:22am · Like
    Kimberly Glasnapp I just wanted to leave note that I keep in touch with Beactrice and Francis, now known as Chanel and her baby Gracie are doing very well. Chanel is less afraid of going outside and although is still working on her fears of men has come alon…See More
    August 3 at 4:34pm · Like

    Beatrice Marot · 12 mutual friends
    Chanel looks like a totally different dog from this picture. She is so happy and is always smiling and so slender and elegant which is why I named her Chanel. She is a love bug goof ball too. She is super affectionate. She wants ALL the…See More
    August 3 at 4:52pm · Like
    Kimberly Glasnapp My comment didn’t stick earlier: ****EMERGENCY***** LOSING OUR TEMP FOSTER FOR CHANEL & GRACIE!!! MOMMA AND HER PUP NEED A NEW FOSTER OR HOME RIGHT NOW!!!! PLEASE CONTACT Cassandra Glasnapp OR Kimberly Glasnapp ASAP!!!!
    October 15 at 5:20pm · Like
    Kimberly Glasnapp The home check went great, so thanks Cassandra Glasnapp for finding us a foster on such short notice. So we have a new temp foster so now I can get back to the business of finding them a furever home! I KNEW she’s make a great partner. I ♥ …See More
    October 15 at 5:51pm · Like · 1

    Nancy Stogsdill · 149 mutual friends
    What happened that they needed atemp fosterand it was an emergency?
    October 15 at 5:54pm · Like
    Kimberly Glasnapp What happened is… that they were just more than she could handle. The puppy is teething and chew everything and she’s had issues house training them, and I’ve tried to help teach her how, but because she claims not to have time to put alo…See More
    October 15 at 8:57pm · Like · 1
    Kimberly Glasnapp So Nancy that’s what happened. Too bad huh. I’m just chalking it up to experience. I asked her to please not delete me but she did it anyway and I was being so nice and understanding. I just hate when I’m willing to work thru something I’m …See More
    October 15 at 10:38pm · Like · 1
    Kimberly Glasnapp I still have to go pick them up. It’s not like I went off on her, in fact I couldn’t have handled it any better. We only talked thru messages. There was no need to severe our friendship. It was crazy. Imagine, her deleting me when I didn’t…See More
    October 15 at 10:44pm · Like · 1

    Cassandra Glasnapp Thanks guys!!! Yes we got them into their new foster home today, it was not easy but we made it happen!! Thank you Frank and his wife Jenine for doing this for us. They are AMAZING people!! This is temporary though, they were nice enough to…See More
    October 16 at 5:11pm · Unlike · 1
    Kimberly Glasnapp Gracie & Chanel are settling into their new digs. Please keep sharing for a forever home, preferable together. They’re so close I hate to separate them. Chanel is such a good mommie, protective of her baby but they play and pal around like …See More
    October 16 at 8:11pm · Like

    Nancy Stogsdill · 149 mutual friends
    Wow what a story and really a shame that it ended on such aa sour note…..It is hard for me to understand how Bea would or could stand to sever all ties to ever seeing them again. I realize potty training is not the easiest to do but with …See More
    October 16 at 8:44pm · Unlike · 1
    Kimberly Glasnapp I know she is and I feel horrible about the way this happened, it’s not what I wanted and I tried to avoid but… it’s too bad she wasn’t able to adopt them. She could have.. So she deleted you too, and after she messaged you? She’s so flig…See More
    October 17 at 12:03am · Like

    September 26Kimberly Glasnapp
    name/email removed for their privacy Chipped in.
    8 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person http://pleasepelptanner.chipin.com/ocac-shelter-rescue-chanel-and-her-pup-gracie-needs-a-little-help-with-food-
    ChipIn: OCAC Shelter rescue Chanel & her pup Gracie needs a little help with food $
    It looks like you’re using this site without JavaScript enabled! Note that without enabling JavaScript, much of the functionality of this site will not be available to you. Here’s how to enable JavaScript.

    September 26Kimberly Glasnapp
    and I sent a money order with the donation… actually after chipin ees and m.o. & postage it was 47.50

    September 26Beatrice Marot
    I will thank her and yes I got your email. Did you get mine.

    September 26Kimberly Glasnapp
    YOur what?
    Oh you called. sorry. I’m checking the messages. It’s been crazy around here.
    I can’t check the messages cuz Cassy is on the phone. Do you want to send a message here?

    September 26Kimberly Glasnapp
    You don’t have too worry I do thank everyone who sends anything but I’m sure we can’t be too thankful. You’ll probably have the first donation around Thu or Fri and this one (I think $20.) can stay until we get a little more to add to it and then we’ll send it. Working on more and I have to do my ads. If I don’t put out an ad everyday on C.L. the millions of other ads drown me out and I’m pages and pages back so I have to put it out daily. I have to get creative because Craigslist won’t let me put out the same ad over and over so I have keep re-wording it. I’ve about given up on Petfinder they’ve been so pain in the ass, never like that before but something sure changed. I will try them again in a day or two when things quite down. I’ve been so busy. But I’m doing as much as I can and really not doing too bad. but I’ve only got a couple responses from the ads and one was a trick just trying to get my info. That’s why I made a special email address for that stuff. You should see the tricks coming thru those ads, they try everything. LONG letters about how they are a family who wants your pet and will take care of it, just to get your info. I’ve seen the exact same email before when I was putting a different dog up for adoption. It’s crazy. I should send you a copy of it. You wouldn’t believe these people. Anyway, at least you have me to weed thru them. lol. I just wish I had more to weed thru.

    Love ya.

    September 26Kimberly Glasnapp

    These are the new donations that came in after the $50. one I paid you on today (m.o. in the mail). So you will have about $35 total minus Chipin fees (for now):

    Name Email Date Amount

    name/email removed for their privacy today 11:34am $20

    name/email removed for their privacy Sep 25 10:30am $5

    name/email removed for their privacy Sep 24 2:18pm $10

    Total amount:
    $20.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    -$0.88 USD
    Net amount:
    $19.12 USD

    Total amount:
    $5.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    -$0.45 USD
    Net amount:
    $4.55 USD

    Total amount:
    $5.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    -$0.45 USD
    Net amount:
    $4.55 USD

    September 27Beatrice Marot
    Attachment Unavailable
    The attachment source was deleted or the privacy settings on this attachment do not allow you to view it.

    September 27Kimberly Glasnapp
    I think I see it more now. The ears especially. and the eyes. They’re really a gorgeous pair and I’m working on finding them a lovely home together. I am so grateful that they have a loving home to live in till we can find their furever home. Thank you so much Bea. I will keep you posted on the money situation and will let you know when I have a serious i.p. on the girls.

    Love Kimberly, Cassandra & furfamily

    September 27Beatrice Marot
    You are welcome . .

    September 29Kimberly Glasnapp
    Hi Beatrice. I hope you’re all doing okay. If I added correctly (I’m keeping track of them in a Word document that I’ll send you when the goal is met)

    You got the first $50 donation (minus fees) in the mail, I added up the total of donations since then. It’s being transferred and I’ll send it as it becomes available.

    + 4.55
    $ 28.22

    Transferred on 9/26 & 27th so it will probably show up tomorrow or the next day and I’ll mail right over.

    Love ya. Talk to you later.
    … you knew I was writing to you. lol!

    September 29Beatrice Marot
    Thanks hon

    September 29Kimberly Glasnapp
    You’re welcome. We’ve collected 85% of what we’re asking for, but I wish I’d have thought further ahead… because I’m going to have to consider spay soon too. From what you told me Chanel is in heat so she can’t be fixed for a bit, so let’s document when it started and seemingly ended so we can figure when it’s safe to spay her. If they get adopted in the meantime then the adopter will be asked to sign an agreement to spay them within a reasonable amount of time along with the adoption agreement.

    I found a site much like Petfinder (PUP BUDS) http://pupbuds.com/ they posted on my wall today (their facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000440379634 ) that I can use. I’m working on setting up my profile on it right now and another ad went out on Craiglslist too https://post.craigslist.org/manage/2624189776

    I’ll keep you posted Bea.

    October 2Kimberly Glasnapp
    Hi, I got your message and (great idea btw) took a look at some adoption events near you – the thing is, I’m not sure other people with dogs needing homes are welcome to an event like this? It’s a great idea and we should look into it. I was really sick for a few days with a uri so I’m sorry I haven’t been very easy to reach. I finally got out for a bit yesterday and we all went to the Saturday protest I try to go to for Kelly Thomas, and I was so worn out from it that I hardly moved a muscle after I got home. I just got on the computer for a minute to re-do our ads. I’m sorry it seems like it’s going pretty slow. I haven’t been getting any bites with my ads and need to register on a couple other things… I used to use a couple like http://www.petclassifieds.us/ and I am going to put them on that one today, Ebay was another but something doesn’t feel quite right putting pets on something like Ebay… I don’t know. Ebay seems so impersonal like for possesions… maybe not but Petfinder sure turned out to be a bummer for the regular person, for resuces on the other hand they’er great but someone like me puts an ad on their and it gets lost because of the order they put them in. This, below is our newest ad… I will keep you posted and I’m hoping the ads I do in the next couple days will turn out better results.

    Kimberly http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pet/2628727661.html

    October 2Kimberly Glasnapp
    Oh now I remember why I didn’t put them on that other one, because that is acutally just a compilation of other websites… grrrrr! I’ll find some better way and let you know.

    October 2Kimberly Glasnapp
    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/pet/2628790793.html I just found this on Craiglsist and wanted to share it with you because it has what probably are common rules other pet adoption events would have. Like this (copied/pasted from ad) They are too far but it gave me a good idea of what to expect: We sometimes can take a couple of other animals from private parties but here are our rules:

    1. Dog must have Rabies shot and certificate, and be in good health. Puppies must be old enough to have first shot, and you must provide that shot with the dog, and we will give it when the puppy is adopted. We have a vet near the show who can easily and reasonably help you with any medical needs. We cannot take animals who have mange or mites, or parvo. A dog matted, or in not too good of physical shape is fine, but we cannot take any SICK dog, and you would be responsible, should such a condition exist!

    2. You must be able to bring the dog to us in Ontario, California at 9:00 A.M. and pick up the dog by 6:00 P.M. should we not get the dog adopted. If not adopted the following day we do have a rescue group that may take the animal. However our success rate is 99%. We are not a shelter nor a rescue group. You must be approved by our staff to bring your animal/s. This location is private property with heavy security as there are trucks there from all across the US and Canada. There is a $25 charge per person for bringing your dog/s as our staff works hard to get your animal a home. !

    3. To make the adjustment easier for the pet, we like you to bring a cage, or bedding, toys, treats, a pillow, things that the dog knows. Every animal has an adjustment period, and we want to make the little one, or big one, as comfortable as possible. And, we also know that each situation is unique. So, please call us!

    Thank you, Musical Truckin Dog Adoption Program

    Musical Truckin Dogs can help you rehome your dog, or puppies!

    October 2Beatrice Marot
    doing a guided meditation

    October 2Kimberly Glasnapp
    Oh ok. I’m distracting you with this? I wanted to send you one more thing. Someone on C.L. who wants a cat … do you still have that guys cats and one of them might need a home? http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/pet/2628789402.html I need an additional cat compaion (Belmont Shore)

    Date: 2011-10-02, 12:01PM PDT
    Reply to: comm-ecv5s-2628789402@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I am looking for a kitten or cat that is extremely affectionate and loves to sit in laps, will let me pick him or her up, and will snuggle up next to me on the bed when I am watching movies. I also would like for the cat to be litterbox trained. I already have one cat that I originally got as a mouser when I was living in the country in Mississippi. I am very attached to her but she is used to being around other cats and has been flying solo for about 6 months or so. I think it is time for her to have a companion. It’s almost impossible for me to go to the shelter or Petsmart to adopt because I work during the times when they are open. Please let me know if you can help me out with this or if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

    Location: Belmont Shore
    PostingID: 2628789402
    I need an additional cat compaion

    October 4Kimberly Glasnapp
    I saw you got another donation this morning so I took a fresh look at the figures and figured out what the amount comes to. In looking at my figures in comparison to the last Fb message I sent it I see I’d made a mistake. When this next transfer goes through (about 3 to 7 days) I’ll send it to you.

    This is what it looks like to me when I pull up the CHIPIN CONTRIBUTERS LIST. I added the current status to each one on the left and then added up what you can expect in about 3-7 days in the mail:

    Name Email Date Amount Paid To

    TRANSFER PENDING name/email removed for their privacy today 10:24am $50 kimmypie1966@aol.com

    KG HAS name/email removed for their privacy Sep 26 11:34am $20 kimmypie1966@aol.com

    KG HAS name/email removed for their privacy Sep 25 10:30am $5 kimmypie1966@aol.com

    KG HAS name/email removed for their privacy Sep 24 2:18pm $10 kimmypie1966@aol.com

    KG PAID name/email removed for their privacy Sep 19 3:02am $50 kimmypie1966@aol.com

    This is what goes into the Paypal account after Chipin takes their little fees out:
    $20.00 -$0.59 = $ 9.41
    $5.00b -$0.45 = $ 4.55
    $20.00 -$0.88 = $19.12
    $50.00 -$1.75 = $48.25

    TOTALS = $ 81.33

    So that’s what’s up with the money situation. As for the adoption situation I promise I’m working furiously on it.

    October 4Beatrice Marot
    Thanks for letting me know. Maybe we can get Chanel spayed with that money if it is time to do so.

    October 4Kimberly Glasnapp
    Sorry that top figure is supposed to say $10.00 – $0.59 = $9.41
    otherwise Paypal would be taking way too much out. lol. Sorry I’m really making a mess trying to add it up for you. But it’s a 50, 20, 10 and 5 minus Pp fees it should add up to $81.33 for food and necessities for them. Money for spay will be raised separate soon.

    October 4Kimberly Glasnapp
    I hadn’t considered that (spay) when opening this last one but it’ll all work out. But that money is for their groceries & necessities. When you get that, it’s for you to spend/reimburse $ on the doggies. I’ll start the spay Chipin after this one.

    October 4Beatrice Marot
    If you send through PayPal as a gift they take nothing out just so you know. Or you can just send cash in a car. My clients do it all the time. Love, B

    October 4Kimberly Glasnapp
    I can Paypal it to you? Why have I been doing it this way all this time then? lol I didn’t think I could so it’s all either on it’s way to my account or in there already. It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.

    I made out an envelope to send you what I have now and then send the other when the transfer goes through. That’s $33. in the mail first thing in the morning. Then the $48. will follow shortly.

    October 7Beatrice Marot
    Thanks angel . . . the ads look good. You know I wonder if Gracie has some Sharpei cuz she sho is wrinkly. it is really cute

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    I have another site I’m registering on. I’ll keep you posted. Were you able to see the photo on the Petfinder ad? Did you get that, the first email or message I sent today. Also $50. cash in on the way to you in the mail. Keep eye out for it.

    October 7Beatrice Marot
    I wote back to you . . . what came up when I clicked the link. Check your email

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    we need to find a vet near you and get Gracie’s vaccinations. I’ll have to start a chipin for the spays and her shots, the spay will have to wait of course till Chanel’s over the heat season but at least I can have the puppy up to date on her shots. That’s a must. I’ll work on it tomorrow and when we have enough we can make an appointment near you.

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    I’m re-doing my ad and profile on Pup Buds so… yeah. I made a mistake and wasn’t able to change it so I just started from scratch.

    October 7Beatrice Marot
    I think you put too much information sweetheart. Just keep it short and simple.

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    Did you mean the profile or the post, which one is too much info? The Pup Buds? Cuz I re-edited that and thought I made it pretty short.

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    In the Pup Buds posts actually the entire text won’t fit no matter how short I make it. I got it down to this and even this doesn’t all fit:

    This is Chanel (about 1 1/2 yrs) and Gracie (3 months old) They’re hoping to be adopted together but will consider separating them if the right situation comes along. They are female Chihuahua mixes, listed by the shelter as short hair chihuahuas but they clearly have a little or jack russel or doxie mix. Rescued from the shelter in June, put in temporary foster and now they need a home. Chanel (mom) has a sweet, submissive personality. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle while Gracie loves to play, romp and ‘s chew toys and play. They both love to go outside and run and play. Someone with time to spend and ability to walk everyday would be ideal, and a yard to play would be great. They are quick to learn and have a strong desire to please so they’ll be easy to train. They’ve been in a foster home where they’re socialization and training is a work in progress. Please contact me to adopt this sweet mamma and baby.

    October 7Kimberly Glasnapp
    I made them each their own post this time. This is Chanel’s.

    PUP BUDS – Listing Profile – Chanel
    This is the listing view page. This is Chanel, one of a bonded pair. They’re hoping to be adopted together but will consider separating them if the right situation comes along. They are female Chihuahua mixes, listed by the shelter as short hair chihuahuas but they clearly have a littl…

    October 8Kimberly Glasnapp
    You were right. I worked on it and edited it and thought it was okay, but I was so tired and didn’t realize how it sounded. I’m going to work on all of them today and edit everything to sound better. And I also learned even though it’s supposed to be visible to the public. Cassy’s said she tried to view my P.B. post but that people have to create a PUP BUDS profile in order to see the ad.

    Did you get my snail mail yet?

    October 8Kimberly Glasnapp
    Im finally creating the B4/AFTER RES-Q album. I’m still adding to it, it’s a work in progress. I wish more people would send me current pics. But I think I’m off to a great start with these! Please take a look:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1543907654809.47546.1748541198&type=3&saved

    To honor October being Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month I created this album of some of the animals I was blessed enough to have some part in rescuing, with the help of my rescue friends of course. These are the ones I’ve received updates and recent photos of. I hope to add many more in the months to come! Follow this link …See More
    By: Kimberly Glasnapp
    Photos: 18

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pet/2642077181.html I saw the ad, that’s a great ad, but there’s a reason I don’t put my phone number in them. I appreciate that you’re willing to filter the people who might want to adopt them but I would rather you put an anonymous email and direct any inquiries to me.

    I like how you aren’t mentioning the home check because that scares people away. I will do that without making it obvious, but I do want to research and get my adoption application filled out before anything goes too far with someone. Then once they do that we can make arrangements to meet the dogs. Oh and another thing, I got an email from someone asking about a fee. I wasn’t planning on asking any adoption fees. I don’t even reply to the inquiries from my regular email, as for phone numbers on Craigslist, that should be exchanged only after you know they are truly interested in adopting. By the way, the lady I got an email from is interested in both but for her mom, in Culver City, close to you. I am trying to find out how old or active the mom is. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I actually did put one in that area yesterday but that’s okay, we can’t have too many, that’s for sure. The way those ads are packed all the time I have to run a new ad every day, and that’s what I do, everyday. I love the ad, I just want to handle it a certain way and have some suggestions. If you do another one I’d like for you to use the anonymous email and direct them my way. Okay?

    I hope you know the ads I’ve sent you aren’t the only ones out there. I don’t send them all. Mostly if I am asking advice or want you to see and input, or help with something or just to let you see so you know I’m putting ads out. I just want you to know I work on it every day. The one I put out yesterday in the Valley is this one: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pet/2641003970.html

    Mother/Daughter bonded Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    I removed it from my wall because so many people in rescue have very strong feelings against people advertising pets on Craigslist and I don’t want to deal with that.

    October 10Beatrice Marot
    I will put everything through you but I will weed through the ones I don’t feel are right.

    There should definitely be at least a $100 rehoming fee for the spaying and to make sure they really want the dog and to cover expenses for the next dog you save.

    If they pass my psychic test, then I will have them fill out the adoption papers and talk to you. I will definitely mention a home check as well. It is easier this way for you my dear since I know both dogs and can answer questions and you have so many animals you are dealing with.

    Love and kisses from all of us to you. B.

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    I am asking you to please allow me to handle all the details, and if they’re are serious, you will meet them, and if they don’t pass your psychic test, then I’ll kick them to the curb. But I really want to handle this end.

    I know it’s going slow, and you’re just trying to help. But I beg you to let me handle this end of it my way, while along the way I’ll be as easy to talk to and open to advice as I can be, and I willing to take suggestion and make changes. ….. and if you feel later really that I’m not doing a good job, then we’ll talk about reconsidering the way I’m doing it. Okay?

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    I need to know if you got my letter….Please tell me you got the $50. I sent by now. I owe you $31. you should get about this time next week.

    October 10Beatrice Marot
    Kim, I told you I am going to send them your way. I don’t understand what you are concerned about. You have a lot on your plate so if I get someone who is interested and after I talk to them initially I will say, OK now you need to talk to Kim the rescuer and do your thing. Just try not to worry so much ok. I did not get anything but the money order you sent.

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    I mailed it Oct 4th I think. That’s not right. You should have it. I’m calling you.

    October 10Kimberly Glasnapp
    Ahh for a minute there I thought you got upset enough to ask me to take the dogs back. Wiping my brow.

    I’m so glad we seem to be able to talk and work through all this stuff. Thanks for being so normal. lmao. I’m always expecting the worst.

    It’s all good.
    Love ya.

    October 10Beatrice Marot
    No mail today . . . Columbus Day

    October 11Kimberly Glasnapp
    I hope you get it today. I feel like you should have received it by now… hope nothing happened to it. It’s not much different than what I normally send, the m.o. is the same as cash, anyone could have taken it. And it’s not like anyone – mail man included – can tell theirs cash in their can they?

    I put out anther ad today and adjusted the chipin, rather than make a new one, I just increased the one we had by $90. leaving enough of a cushion to hopefully pay for Gracie’s vaccinations at the same time. So if I put the rest of what we get, assuming people will donate, toward the vet, would you be (okay as long as you get this $50. coming in the mail and the $31. that will be right behind it) with food & other necessities for the time being?

    October 11Kimberly Glasnapp
    I mean to say as long as you have $81. on the way, would that do you for the time being, so I can plan on putting anything else we get toward the vet?

    October 11Beatrice Marot
    That will be fine.

    October 11Beatrice Marot
    I did not get anything in the mail today so it definitely got lost. Bummer.

    October 12Kimberly Glasnapp
    That’s not cool. I had it wrapped in two sheets of notebook paper in a business size envelope, the kind that is security coated so you can’t see through it. That sucks. Unbelievable. You said it was safe. I’m so bummed. Fifty fricking dollars. I’m sure glad I didn’t have the whole $81 in there. That’s something anyway, at least. I’m sorry. I was careful too. I’m so bummed. That’s so fucked up. It got lost all right, I bet, right in someone’s pocket.

    I put out the ad again today and sent you an email a few minutes ago with the final draft of my Adoption Application. I’m excited about it, I have my Mission Statement done and it sounds great. I know pretty much what I need and it sounds very do-able for me. I think I’m going with the name – Cassandra’s Hope Rescue – and a web site I can get started and maintain for like $8. a month, plus there might be other better offers that may come along for that. Anyway I’m just getting more excited about it now I got started I want to get going! Can’t wait till it’s all done so I can get started. Thanks for helping me believe in myself.

    Love Kimberly

    October 12Beatrice Marot
    Kim, It is safe. You may have sent it to the wrong address. I don’t know but it has never happened before in 20 years.

    October 12Kimberly Glasnapp
    No I know your address by heart.
    2935 Riverside
    easy to remember. I mail stuff to you all the time. It’s weird. At least it wasn’t the whole 81. right? I’ll have the other on it’s way. Some other safe way. Like a check.
    or money order with your name on it.
    The lady emailed me back with the mom who wants the dogs. She’s in her 40’s and may be perfect. Lives right by the beach, about 20 miles from you in Culver City. I sent her the adoption application to look over and will be calling her tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.
    If the application and references check out I’ll make arrangements for us all to meet together so she can meet the dogs. Send us good vibes, and wish us luck.

    October 12Beatrice Marot
    It is 2XXX not 2XXX removed for privacy

    October 12Kimberly Glasnapp
    Well I didn’t just write it from memory anyway, I had my date book out and copied it from there, like I always do. I’m sure I didn’t put the wrong address. I hope.
    I wonder who lives at XXXX removed for privacy
    I hope I didn’t…. No. I know I didn’t send it to the wrong address. Grrrr.
    What if I did.
    God I hope not. How stupid.
    I did really have my date book and wrote it from there, I even had the envelope made out ahead of time. I wasn’t rushed at the post office or anything. I was home. I’d have a hard time believing all the times I’ve done the same thing and wrote the right address.
    I’ve been sending you letters for months. I’ve never done that.
    Dammit. I’m so upset. That’s not a small amount of money. I wish I’d never sent cash, at least there would be some chance that way if someone came across it they wouldn’t be able to use it.
    Why did I send cash. That was dumb. Never again.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Kim, I am so pissed off with Gracie. She just ate another pair of my brand new $60 Nike pants and the other three were a total of $100. I am over it. I want them out of my house. I am sick of this. She is obsessed. It is not like I have them lying on the floor. They are in the hamper or on my trunk and she knocks shit over and gets to them while I am sleeping. You need to come and get them. I am so pissed right now I want to take them both to the Burbank shelter. She also ate a $28 Tarot deck last night. She has eaten three pairs of shoes and has ruined other pieces of clothing as well. I’m telling you Kim, I have run out of patience. She is gone today so it is up to you if you want to get her, otherwise she is going to Burbank Shelter.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    I’m really sorry . . . but seriously, I have been there for these dogs for four months when it was supposed to be two days. I am taking full responsibility for making that choice but now I wish I just let Gayle have them as they have caused at lease $1000 worth of loss and damage. They have ruined furniture, clothing, shoes. It’s enough.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    OK meltdown over. . . I will not take them to the shelter but they do have to go. I cannot deal with the destruction to my property and all the clothing Gracie has chewed up has been BRAND NEW a total of four pair of brand new yoga pants, three pairs of shoes (not new but barely worn), at least six brand new pair of underwear, several sarongs, my tarot deck, my couch, my coffee table, my wicker trunk.

    I want her out of my house pronto. I cannot take it anymore. I am sorry Kim but enough is enough. I am never fostering another dog again. It is always a nightmare in the end.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    I have to say I can’t take it either. I’m glad I didn’t see the threat to take them right down to the shelter, a meltdown you never seen. Please. I wish some things but NEVER that I’d just sent them to Gayle. I wish you were willing to put time into teaching them, but you say you don’t have the time it take to house train and all that, but you get out what you put in. If you don’t teach them they won’t learn. The time it takes to house train them too much then you are going to have messes to clean up. I am doing all I can to find them a great home. Since fosters have dibs on adopting, when you wanted to wait, and keep them longer it was fine. I hoped you’d fall in love and keep them but you want to just foster and that’s fine. Now Gracie’s hardly even a puppy anymore, they’re both same size and I am looking everyday, talking to people and doing all I can. I don’t know what more I can do. I don’t have another foster and can’t take them. I will try to find another foster as well as a home. I’ll be working on that as hard as I can.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    The messes are not the problem. It is the destruction of my property that is the problem. At least $1000 worth, do you understand Kim? I wake up and I find two more pair of brand new Nike pants worth $100 combined destroyed. I don’t make a lot of money Kim. I never buy anything for myself so when I do, it is a big deal and to find them destroyed because she knocked down the hamper and dug in to find them . . . not because I had them laying around is infuriating.

    I took on more then I can handle. It is not your fault, It is my fault for keeping them. I should have let Gayle have them.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    I can’t believe you say that. I really can’t. I don’t even know what to say to that. Nothing to say to that. Know that I’m trying, and now I’m seeking an emergency foster to relieve you.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Thank you.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    I have potential foster. If home check goes okay this afternoon then I’ll be picking them up in the late morning if that’s okay. I’m thinking traffic will make it hard to get there much before 10 or 11 tomorrow.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Kim, thank you but just keep looking for a forever home. I will keep them until then. I don’t want to bounce them around especially Chanel. I will take even more precautions. I was just so angry when I saw yet more new clothes destroyed, but I will take care of it. I bought $20 worth of chewy toys and stuff.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    No. Thats final.
    No more wishy washy. I’m doing what I have to do. That’s it. Thank you.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    OK fine.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    Once you mention shelter and you wish they’d gone with Gayle, and all you said there is no way I could do anything but search for an emergency foster till I can get them in a home.
    Don’t bother.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Listen, I am going to unfriend you . . . I really don’t want to argue and fight. I said I was sorry. You act like as though you never get angry Kim.
    I wish you all the best to you and your lovely daughter. You are both wonderful ladies and will have an amazing rescue organization. Good luck, B

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    thats silly. We have business to take care of. We aren’t 5. Please don’t unfriend me Bea.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    It’s done . . . you can either call me or email me at bea@goddesscentral.com when you are ready to pick them up Take care, B

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    You said things that upset me. I got upset. I don’t hate you. I was shocked to see the things you wrote. I’m not allowed to get upset about that, then Idk. Anyone would in my shoes. Do you have to do Bea, I found a nice couple, they have no male dogs, just one female dog…
    I;m still talking pelase
    ONe female dog and two cats. They are really nice and live in Long Beach. They have fostered for Angel Parisa. It will all be okay. Everything is going to work out. I didn’t know it was that bad. I’m sorry it took so long, I really have been trying.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Yea I know . . . we all say a lot of things we don’t mean when we’re upset.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    Yes we do.
    I’ll let you know how it goes. But if they’re as good as they sound, I plan to pick them up and take Gracie straight to vet for shots, and then onto the foster.
    So I’ll let you know if it works out what time to expect me tomorrow.
    Oh you deleted me. I didn’t see that. lmao. how dumb.

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    Thanks for calling me dumb. Just keep it up.

    October 15Kimberly Glasnapp
    YOU say alot of things when your upset actually. I just keep my cool and handle my business. You deleted me off your friends list?!

    October 15Beatrice Marot
    I have been extremely kind to you and your daughter and I have kept these dogs for four months so for you to start insulting me right now is not cool. Just please leave me alone.

    October 16Beatrice Marot
    I really want to work this out with you Kim. I love you and all you do and your daughter too. I promise you I will never say anything like that again. It looks like my neighbor would like to give it a go with the girls. I want to discuss it with you. Again, be assured that I learned my lesson and I am so sorry for upsetting you so much. Please lets talk. B

    October 18Beatrice Marot
    Have you decided yet Kim? Between Elizabeth and I . . . they will be cherished. Please bring them back. They miss me and I miss them so much.

    October 18Beatrice Marot
    Elizabeth contacted you yesterday and asked for an application and you have not responded. So it is obvious you have no intention of giving me back Gracie and Chanel. OK, I am at peace with that. Take care and keep doing the good work you do. Good bye, B
    Elizabeth and I were going to share custody. She is an art teacher and works during the day at Beverly Hills High School and I would keep them while she is at work and she would have them in the evening and so it would have been perfect. But you don’t seem to care about the welfare of Chanel and Gracie like you say you do or you would have kept your promise when I told you Elizabeth wanted them and you said in front of the police . . . have her ask for an application.

    Before she sent that last pm she had called me crying, begging to adopt the dogs. Even though she had been so terrible to us, for the sake of the dogs, if I have someone saying they love them and want them I can’t ignore that. I asked her give me some time to think about it. She couldn’t respect that and after less than a day had passed, was already sending angry messages like she thought my not responding quickly was some power play and that I was just ignoring her. You can imaging how upset I was when she flipped again and said something about her finding them a home and how her neighbor still might want them. So clearly she lied when saying she wanted to adopt them, she just was trying to figure out a way to get me take them back to her and put her back in control. That’s why when after all those months, Bea says her neighbor finally wanted an adoption application, after all the unstable behavior it became clear that she was just using her neighbor to get the dogs back. Just like she uses everyone and everything. The dogs welfare meant nothing to her. She didn’t really care about them, or she wouldn’t have trashed our friendship and traded it for a chance at revenge. Going around telling everyone the very day we took the dogs, suddenly we’re a fraud you said, even though the day before that and even after that all you say about us how good we are and what a great thing we do, but suddenly the day we take the dogs back we’re frauds and you message everyone who donated to the dogs a bunch of lies and even told them they should ask for their money back. Even though she couldn’t deny accepting all the donations as they came in and that it was spent already. Lucky for us, the more she tried to spread lies to destroy us, her motives were obvious to everyone and no one asked us for any money back. We still have all our friends except one and she was manipulated by Beatrice and just a gullible (albeit ornery) old lady. I’m just laying it out there, once again, even though I’ve gone over it so many times. I don’t understand why she keeps saying she’s going to stop harassing us but then the same day or the next she’ll write a new Note saying horrible things about us or she’ll get back on her fake consumer reports she made against me with all her lies and crap. Which is a joke in it’self. You should see it, NO ONE supports her. All her comments have – marks, the equivalent of UNLIKE and all mine has + mark, the equivalent of LIKE. But she still just goes on and on and on. and on. and on.

  26. What do you pray for this Christmas? I pray for animals to be comforted while in the shelters and streets, that someone helps them, for homes enough for all of them.

    This is what Beatrice Marot prays for – Pain for her perceived enemies. Still messaging us nearly every day still as full of hate as ever. I rarely read them but I read this one. Have you ever seen anyone with so much hate and for what? Hate for what does she think I did to her? I never did anything to her. She’s just pissed because the truth hurts and she was told to stop this even by her own friends but won’t listen to anyone. She’s completely out of touch with reality now. It hurts her because she’s standing alone, and no one has her back because she is wrong. So since no one supports her she can’t let it go. She wants to cause me pain and when she failed at that, she took so much happiness in reading I was in pain, she sent me this email where she quotes my post and adds how she takes glee in reading about my pain (where’s the love Bea?):

    My prayers are being answered!

    beatrice marot
    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Sunday, December 18, 2011 11:42 AMMessage body
    ““Butt thoroughly kicked by RA & Fibromyalgia today so I can only use computer short periods. Please keep sharing for the furbabies and if you’re praying, say a little one for ol me over here. This pain I’m in is really kicking my butt today and it friggin hurts! ughuhgh.””

    More to come!! Yes!! You deserve to suffer the bowels of hell you horrible bitch.

    • tammie says:



    Ashley just told me you had a home for both of them together in San Diego

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Monday, December 12, 2011 7:52 PMMessage body
    You are a such a bitch for separating them. I have never hated someone as much as I hate you. I hope God strikes you down. You are just evil period. You are going to hell.

    I saw you separated Chanel and Gracie

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Monday, December 12, 2011 9:35 AMMessage body
    Because you are a vicious horrible human being. They would be still together if they had stayed with me. I hate you more than I have ever hated anyone in my life. You are an evil, lying piece of garbage and you will suffer for what you have done. You will see. I hope God does to you what you have done to Chanel. I despise you and pray you suffer this year from the same loss and pain you have caused Gracie and Chanel.

    I am done with you Kimberly

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Saturday, November 26, 2011 10:02 PMMessage body
    I will no longer be bothering with you anymore. I no longer care where you put your blog and I will not be contacting the people that believe your lies.

    I have gotten what I needed to get and it’s a beautiful thing.

    God really does work in mysterious ways.

    And I serve God . . . you just serve yourself.

    How much proof do you need. I saw you took down your blog on Facebook

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Thursday, November 24, 2011 11:06 AMMessage body
    Now you should really take down your blog because you and your friends all sound so mean and at this this bitch knows it

    Barbara Evans

    Do yourself a favor

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Thursday, November 24, 2011 8:42 AMMessage body
    You need to understand something. You may not think so but you sound like a raving lunatic on your blog. So sending people to it only makes them wonder about what kind of person you are ranting on and on and on for weeks with so much hate in all your posts and all your posters who sound just like you BECAUSE MOST OF THEM ARE YOU . . . also look like white trash talking scum.
    Then they come to my Facebook page just like Rachael from Beyond Barking did and they see all the love I get and they wonder … “Is it Bea or is it Kim? And they all come to the same conclusion. IT IS KIM.
    Just leave me alone and get on with your life. Cassandra has no idea what you are doing does she? The answer is NO she does not. When anyone Googles me GUESS WHAT . . . YOU COME UP AND ALL THREE RIP OFF REPORTS YOU CREATED WITH ALL YOUR CRAZY LIES.
    Are you happy now? I told you. I warned you. I pleaded with you. I begged you not to write any Rip Off Reports but being the sociopathic sadistic BITCH you are . . . you could not help yourself. So do yourself a favor and minimize the damage you have done to yourself. STOP NOW!

    You have until the end of the day to remove your psycho blog

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    Kimberly Glasnapp
    Message flagged Sunday, November 20, 2011 6:50 AMMessage body
    Or I will put my very well written rebuttal with proof of what a con you are with chip ins as well as impersonating Sara Cross and all the other made up profiles with fake events that never happened at the end of all five ripoff reports created by my other stalker and your new buddy Fiona aka Tanila Price.

    And if you do choose to keep your blog up . . . when anyone visits those links on your blog. . . people will find out the truth about all your lies. People in rescue are already finding out and the word is spreading fast to stay away from you. One woman gave you $150 dollars and she will never give you another dime. I did nothing to deserve your insanity and anyone with a brain sees right through your blog and sees you as a total nut job which you are. If your blog is still up in the morning I will proceed.

    YOU are such a sad pathetic person Kimberly. You are a caricature of a human being. You are a joke and an embarrassment to your daughter and your parents.

  28. That is only from one of my emails, and only some of them. Can you believe that shit?!

  29. If my pain the other day was the answer to Beatrices prayers (I’m sure we don’t pray to the same God) then I’m sure she’ll love this. My husband left me with more than just a newborn baby when he died almost 20 yrs ago, he left me Hep C positive and committed suicide because he knew he was dying and was suffering. Then over the years I developed RA and Fibromyalfia and that’s not all, I have COPD too, so I probably won’t live long enough to meet my future grandchildren or walk my daughter down the isle. That should make your day.

    ….and I live with my parents not because I’m a bum, but because my 72 yr old mother had a stroke and needed me. I take care of them, married still after over 50 years. Since she’s judging me without ever even knowing anything about me. and she claims she’s psychic! lmao.

  30. My parents even got a cemetery plot for me because they’re not sure they’ll die before I do. So if my little pain made her day, I bet she’ll really be tickled about all that, since she prays for me to come to harm, she should be happy to know this stuff.

  31. Legally they ARE my dogs, that is why the police helped me take them back from Beatrice. If I was unable to prove that, then the cops would have let civil court handle it. She was such a psycho bitch they didn’t like how she was manipulating the scene and acting like such a loud ignorant person we all thought she’d been up all night and looked high. They sided with us and made her give us the dogs for a good reason! She is completely full of shit, a complete and total liar so her claim that the dogs aren’t legally mine is just her being full of crap as usual. She is so out of touch with reality and such a sociopath she can’t even be convincing, she’s just laying it on like she thinks everyone who reads that is dumb enough to believe anything. She also tries to use the fact I’ve had the two dogs she’s pissed about losing for six months without finding them a home and that’s proof I’m not a rescue but 4 moths of that is the time she had them and for 3 of those months she knows damn well she asked me to wait to try to find them a home. Why I don’t know because she claimed not to even have time to house train them (even though one was a tiny puppy) and never walked them, just let them pee and poop on pads in the apartment she sits in all day smoking pot and charging people for physic readings but she’s not really psychic, just knows alot of the lingo. Total phony in every sense of the word. Don’t let her do a reading for you, she uses those for info on you and to get you to give her free testimonials for her webpage. lol.

    I’m sure you see by now how deeply disturbed she is and that I am indeed the victim here. I’ve done nothing but try to save animals and find them good homes before being pts at high kill shelters. She tried to foster and it didn’t work out and she’s been trying to cram her side of the story down everyone’s throats ever since. She screwed up because she’s psycho and lost the dogs and her reputation and she’s pissed. She had complete control over what happened to the dogs and she blew it but she’s directing her anger at me when she should just take responsibility that she messed up and you can’t ruin someone like she’s trying to do me for not giving her back the dogs!! And it proves how narcissistic she is to actually think I’d separate the two dogs to get back at her in any way. I’m not one the profiles she accuses me of, in fact not even one of her accusations are true, showing what a phony physic she really is to not even know who is me and who is not. lmao. What a fool. and a mean, vindictive hateful fool at that. Get on with your stupid self Beatrice, you’re obviously enjoying yourself. But when the D.A. knocks on your door for stalking don’t say I never tried to warn you. You should have quit while you were ahead. Now you deserve every thing you get. and I hope it’s alot of time in jail or the psych ward, where you belong.

    Below is a photo of me with the dogs, who are worth every thing she throws my way. I’m never quitting what I do and you can’t destroy me. I’m here to stay and you are headed to jail where you belong Beatrice because you’re criminally insane.

    The only blog I ever wrote was this https://kimberlyglasnapp.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/dnadnt-on-beatrice-marot-from-los-angels-ca/ and it was only to defend myself against Beatrice Marot’s insane lies she began making up about us as soon as the her insane rant ended up in us removing the dogs from her wither her screaming foul names at us with one cop holding her back and the other helping us into our car with the dogs. She created that scene after I tried every way I could to keep it friendly, she wouldn’t let it end any other way than ugly.

    It’s clear everyone sees her for what she is and that this is just her getting back at us for not giving her what she wanted. The petty insults about how we dress the dogs just show how bitter and mean she is. She tried to leave mean comments and harassed their next fosters until she ended up looking like a the complete lunatic she really is. And all because she wanted control of where the dogs went. She tried to run the show from day 1 and I admit I gave her alot of control, but I took that control back and she wasn’t ready to give it up she thought she could squash me with some lies being spread around and when she saw that didn’t work, she tried to message our friends and donors trying to ruin my business or at least run people off so we’d have no friends but when none of her insane childish attempts at revenge worked, she started to cyber stalks me and tries to pass off the blog I wrote as evidence that I slandered her, but if you read it it’s clear it’s just me defending myself after she started trying to spread lies that I’m a fraud.

    Now she checks my pages daily sending me pathetic rants over three email accounts I have and the hours she must spend on all this is mind boggling anyone would be so driven by hate and revenge for the personal issue that was between her and I and the dogs. She’s tried to force her side of the story down people’s throats and no one’s listening to her or taking her serious and that just makes her even more crazy. These threads will be going down soon from what they tell me but just in case I wanted to get the link to my blog, the one she claims was so mean and written about her was clearly, if you read it, just me defending myself against her accusations. She has been attacking me, and I am just on the defense. I’ve done nothing wrong, this is what I got for loving animals enough to put up with people’s craziness. It’s part of rescue and we all go through it, although people aren’t typically so vicious and insane, but we meet all sorts in this field and I’ve learned some very valuable lessons. I put fosters through an application process that would have weeded that nut Beatrice right out.

    The saddest part of this really is what she’s doing has only really affected the two very same dogs she claims to care about, because she’s harassing people so much, to such an extent that no one wants anything to do with fostering them anymore or adopting them once they see the drama surrounding them.

    The real victims are them, because that leaves us more limited prospects than we should have to choose from but she doesn’t care about that. She’s out for blood and if she destroys the dogs along with me she wouldn’t care because she just used them, they’re just pawns in her quest for power and control and money in a crazy backwards world where she accuses everyone of victimizing her in the very ways she is actually victimizing them. Truly deeply disturbed to the core I truly believe she’s a narcissistic sociopath and furthermore I believe she’s dangerous to herself as well as others and shouldn’t have any pets in her care at all. Others who know her feel the same. If you want the truth, read my blog, the link above.

  32. I’m told Suzanne Artemoff https://www.facebook.com/sususushi?ref=ts is a fake page of Beatrice Marot’s.

    • barbara evans says:

      i have indeed confirmed that suzanne artemoff is psycho bitch beatrice marot how i know this is when i was following my gut about the senior chi in cali going to utah the one i was asked to pull from devore for sue the pic on the fb page is a match for the one shown here in the blog they are the same person inspite of the fact that shes using the poor dog in the pic as a shield by the way i suggest to who ever the rescue is to snag that poor dog away and put them somewhere safe to see how unbalanced she really is go see the screen shots i took of the email from the psycho bitch i posted them yesterday and taged kim & cass to them shes a psycho nut case that needs to be put down

  33. Beatrice Marot emailed me with a phsychic prediction!!

    “…you will be dead soon from all of your various illnesses. Something to look forward to. Too bad you will just instantly reincarnate as a dog. That is your next life. I hope you find a good home.” Oh and she says again that “God and his Angels are simply using me to deal with you so you can no longer hurt anyone else.”

    Poor thing, actually I am sort of feeling sorry for her poor crazy ass … but then I start thinking about how she’s tried to destroy me, filed countless false complaints against me to get back at me, trying to ruin my business as well as take credit for giving me the idea to start a rescue (yes, I know, what an ego), tried to ruin my dreams and my daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend as well as put us in danger by publishing my unlisted address and phone number …. she’s really really disturbed. If one of is heartless and evil, it is not I. Because how, with everything she’s done to me can I still feel empathy for her, but I actually do like I would for any living being because unlike her I’m not a mean, heartless vindictive person. It’s too bad, what she’s doing to her own reputation in her efforts to ruin mine. Sad, stupid, childish, immature and a shameful.

    btw, Beatrice says the Suzanne Artemoff Facebook profile is not her and if I say it again she will “take legal action”. I don’t know what she thinks she can do to me that she hasn’t already BEEN DOING FOR WEEKS!!

  34. Beatrice Marot TRUTH Profiles:

    As per The Freedom of Information Act
    5 U.S.C. § 552, As Amended By
    Public Law No. 104-231, 110 Stat. 3048

    This site is dedicated to exposing the truth about someone who has victimized one too many people. Below is all the information that is readily available to the public on the individual named Beatrice Marot.

    Beatrice Marot uses this profile to slander and cyber stalk people:

    Beatrice Marot claims to be a phsychic
    her websites are:
    http://www.beatricemarot.com/ and

    Her victims used the same websites she uses to defend themselves which only serves to enrage her further and sets her off and another internet rampage. Beatrice Marot is a very busy person on the internet stalking people who don’t agree with her or people who make her angry. The following is result of all that.

    This is what she did to Chip Coffey, the television phsychic she claims stalked HER – that’s her m.o. she accuses her victims of actually victimizing HER – this is a search, the list of sites she slandered him on goes on and on and is the definition of cyber stalking follow this link:









    This is how she tries to connect her name with celebreties for a pathetic attempt at some fake credibility:

    Beatrice even tried to connect her name to Tupac:


    and even Robert De Niro:


    Complaints filed against Beatrice Marot on her favorite website:
















    NewsGator Article/Blog “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality”http://spiritchasertammy.blogspot.com/?zx=416b0025d572ac79

    DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters)

    “DNA/DNT, Fraud Warnings on BEATRICE MAROT, from Los Angels CA”:http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.172246696195653.45176.100002309728080&type=3

    If you need a good laugh at her expense these are lmao funny:

    Howard Stern Show News Archives For The Week Of 9/2/2002 to 9/6/2002

    NewsGator Article/Blog “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality” http://spiritchasertammy.blogspot.com/?zx=416b0025d572ac79



  35. barbara evans says:

    awwwww ladies if you reincarnate as puppys pick pitbull no matter which you come back as you have your forever home with me i found the psycho bitches other hunting ground Myspace. com i was puking from laughing i tell ya .this psycho bitch needs to taste her own med but you know what they say about karma iam a bitch ; } i started the process of putting a hedge around you and cass this way what ever she sends at you rebounds 40 fold back at her stupid ass midnight angel this you stupid cow

  36. fuckkimcuntbitch says:

    you’re a cunt

  37. Tanila says:

    Isn’t this amazing? She professes to be a follower of God, yet she is easily one of the most profane people I have ever met. Low class, rude, crude and nasty – those are some of the nicer words I could use to describe her.

  38. Hi … my name is Kris, and I’ve had a run in or two of my own with Beatrice Marot. I was wondering at first whether you were talking about the same one but, after a bit more reading, I realised I was in the right place … I’m certainly curious to finally read words of those who seem to have had personal run-ins with her!
    My experience has come from a different angle to yours, I believe, that of relating to her claims of psychic abilities. I’m an atheist (please don’t run away, I’m quite nice really, despite my occasional ranty-ness!) and a skeptic, and I came across “Bea” when commenting on a fellow non-believer’s site.
    If you’d like, purely for entertainment purposes, like to see our little war of words (I say “war” but that implies two armies are fighting and, not to sound arrogant, but Bea isn’t exactly a matched opponent when it comes to such battles:)), feel free to check out the following links:
    http://coffeelovingskeptic.com/?p=731 (our first “battle”)
    http://coffeelovingskeptic.com/?p=1137 (our second, and current one)
    It does get a bit sweary in places (mainly from her, strangely, normally it’s me!) but I’m sure there’ll be much of the Bea you recognise 🙂
    All the best

    • barbara evans says:

      well be damned where did this lil treasure come from? i am in tears from laughing my ass off .so much for bea shutting her yap aye rant ? that broad would have to have her voc cords ruptured like my poor lil packs friend gremlin shove a bat down her throat even then its doubtfull she would shut the fuck up . i didnt even get a half inch from the top and the curser barely moved so i know its a very long line of shit which is typical of the wind bag roflmmfao

      • She seems incapable of giving up on any kind of argument, irrespective of how wrong she might be, mental she sounds, or bigoted her opinions are. Mental.

      • He fell from Heaven when God learned Beast kept using his name in vein. We all know her victims are feeling safer knowing she’s got a ton of evidence against her and how she’s now bitten off way more than she can chew and is out of her class, they’re coming out the wood work to share their experiences or some just to see her get what she has coming to her. All those years of attacking people, stalking and cyber bullying caught up with her – she’s so deeply disturbed and narcissistic because it’s clear she really thought she could keep victimizing person after person, even using the same websites to slander their names! Like, duh, no one would ever put together that insane pattern she keeps repeating over and over and over. That is her downfall and why it won’t work anymore.

        OH and by the way – that detective she sicked on me, lol, was going to call her as soon as we hung and tell her not to post on the boards anymore or comment on anything and to leave me alone but she can’t. And I have proof she’s doing everything she was told not to do, while I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing (what else is new) so if she’s emailing that detective like she says she’s just telling on herself. She’s so dumb. That’s okay, if she doesn’t, I will. I knew she would blow it like this!! roflmao!!

    • Kris welcome aboard kim will be getting back to you soon i read your posts or at least a bit of them holy shit lmao i knew she was a wind bag but i still get the giggles when i see just how much she`s full o her self first she claims shes a psychic then in the same breath she denies it wow talk about M P D ( split personality ) and lets face it Kris when dealing with bm you cant help but swear your ass off and as for being able to tell it`s bea oh theres no doubt she could of changed her name and we would still know its psycho bitch and your right bea isnt even close to being ,matched in this arena ; }

    • Thank you so much Kris and welcome. I know she’s all over the place ranting and acting a fool, and how a worthy advisory in a battle of wits she is NOT. When they handed out brains she was busy rolling a joint and totally spaced it. lol.

      This is our forum – not hers, she has plenty – and she’s not allowed here so, we can talk freely but she see’s this blog and keeps up on it, DAILY stalking all my blogs and Facebook pages and messaging people. Does she dog you like she does me or am I just special? lmao! Speaking of special, does anyone know, did Beatrice ride the short bus?

  39. i love this guy kim damn where was he a few months ago roflmfao ❤


  41. GLORIA says:

    oh my this is really sick of her

    • Yes it is. Thanks for your support. Let me know if she stalks you for leaving supportive comment. She IS a stalker, so I just hope people realize that when they’re leaving comments, that it leaves you open for her to go after you and she usually does in some way. Not that she’s effective in her efforts, because she’s been repeating the same behavior for much too long to way too many different people. She’s just a sick, pathetic old woman and everyone knows she’s just a mental case. Forget her and don’t mention her and it will infuriate her. That’s why she watches my blogs and Facebook and stuff so close, she’s hoping to read that she’s upsetting me somehow – and whenever I post post something about being sick she always posts how happy she is about it. and when ever things are going wrong for me she tells people it’s my karma. That Beatrice is one evil person. As evil as they come.

  42. Well, I don’t know if I fell from heaven, exactly, but I can look cute in the right light 🙂

    In seriousness, I think Beatrice has some massive mental problems that need sorting out as soon as possible. If anyone knows her personally, or her family, the word “intervention” keeps reverberating around my head. She needs help …

  43. hey all do i really look like i have a demon sleeping around my throat ? my spirit guides told me what mannor of bullshit is being said any who and found out the cunt remark was aimed at me which is quite fine by me i know i have one and shes just pissed that mines better i have a stright jacket i can borrow from a friend in light of the fact she claims i ordered her death glasses slide down my nose 1 eye brow shoots up head tilts down a bit says wow iam better than i thought i can kill from a few thousand miles away ; } evil cakle

    • Uhg no don’t listen to HER! She’s just trying to hurt you dear. She called me ugly and wrinkly! Hey maybe I have wrinkles but you can fix that, I’m still beautiful on the inside where it counts, and also, I have way better boobs than her! lmao! Have you seen those saggy ugly national geographic boobs she flops around everyday with no bra? It’s absolutely ofFENsive! lmao! and I swear she has no teeth, there’s a reason she only posts pics of herself that are at least 20 years old! She knows she’s ugly. and omg Midnight Angel you crack me up! Yes that cunt remark, how stupid, childish unoriginal and completely lame idiotic thing to do, that email address made up with the foul name and just to leave that stupid little sentence like that to tell me off. She doesn’t even have the brains to be a worthy rival. She’s as dumb as dirt. and as ugly too. That’s why she’s hurling around the insults, you know how she loves to accuse everyone else of being what she is, and that’s FUGLY. Fugly – definition: Felony Ugly – meaning someone SO fucking ulgy that they should be arrested for it.

      If she thinks she’s so much better looking than us (like why is that even an issue you child) then why doesn’t she post recent pics of herself. Maybe because she puts an image out there that she wants people to see her as, and likes to keep it that way. She’s very shady and phony, and everything on her web pages – like I was saying earlier – I lay it out there, have no secrets, I may not tell everyone everything but who wants to know? Unlike Beatrice I am what I say, and my posts reflect it, while hers is an obvious disingenuine attempt at a fake image she tries to portray specifically designed for getting people to give them their hard earned money – everything on her web pages and social sites look so disingenuine and are not her, she’s no mother of the earth, goddess of love, she’s got a cold black heart! Beatrice is opposite of what she claims, she’s not about love, she’s about chaos and raging insanity and paranoia. What I do is specifically designed to leave something good behind when I leave this earth. My actions are specifically designed to do something good while I’m n this short life and I am exactly what I seem, I don’t claim to be an angel, but I’m no fraud, and this rescue is something I do out of love, I don’t make a dime.

      That’s me, what you see it exactly what you get. Beatrice is the most disturbed individual I’ve ever seen and sadly, she’s heading one direction and it’s nothing good. But you reap what you sew.

  44. oh you have fuglys to cool i thought that was a ny thing ours is a bit diffrent our classification is from fugly to bum fugly to the ubra bumfugulyuguly i guess we know where BM SITS ROFLMFAOPMSL YES MY SPIRIT GUIDES HAVE BEEN QUITE CHATTY OF LATE ONE IS GOING TO PAY A VISIT TO BM THEY HAVE A MESSAGE TO CONVAY SIGHS HEAVILY SHAKES HEAD

  45. And the comedy continues over on BBC2 … yep, she’s now sharing the mental on my blog … http://rant.distant-angel.co.uk/2012/01/sign-here/

  46. poor kris i also feel sorry for wd40n and willow cant they yank computer rights in a case like this scratches ponytail seeing as how thats the method of choice for her stalking wonders aloud ?

  47. Every time I Google or Bing search Beatrice Marot’s name more stuff pops up I didn’t see before so I wrote a blog just chronicle the cyber bullying and victimizing she does and some of her more famous victims and what she did to them: http://beatricemarotscrimes.blogspot.com/2011/12/beatrice-marots-long-list-of-victims.html Blog can now be found AT THIS LINK: http://kimberlyglasnapp.blogspot.com/2011/12/beatrice-marots-long-list-of-victims.html

    • It’s worth keeping such a “chronicle” … if Beatrice is going to keep going from site to site, digging her own grave, then it serves as a useful resource for people who stumble across her to at least know what she’s like. Her biggest is mistake to leave such a trail of self-sabotaging bile all over the internet …

      • You are so right, and it does help to have that to show when she tries to sick authorities on ME for slandering HER. lmao and they always see right away she’s a nut. I saw those crazy comments she left on your blog! roflmao!!! I commented and now I rest my case. Which I know riles her up but I’m not going to hide for fear of upsetting the nutty stalker, she just needs to get flippin hobby, or better yet get A REAL JOB and stop conning vulnerable people out their hard earned money with her bullshit psychic scam – we proved she’s a fake already. But I’m done fighting with a foul mouthed looney like her.
        When I read her recent comments it was clear she’s gotten way worse, she goes from insulting you, to apologizing to insulting you again. It’s clear to everyone who talks to her or gets a message or letter from her that she is mentally ill. I think she’s dangerous. She’s really gone off the deep end now and can’t even fake being normal. While she’s going around acting like I’m doing things to her, I’m actually not doing anything at all. But she is. She’s STILL TO THIS DAY calling and messaging people DAILY trying to make things hard for me but they ALL TELL ME THEY KNOW SHE’S A NUT and not to worry, that I’m doing everything right. I KNOW that and I’m not about to do anything to put myself in the wrong. I’m very sick, and life is too short, I may have days left to live. I’m in need of a surgery and if I don’t get better enough to have it I will not have much time left in the world and I’ve known I was sick for years, but thought I’d have more time. But I see that I don’t and what I chose to do with the rest of my life was dedicate it to being a voice for the voiceless, an animal advocate then I got into rescue. I am a good person and a good rescuer and an honest person and I shouldn’t have to waste one more second worrying about something a psycho says about me. She can have her lies and I’ll have the truth, and she’ll be left knowing what she did to a decent person, and other decent people, and someday will have to answer to a higher authority. And I actually prayed for her even though she’s hurt me so much, and I don’t need to TRY to convince people what I’m about like she does, because I know people can just see what I am, and I am what I appear to be, just like I say I am. And that’s the difference between her and I. Oh that and class, I have class, something she clearly has none of. Now we all know for sure that true evil does exist here on earth. But we know something else too, that there’s a special place for people like her in hell with all the other people that are so horrible they shouldn’t even be allowed to walk among the rest of us. I guess the good really do die young (although she’s going around saying this heart attack is my karma, but then says I’m lying about it) and the wicked really do live forever. Forever in eternal flames of hell that is. I prayed for her last night. What a lost, miserable soul she is.

  48. I was cleaning up and while here I hated that nasty word in my blog, so I got rid of it. It’s cool on this can delete it but it really isn’t gone, just click “unapprove” and it goes into an “ignore you till I need u for something” file. I can’t believe what’s been going on in my other WordPress blog about Diane Campbell!! Some nervy person is on the other WordPress blog here (the Diane Campbell one) trying to slander someone they’re mad at ON MY BLOG! I don’t know which one is no good, they’re both in my network – I’m just not going to let them tear each other apart on my blog. And I’m so mad one of them is lying and slandering someone else and I don’t know which it is, but one of them is a liar – how dare anyone get on my blog trying to spread lies and slander someone else in the rescue world!

  49. holy fucking beast shit ; )ROFFLMFAO

  50. Kar and friends, thank you but I want to clear the air – as much as I appreciate your support, and I do deeply appreciate all the support I see from friends speaking out and coming to our defense, but the last thing I want to do is rile up this crazy lady in anyway, even it is just an effort to get her to leave me alone this is what she wants, how she has her fun and I know her well enough to know it may have the opposite effect and instead of her leaving me alone it might just serve to further inflame her madness while giving her a new person to harass – YOU – because that’s what she does, if anyone speaks out against her supporting me in any way she goes after that person,in some way, and you can bet she’ll write something nasty about you for it. I’ve tried to show her pattern of behavior which serves two purposes, 1 to WARN OTHERS what she does and 2 TAKE THE POWER OF HER WORDS AWAY by showing everyone she’s a stalker with proof, photos and screen shots of notes, posts and messages of her stalking and harassing people. I stopped caring what she’s doing when I saw how no one listens to her or believes her or takes her serious anyway so it’s silly and unjustified to continue to lend her childishness any further credibility by acting threatened by her.

    If you were walking into a restaurant and a homely, overweight woman called you fat and ugly and told you to go on a diet would you get very upset or would you consider the source of the insults and just keep walking?

    To me it’s equivalent to that, and I kept walking and continue to walk with my head held high! I’m not about to let some FAT, ugly old woman hurling meaningless insults at me get me down because I know what I am and everyone see’s very clearly what she is so why do I care?

    I hope all the mommas have a wonderful Mothers day today.

  51. Pingback: Who Is Beatrice Marot? ….under construction | kimberlyglasnapp

  52. Please read my new blog called Who Really Is Beatrice Marot? below and on the right column under New Posts describing the cyber bullying that’s still going on nearly one year later. https://kimberlyglasnapp.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/who-is-beatrice-marot/

    Please don’t miss Barbara Evans experience with Beatrice Marot’s cyber bullying that started when Barbara questioned Beatrice’s stories she was trying to spread about me: http://beingcyberstalked.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/the-truth-about-being-cyber-stalked-and-cyber-bullied-by-beatrice-marot/

    I wrote another blog about Beatrice that’s full of links all over the internet where she makes a complete ass of herself, it’s lmao funny! http://kimberlyglasnapp.blogspot.com/2011/12/beatrice-marots-long-list-of-victims.html

  53. Cassandra says:


    We Love Beatrice Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Love-Beatrice-Marot/309917589048509
    Aimal Rescue Fraud page:
    and ESPECIALLY this page:

  54. Armywife+5 says:

    I came across your whole mess on complaint board yesterday. At first I’m going this is ridiculous but last night I couldn’t get your name out of my head. So I had to research this war. Omg! I have litterally spent almost 8 hours going through this. Both sides as best as I can, I know this is not my business ,but I feel I NEED to say please be careful!,you and your daughter!You have more then enough for a restraining order, which in most states cover computer threats. I don’t know if this seems extreme to you, but it is obviously clear that this woman is mentally disturbed as long as a personality for being a vengeful bitch. Now I don’t know about this crap regarding fake rescues nor do I care (about the issue not the animals. I am a huge activists for rescue pets being military a lot of pets get abandoned or placed in shelters. I am trying to get a program to do something about this, not why I’m writing to you though) I just wanted to say I am sorry for all this bitch has put you through, and being an outsider that has nothing to do with this and should probably keep my opinion to myself, but after seeing all I did on complaint board plus everything today I felt that gave me a right to say something. Just please be careful with her, I know most bullies stay behind a screen name etc, but this is also an unstable bitch…I mean person. Like I said I just felt the need to say something as I couldn’t get your name out of my head last night. I would also like to say I am sorry for your health problems and the pain you go through, it should be the other way around

  55. Daniel says:

    Is this the nut case? Beatrice Natalie Marot, 52, of Burbank
    4:40 p.m. at Riverside Dr. & Niagara St., Burbank
    Battery If it is, looks like she’s in the hole!

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