For All We’ve Lost

I have a tattered copy of a photograph

I keep folded in a pocket of my jeans.

Here she still loves me, she smiles back at me.

I close my eyes and hear the sweet sound of her laugh.

As I recall these memories a tear slowly rolls down my cheek.


All I once had was gone in a blink and I had nothing to leave.

That’s when lost and unloved pets began finding me.

Finding loving homes for them gave me purpose, and became my legacy.


I look at the back of her picture, “My Sunshine”, it says;

The name of a song we sang a lifetime ago that I chose for her nick name.

Now all she asks of me is that I stay away from her new family.


Blinded by the light I’m left to live alone in the dark.

Day blends into night, and time’s lost all meaning.

I’ve cried every day since we’ve been apart,

because I know it’s not how we were meant to be living.


At night as exaustion sneaks up on me

My mind wanders back in time

Back to when she still loved me before my world fell at my feet.

I think of all we’ve lost at night and I cry myself to sleep.
















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Australian Dingos: Eco-Saviours Or Pests?

Dingoes choose a mate for life and when it’s partner dies, it is not uncommon for the living mate to ‘mourn itself to death.’  Classed as an endangered species, dingoes cannot bark.   For thousands of years dingoes have been a friend and protector to Aboriginal people.  Dingoes are needed to balance the Australian environment and scientists say Australia can recover threatened species and eco-systems if we just let dingoes do what dingoes do.  The pure dingo in Australia could be extinct within ten to twenty years.”

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State Wide DNA/DNR/DNT Warning On Tri-State Min Pin “Rescuer” Aimee Tindell-Barker

This is the victim, Petie. We feel terrible about what happened.  We love him and think of him often.  It’s so unfair.   We luv u Petie, you took a piece of our hearts with you.

Pictured here is the real victim, his name is Petie. We feel terrible about what happened. We love him and think of him often. It’s so unfair.
We luv u Petie, where ever you are, a piece of our hearts are with you.  😥

DNA (Do not adopt for, release animals to, or transport animals to/for AIMEE E. TINDELL aka AIMEE BARKER – last known residence city/state of Huntington Beach, CA –  IF YOU PULL FOR AIMEE YOUR PULLING PRIVILEGE WILL BE REVOKED. IF PUT ANY ANIMAL IN HER CARE YOU WILL KNOWINGLY  BE PUTTING THOSE ANIMALS AT SERIOUS RISK!

Aimee has been under investigation for falsifying health certificates and forging shelter and vet paperwork as well as other unethical, illegal and immoral behavior like switching dogs and putting a similar dog on transport to unsuspecting adopter customer! She wants to be known as a rescuer but in reality she’s a dog broker, also knows as a “dog flipper”, known more for selling dogs than adopting them out. Below I go into further detail what she does to put her in that category and show proof of her being a broker/flipper.  The reason an investigation was launched when Aimee was proven to have FORGED a health certificate and shelter papers that by the way had the other dog’s micro-chip number – Aimee even shipped a similar looking dog in place of the one the adopter client paid for and expected to show up, several states away! Which is taking a huge risk with that poor dog! Risking they might see they were delivered a different dog and ship it back, or take it to their shelter and she wouldn’t even know because the micro-chip # in the dogs neck won’t match the one listed on the papers she sent!!! and do you think Aimee cares? No, she does not care about the dogs or she would never do something like that. 

Dog’s from the shelters and the streets many times have already been though enough hardship to last a lifetime, and if they’re even lucky enough to be rescued, and getting another chance at life, the last thing they need is to be further traumatized by  being recognized as a different dog, rejected and shipped all the way or be dumped somewhere because of greedy Aimee. All animals are vulnerable but rescue animals are the most vulnerable.  Some were found starving, sick and swarming with fleas after trying to survive on the streets, some were rescued in the nick of time from a high kill, high volume shelter, or from owners who abused and neglected them and I can’t imagine being able to just let them go to just anyone who paid me after that and be able to live with myself, and sleep at night. Really think about this, how vulnerable they are, how they’re completely dependent on us to take care of them and do what’s best for them, how they have complete and utter trust in us to do right by them, think about how unconditionally loving they are, and forgiving, no matter what their humans do to them, how all they want in life is to please them and be loved by them, to be a part of their pack, their family. Much like children and intelligent –  as humans we have free will to make our own choices but animals do not, we make choices for them, what kind of person would take on the responsibility for that animal and actually care less about the welfare and well-being of that living, breathing, loving soul who has feelings much like our own, and taking it upon themselves to change that dog’s life forever and not care if they’re changing it for the better or if they’re changing it for the worse – to not care if they’re sending that dog to live a life of abuse, like being sold to a lab who tests on animals, or someone who’s just mean and likes to kick around and bully their dog, or even worse, a dog molester. What kind of person sells animals indiscriminately to anyone with the right amount of money?    CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED THAT SEVERAL SHELTERS HAVE REVOKED AIMEE E. TINDELL-BARKER’S PULL RIGHTS AND SEVERAL RESCUES HAVE CUT TIES WITH HER. WARNINGS ABOUT HER HAVE BEEN IN CIRCULATION FOR WELL OVER A YEAR AND NOW THEY WARN IF YOU PULL FOR AIMEE YOUR PULLING PRIVILEGE WILL BE REVOKED. IF PUT ANY ANIMAL IN HER CARE YOU WILL KNOWINGLY  BE PUTTING THOSE ANIMALS AT SERIOUS RISK!

  • DNA/DNR/DNT stands for DO NOT ADOPT/DO NOT RELEASE/DO NOT TRANSPORT animals for someone.

collage of aimie n petie 3

This is a MUST read if you know or plan to work with Aimee E. Tindell, who FYI began using her maiden name of Barker when her bad reputation started becoming too well-known and effecting her pocket-book.  and was last known to reside in the city/state of Huntington Beach, CA. What she’s done to this dog and others is not only WRONG in every aspect on every level but is also ILLEGAL. Please don’t believe her lies like we did at one time, and like other trusting rescuers have once done, not when the lives of vulnerable rescue animals are on the line, knowing all the animals she has hurt already. This is not some attempt to ruin the name of a decent rescuer. This is my experience with her and below you will read comments from many other people who’ve also had personal experiences with her. All these people are not lying, we are all animal lovers who just don’t want to see any more animals suffer at the hands of this person. Since Aimee seems very likable and so caring about animals that it’s hard to believe she might not have the best intentions when it comes to the animals, but she’s just a good actress, a good liar, a good manipulator who knows all the right things to say. I was even contacted by a family member of hers who tells me she’s addicted to the powerful narcotic pain killer Oxycontin, and when they told me this I said I thought that’s probably why she’s constantly getting evicted, having to move, and why she’s so erratic and impossible to communicate with, but, this family member (who requests identity remain anonymous) confided in me that she’s always been that way, that she’s a bipolar schizophrenic and has been for many years. Mentally ill or not, there is no excuse for victimizing an innocent rescue animals, who in many instances have already been been used, abused and victimized by humans. The dog she’d agreed to foster for me that she stole and (we think she sold and shipped to other state) had been homeless for months, wandering alone trying to find food anywhere he could, which from the looks of him wasn’t much. He would up in some apartments where there were lots of places to hide and a couple of people who felt sorry for him and would occasionally set out food and water for him, so he stayed in that area, and having never been neutered he ended up getting a residents female dog pregnant. While that was not the best outcome, it was the catalyst that set him on the path to rescue, for when the owner of the female reached out to local rescues with the story of the little homeless dog we later named Petie, who impregnated her female and would come to visit his “kids” often. Petie’s story and original pix can be found at this link: 

There are dog rescuers and there are dog brokers; also commonly referred to as “dog flippers” or “pet traffickers”. The difference between a rescue and a dog flipper is that a rescue’s first priority is the dog’s well-being, whereas a dog flipper’s first , and basically only priority money – how they can increase their profit. A reputable rescue always requires adoption applications with personal and vet references and does detailed home checks as part of the adoption process. Before entrusting this woman with any animal I beg you to read what happened when she fostered a dog for me this year February 2013, as well as what other people have to say who’ve worked with her.

Link to Aimee’s Facebook profile:

Recent pic Aimee

Aimee comment redone without red circle

This is Petie at Aimee’s, look how frightened he is. Look at his body language, he sensed she was bad, I wish I’d have known.

Above, the dog photo you’ll see a picture of a blonde girl with bad teeth and an evil grin, that’s a recent shot of Aimee E. Tindell aka Barker, then under that picture, directly above is a photo of our poor little rescue dog Petie on the first night she fostered him – did I mention how Aimee later denied being a foster for us or even knowing this dog, but you can clearly see to the right of the pic Aimee admitting she is FOSTERING him, you can also see the dates on all my documentation and can see that later when admitting she did have him (but acted confused and played dumb, saying the dogs name wasn’t Petie but Frankie or something like that)  Link to Petie’s Facebook  album:
the very night we rescued him and brought him to her home February 1st 20113. That night we decided to call him Petie, before that he was only known as the stray we rescued at the Norwalk Manor Apartments. Below her comment you can see comments from my daughter and I thanking her for offering to foster Petie for however long it might take to find him a home after she saw us sharing his pictures, saying he was homeless and that we couldn’t rescue him until someone stepped up to foster. We thought oh wasn’t that nice of her,  never in my worst nightmares did we think he might end up being sold, or sent out of state and that we might never see or hear of Petie again, let alone that she would try to trick me out of a couple hundred dollars by using my love for him, knowing she might be able to use our love for him and desire to do the right thing for the dog and pay her the $225.  to get him back. And she said we had to send it to her Paypal, then she’d let us have him back, but we didn’t believe she’d give him back. It sounded like she just wanted money. What Aimee did to Petie was so wrong on so many levels, not to mention what sad circumstances her fake health certificate’s and incorrect micro chip information she may have caused some of the rescue dogs with the misfortune of being “flipped” for a profit in the name of saving selfish Aimee a few bucks.  Nothing like this can ever be allowed to happen ever again.
I posted a copy of this screen shot on my Facebook page (that had a red circle over Aimee’s comment) after she started sharing that she didn’t even know us or Petie, (see screen shot of it below) but someone must have reported it, because right after I commented an answer to a comment from Aimee’s husband the posts he commented on were removed by Facebook citing a violation of terms. Gee I wonder who keeps reporting my screen shots?  It just so happens the other post of the screen shot was of her status denying in a flip way any knowledge of any dog or even knowing us. I think she’s only going through all that trouble because she doesn’t want people to see what I see, how at times she contradicts herself, at other times she just blatantly tells straight out obvious lies. But it’s too little late for covering her tracks, I’d already saved everything, and actually wasn’t even sharing about it on Facebook until I saw a bunch of lies being posted on her Facebook wall denying that she even knew us or knew anything about Petie. I was too blown away not to try to correct that dirty trick, it was just so wrong. I only posted it on Facebook to #1.) To explain the lies she was posting on her wall and tell our side – and #2. Because SOMEONE has to speak up for Petie. As his rescuer it’s my responsibility to advocate for him. What she did to him no matter what way she spins it, wasn’t right. She had no right to do what she did even if we were taking too long to find him a home or had abandoned him there, which we can prove isn’t true, it’s all lies, and I’m going to prove it. What kind of person actually thinks she could pull this off and that people would just believe all her lies about me. And how cruel to put money and herself above the welfare and safety of a poor little rescue dog who’s already been through hell.
Peties shots receipts 1
 This is the receipt from the vet WE got Petie vaccinated at (we took him for vetting, NOT Aimee) including rabies the day we rescued him, Feb 1st, the same day we took him to her home after she offered to foster him when we shared his pictures, saying we couldn’t rescue him until we found a foster. She offered. We had no idea what she was like. We heard a little negative about her and believed her story about it and didn’t check into it until we had our own bad experience with her. THEN I looked into it and found out that everything people are saying about her is true. That and much more. Please feel free to call the vet to verify since his name is written in by hand, (it was the same day we rescued him and we hadn’t named him yet, but by the time we got to Aimee’s we’d chosen the name Petie, which Aimee’s always misspelled like this: Petey) verify that Petie is the dog on the receipt, you can see the invoice number, the date and also that he got his rabies shot, client number, then in the next picture you’ll see the rabies certificate.She claims at first that never worked with us then claims the dog in these pics isn’t the dog that she did foster for us, but she wants to call it volunteering or something? She also said in her comment on my screen shot post of her Facebook status where she denies ever working with us, that she got removed by complaining about it, that she not only paid for all his shots but also claims to have paid for his neuter, but the truth is that even though I sent her via PayPal $55 to get him neutered, she insisted on getting it done for FREE at Pet Fix at 1714 E McFadden Ave Ste M, Santa Ana, CA. Call them at (714) 973-1840. Also to get it done for free it took nearly a month to get him an appointment, and she had the nerve to complain that it was taking me too long to find him a home, like she’s in rescue but doesn’t know that no rescue can make the dog available for adoption until their vaccinated and spayed or neutered.Then on the day of his neuter, which was on Feb 26th, (she had him only since Feb 1st) and she came up with this big lie about needing me to take Petie cuz she was going out of town on business, her husband Scott admitted that wasn’t true. His words were sheepish and spoken with a shrug and embarrassed look on his face oh, that was me”. After talking with him at length it became clear that he’d had no idea that his wife had agreed to foster for however long it might take to find a home, and blew his lid, and started pressuring her to give him back or find him another rescue. That was when she started giving us problems, all because she failed to ask her husband and he was saying NO. Why she’s lying about what she spent and those details I have no idea unless she’s just trying to make us sound bad. Even going as far as to claim that our screen shots and all our proof, messages and IM’s between us are photo shopped! And I’ve never ever as many years as I’ve been online have EVER photo shopped anything. I wouldn’t even know how. But she can’t say the same, in fact everyone knows she uses photo shop. She’s an editor and you can bet your bootie she uses her work tools to fake everything from health certificates to fake messages created by her designed to make the person who’s exposing her look bad. But the only person she’s making look bad with all this is herself. In fact I wasn’t even sharing about it until I saw she was sharing that these pictures weren’t of Petie, she claimed she never worked with us then admits she did foster for us, she claims she paid for things that we actually paid for and claims that she paid for things she got for free and ALL these things can be proven. Please don’t be fooled like we and the other people were, not when the lives of vulnerable rescue animals are on the line. Before believing her lies like we did, please just look into what people are saying. A little bit of research will tell you everything everyone is saying about her is true. That and more.
Aimee - paypal receipt for $$ we sent for Petie
THIS SCREEN SHOT DIRECTLY BELOW SELFISH, COLD BLOODED AIMEE SHARES HERSELF LAUGHING ABOUT PETIE’S BEING MISSING, MAKING HEARTLESS JOKE THAT SHE LOOKED ALL OVER HER APARTMENT FOR MISSING PETIE AND HE’S NOT THERE AROUND as SHE PRETENDS NOT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT A DOG NAMED PETIE OR BAMBI’S HOPE RESCUE THEN CLAIMS SHE HEARD BAD STUFF ABOUT US AND WOULDN’T “FOSTER OR FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FOR BAMBI’S HOPE EVER EVER” IN HER OWN WORDS!  Then further below I put the screen shot of the ridiculous excuse she offers up when caught in that lie, claiming she was confused because she knows the dog as Freddie.  Big contradiction when the picture she took of him the first night she fostered him, also showing her comments, which are shaded because her effort to delete it only hid it from her and her friends  (that picture I’m referring to is above, directly below the picture of Aimee’s face) on his first night being foster with her WHO SHE CLEARLY BELOW WAS FOSTERING FOR US.
Aimee Tindell wall post
Above is a screen shot of Aimee’s Facebook status which is a direct contradiction to her side of the story, and these screen shots and messages you see here shows Aimee getting caught in so many other such contradictions and lies it’s hard to make sense out of what’s going on.  Further on I will  add other people’s experiences with her, I’m still working on gathering information.
Heartless Aimee to actually think this is funny, it’s just incredible to me anyone who would claim to love and rescue animals then be so flip about stealing a dog from a rescuer and holding him for ransom, thinking only of money as she heartlessly ruins his chance to be adopted  into a loving home in the name of making a little more money off of him.  And she also signed a foster contract for us, which in CA is a legally binding contract. Petie’s the victim here, but she’s trying to gain sympathy while she jokes about it. She needs to have her ignorant, uneducated, lying country bumpkin face punched.
Aimee's foster application she filled out for us before we rescued the dog. I'm trying to leave out her address.

The foster application Aimee filled out for us before we rescued the dog. I’m trying to leave out her address although it’s changed once since then – she moved one apartment complex away.

 I added the screen shot of her status to my album of Petie, then  guess who left a comment there then deleted it, AIMEE!! And it was so long the screen shots had to be taken in four parts.  Below are those screen shots: 
Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 1 of 4

Aimee’s comment on Peties thread Part 1 of 4

Aimee's comment on Peties thread Part 2 of 4

Aimee’s comment on Peties thread Part 2 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 3 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 3 of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part  of 4

Aimees comment on Peties thread Part 4 of 4

Aimee - email more excuses why Petie rescue postponed
Aimee - email more excuses
Aimee - email Mar 25 she says Peties safe in her home
Aimees email April 1st
Aimee - email - my response to her Mar 30 email
Aimee - email using our worry and holding Petie ransom
This email above is one of the ones she was desperate to get removed from online, because it shows her true colors. SHE WANTS PEOPLE TO THINK WE ABANDONED PETIE THEIR AND THAT’S WHY SHE TOOK IT UPON HERSELF TO RE-HOME THE DOG BUT OUR CONSTANT EFFORTS TO COMMUNICATE WITH HER AND GET UPDATES ON WHAT WAS GOING ON SHOW SHE ISN’T BEING HONEST WITH PEOPLE (don’t miss the last message where she tries to get us to Paypal her $225. using our love and concern for Petie to line her wallet with some more money from us, and at the same time won’t tell us where he is or give us a number where we can call. She was holding him for ransom.
Aimee's new rescue listed in her home, called MIN PIN NATION - recently renamed Min Pin Madness

Aimee’s new rescue listed in her home, called MIN PIN NATION – recently renamed Min Pin Madness

 Oh now sly Aimee has done it again.  She has removed their application.  It’s okay, no worries at all, there’s more than one way to skin a dog flipper.
Aimee should be featured on the Worlds Dumbest Criminals. When she first started her dog rescue/dog brokering business, she STOLE the name of a reputable rescue that already established here in CA.  Aimee didn’t put in much of an effort, like most people would, in choosing a name for the new business (or maybe she did) because it’s alot of hassle to try to change all the details involved in starting a business like filing DBA and starting a website and paying for the use of your .com every year and that’s barely scratching the surface of the ton of things you’d have to change.  So to make a long story short, there was a real rescue DBA (doing business as) Min Pin Nation, as soon as this was brought to their attention, they had to serve Aimee to legally to stop her from wrecking their good name and profiting off of it in her extremely illegal, rather pathetically sad bid to lend credibility to her new cover for the business of flipping dogs for profit. This forced her to stop doing business under the stolen name, so then she AGAIN, changed the name to Min Pin Madness. She might change it again but we know who she is. If you pull animals from the shelter for and give them to her you could lose your pull rights like AMPS did. Don’t let her ruin your good name. I know she seems nice and is very likable very believable, but with the lives of animals in our hands we owe it to them to use every precaution. You’re changing their life, make sure it’s a change for the better. You don’t have to take my word for it, a little research goes a long way.   ***  Amiee later added the DBA’s Hurley Tailz and A Pupz Rescue to the mess of new names she’s using now for this “rescue”.  She was also evicted out of yet another apartment because she has no kennel licence or permission from the property managers to run a rescue out of her tiny apartment. 
Aimees rescue C

And if you think all this is bad, it’s nothing compared to the cruel games she’s been playing with us since I wrote this. I’ll be writing all about it as soon as it’s all over. I’m not sure right not how this is going to play out, except that we’ll most likely never see or hear from Petie again, because all Aimee cares about is money. I’ll keep you posted.

…. Aimee made some changes since I posted the screen shots above. She’s trying to clean up her act a little, but she’s not actually a rescue, she’s more like a dog broker, albeit a severely psychotic one.


In writing this post I actually went pretty easy on Aimee, I didn’t even talk about some of the worst things she did, because they were things she did to us (my daughter and I) not the dog, but I need to tell the horrible things she did to us because she it shows she’s lacking in character, morals and ethics, and can’t be trusted. This blog didn’t even cover half of what she put us through. I was pretty embarrassed how much I put up with in the name of doing the best thing for the dog, I let her make complete fools of us. She  played with us in the cruelest “games” you can imagine. This is the type of thing she’s known for, but I didn’t know about that when I first got involved with her, but I can tell you she’s really a horrible heinous person and I’m going to lay out all the cruel and cold blooded things she did to us. Like insisting on texting Cassy even after I told her the stress was getting her down and to please deal with me instead of Cassy, then she started harassing Cassy even worse, sending 30-60 texts back to back when she was in the hospital sick and trying not to lose her baby. Then lied to her husband right before we were due to meet, telling him Cassy’s fiance threatened him, but it was a lie. I was right there all he texted back to her was “wow my wife is in the ER and could lose our baby, and you’re really doing this?” that’s ALL he said, no threats. And that was just for starters!! I wasn’t the only one fooled. But I was and am still dealing with regrets, wishing I had done things different, so as hard as anyone could be one me, it’s nothing compared to what I’m going through since this happened. I think about him every day, and would deal face to face with the devil himself if I could get Petie back. And I did go through alot with her I didn’t even write here, I can tell you I tried to get him back, and let her drag our hearts drug through the mud for it, you have no idea what I let her put us through… communicating with her (which if you’ve ever had the misfortune of working with her you’ll know that’s damn near impossible) the whole time she fostered for us was just HORRIBLE, as bad as it gets. Then when I thought it was over she contacted me again, and proceeded to use our concern for him to play the cruelest game with us you can imagine, letting us believe she was going to give him back to us, putting up with her crazy rantings and biting my tongue to play her game because even though I knew she was probably lying, but on the slim chance he could be actually on transport coming back to us and they really did break down like she said… she even had go to a meeting spot where someone was supposed to bring him to us and we waited and waited, then checked our email and she’d emailed us at the time we were due to meet saying they’d broke down, that it would be postponed. For almost two weeks she made one excuse after another, even saying she just didn’t have transports phone number, “sorry” she says. How could anyone do that to another for any reason …. actually she pretty much was like that the whole time, but I thought it was more emotional problems than maliciousness. I guess it’s both. I hope no one has to go through what we just went through. That’s why I’m putting this out there, and I have proof every word I say is TRUE. I saved EVERYTHING. It was Hell working with Aimee, absolutely horrible, we didn’t even know people like that existed. Maybe then people will understand just what level of wicked Aimee Tindell really is and to just please do a little research if you’re thinking of pulling for her or working with her. And she’s actively looking for a new rescue partner like I said before, so look out everyone.

UPDATE: July 28, 2013 – SEE BELOW New Additions To Blog! More Proof AIMEE Uses Lies Trickery Trying To Fool Us All!!

Notice how the IP addresses are all the same, but Aimee didn’t always remember to always use the fake email address that went with each fake profile.  

On this blog you only have to wait for approval once, once a comment from you is approved, all comments after that will be posted immediately without needing approval. So once I learned which comments were from Aimee’s fake profiles I didn’t delete them like she accused me of doing, I just un–approved them. I don’t want Aimee to use my blog for lying and tricking my readers, but I did take screen shots with the proof highlighted and the ridiculous underlined. Thank you.
proof  1
proof 2
proof profiles 2
proof profiles 3
 Aimee’s most recent comment here on this blog lost in the sea of the rest, so I took screen shot. She did use a different computer but she’s already caught from before lying and faking. It’s just too funny how she calls herself dumb ass. lol!
Aimee lost loser comment wordpress
And here, the first emails to me she’s denying the email belongs to her, but then her hubby used it to message me in the circled email. 
Aimee n hubby in hurleytails email 1

Aimee get's called out on her fundraiser as she removed vet info from it. They say they never did surgery for that dog.  Aimee lied.

Aimee was called out on her fundraiser page
Above you see Aimee was called out on her fundraiser – immediately afterwards she REMOVED THE VET’S CONTACT INFO from this fundraiser and the pictures.  Calls after Aimee said the surgery was done the vet said they never did surgery for that dog.  So Aimee lied. What she did and is still doing is criminal and soon a warrant will be handed down and finally she’ll be where she belongs, in jail with all the other drug addicts and thieves. 
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Who Really Is Beatrice Marot?

The Note full of lies she shared the very day we took the dogs back from her take them to a new foster. If only I’d known this was just the beginning of what she was going to do to me. You can see her words and how she talks, she’s just pissed, that’s why she wants to ruin me. Karma sure is a bitch, everything she threw at me just blew up in her big fat lying ugly face.

This is closer to what she actually looks like, IF she wore a bra that is – ALL the photos SHE puts out are over 30 yrs old so…

This blog is my attempt to chronicle proof of Beatrice Marot’s more than twenty year history of cyber bullying and cyber stalking any one she’s having a problem with, and she is constantly having some problem with some body. For one thing, she isn’t really psychic. She learned astrology and tarot card reading so she could do two things, con unsuspecting vulnerable people out of there hard-earned money and putting herself in a role of authority and thinks nothing of twisting the truth and using anything you do or say against anyone who stands up to her, declaring war, and will slander and malign them for YEARS. Beatrice has this exact same pattern with every person she has a problem with: She posts publicly anything from petty insults to outrageous lies, and files online consumer complaints about the ones who have businesses slandering them while sending them and their associates harassing, slanderous emails and when they respond or post publicly to defend themselves against the things she’s saying about them, she points at that and calls that proof they are actually stalking her. What she is doing is stalking but she’s so deeply disturbed I’m not sure she even realizes how crazy it is that she would really think anyone would believe her if they had all the evidence in front of them.

She uses several fake name profiles on Facebook so there is no way to block her effectively and she watches our profiles closer than most people watch their own.  The Facebook profiles that are confirmed hers are:


Beatrice has many other Facebook profiles and has been caught using each one of these (screenshots of her messages to other people from many of these profiles can be found in this blog: URL: to send nasty messages and spread rumors about people she doesn’t like:

This is another confirmed fake Facebook profiles Beatrice Marot uses with the first name altered, last name the same: Bibiche Marot and you can’t find it in search, you have to put in the
Screen shot of it:
This is a page she actually Admins called We Love Beatrice Marot (I know, it’s sad, especially when she was the only one wishing her a happy birthday)

The consumer report website profiles she uses to cyber bully and slander are
She changed it from her real name and photo to one called “The Truth101”
When you click the original link to her old profile it automatically directs you to the updated profile. Why did you change your profile name Beatrice Marot, don’t you realize everyone knows you don’t need a fake name when telling the truth? Beatrice you’re seriously disturbed.

Busted again, Beastie? But then I’ve always known I wasn’t exactly fighting a fair fight, that Beastie wasn’t dealing with a full arsenal what with being a mentally deranged psycho with absolutely no self-control who you can bet will always act on impulse out of some sick inner rage that seems to rule her. 

You may be asking yourself who is Kimberly Glasnapp and who is Beatrice Marot? Well first, Beatrice is a well-known serial cyber stalker and celebrity stalker, and has displayed the same pathetic pattern over the years – I have researched her extensively and can tell you that her pattern of behavior doesn’t change at all from victim to victim:  She posts in all the public forums she has at her disposal, Myspace, Facebook, blogs and consumer websites (even filing false claims against people for thousands of dollars) using them to e-blast her own twisted version of why she hates you and sending harassing emails, and then any thing you post in response or to defend your name against her accusation and SHE POINTS AT THAT AS PROOF SHE IS THE ONE BEING HARASSED IN SOME TWISTED ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT HER VICTIM – and she does this each and every time – Because above all else she may be, a fake, a con person, pathological liar, shyster and rip off artist, Beatrice Marot is a Cyber Bully and Cyber Stalker, a cowardly, angry bitter old woman who surrounds herself with drama and constant disagreements with others where she then hides behind her computer, using the internet to exact her petty revenge.


This is a link to a page SHE HER SELF ADMINS CALLED “WE LOVE BEATRICE MAROT” where she lets loose (I know, sounds sad, but she’s just narcissistic) and just uses it to slander everyone she’s mad at.
Link: I have screen shots of it all below in case she removes some of it, which she’s famous for – but she always replaces it with something else. Just like these consumer complaints, she had about 7 or 8 written and posted on me and has since taken some of them down, or at least the ones that make her look bad too.


She also has at least 2 profiles on Twitter URL:!/Psychicbea and URL:
and 3 Myspace profiles I know of URL: and where is the 3rd? Must have blocked me so she can slander me where I can’t defend myself.

Let’s go back to the beginning, farther back a couple of decades how she blew it in the early days and blamed an innocent and decent man for losing her job when it was her own fault. This blog is just a majority of the times that I KNOW OF, where she’s Cyber Stalked people, not even counting the ones I don’t know about. Like everything good thing in her miserable life, Beatrice had a good thing going back in her early days when working at a psychic line (before proven a fake) by under bidding all the other psychics who worked there and being the cheapest one. Which, by the way, so they could make a living they were ALL forced to lower their own fees just to stay alive in the business because of cheap, greedy fake Beatrice Marot. Anyway, she got several warnings to stop stalking and posting insulting things about online about the customers who gave her an unfavorable review in the early days on the psychic phone lines Beatrice worked at, and was even placed on a day ban and told if she didn’t stop it that they would ban her permanently from working there. And guess what, she couldn’t stop and was banned permanently, but she blames one of the other psychics who happened to work there too at the time because he pissed her off somehow by being successful and she was just jealous. To this day, about ten years later, Beatrice still posts horrible things online and stalks Chip Coffey when he never did anything to deserve any of it. She still emails him too. Below I’ll put the screen shots where she harassed me in a recent email and copied Chip Coffey in the email. The links below are just some of what is easily found on the internet, some she’s taken down or edited, and much of it is permanent and will never come down, and she still posts ugly lies about them no matter how many years they ignore her, no matter what they do, some like Chip Coffee, who is still cyber bullied, stalked and even had NEW consumer complaints filed against him by her new fake named profile many years later. Chip Coffey has never done anything to Beatrice but she won’t leave him alone. (see screen shot of complaints and new profile under the screen shot of the email below). she still Cyber Stalks even about 10 years later.


Proof Beast STILL send harassing Emails Chip after admitting he hasn’t responded in years



And we can’t leave out the shameful situation with Billy Zane, the actor who played a starring role in the movie Titanic. There was a time Billy Zane made the mistake of trusting Beatrice Marot and even believed in her psychic abilities. In fact, he believed in her so much that when she kept crying to him about her worries about paying her rent he bought her the apartment she still lives in to this day, and we all know that because of her shameless bragging and name dropping but then …… like everyone else, do you know what HE got for it? What he got for being nice to this nut case? Did you guess? He got what everyone gets, Cyber Bullied, stalked and publicly smeared.


FOR BEATRICE MAROT’S GREATEST PHYCHO ANTICS ALL GATHERED IN ONE PLACE READ: NewsGator Article/Blog “beatrice marot and her multi-delusional reality”

and this blog by Beast calledWHO’S BILLY ZANE?” is a ridiculously full of shit like everything else she publishes

and get a load of these and remember she calls herself a “light worker”




Then there’s the problem Beatrice Marot had with Barbara Evans, a friend of Tanila who wrote rebuttals and comments Beatrice didn’t like on her online slander of Chip Coffey so  she began cyber bullying and cyber stalking her too. I’m still collecting screen shots and details but I know Barbara and the lies Beatrice is making up about her is the same thing she’s doing to everyone else, just for petty revenge against her perceived enemies.

Beatrice’s newest false consumer complaint against Barbara Evans

Barbara wrote this brief blog depicting her role in this mess and telling her own experience with Beatrice – Please read:


BEATRICE DIVES OVER THE EDGE OF INSANITY ~ the pm’s that started it all


Then there’s the situation with me, Kimberly Glasnapp where she had a problem with me, the link below is my side of the story of what she did to me and how she is still cyber bullying and stalking me almost a year later, with her insanity reaching a fever pitch even though I’d never responded to any of it until recently (below are also screen shots of the emails in their entirety (rather than the partial copied and pasted version Beatrice wants you to see) I was finally responding to her harassing emails after ignoring them since October last year.

To read more please follow links below to my blogs starting with the one I wrote after the situation with the rescue dogs that made me a target for her in the first place – my side of the story – the truth:

Then the next one I wrote that’s not so much about what she did to me but a chronicle of her long history of cyber bullying and cyber stalking:


I have the right to use the same public forums to defend myself of anyone’s accusations. I also have the right to use the internet to gather and post public information available about someone – especially if it is to warn others about someone like this. It’s not stalking, if you want to see stalking, look at Beatrice’s Facebook pages and online websites and look at all the crap she posts about people. THAT is cyber bullying and stalking. See for yourself.

Look at her Facebook pages:

This one below is a real hoot, read what this light worker has to say about me on the Facebook called “We Love Beatrice Marot” administrated by the psycho herself Beatrice Marot. (check it out, it’s narcissist and completely insane) if she’s taken it down, please see the screen shots I took of all her posts on that page from the time it started to June 2012.

TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, THIS IS JUST SOME OF THE ONLINE CYBER BULLYING SHE DID TO ME (who’s next?):  comments from of above post!/I_Got_Screwed/statuses/148868900283613184   ******no doubt something someone unknowingly shared from Beast – may’ve been removed    ****there are 6 pages of it   ****this is page 4


Screen Shot Bea email to me 6-19-12

Screen Shot Beatrice Marot harassing email to me 6-23-12

Screen Shot Beatrice Marot harassing email 6-23-12b

Notice the picture on the bottom, this is a photo my teenage daughter made goofing around that Beatrice posts on the complaint board as what my daughter looks like. Typical Beastie Marot antics, dirty, low down, dishonest, petty and mean. Some light worker. Want a reading anyone? Cassy got one when we were friends, and when Bea got mad at me she copied and pasted a letter between them and added in some words, then emailed it to her then boyfriend giving him an impression she cheated on him. This a teenage girl she did this too and she still stalks her and her current boyfriend, sending him garbled rants of lies made up about us, trying to get them to fight and break up just to cause pain for us. Yep, she’s some light worker all right. A real piece of shit work.

Screen shot Beatrice slandering me on Rescue Arbitration DNA page1, notice how she never has any actual evidence, just copy and pasted text taken out of context from different locations and with words added in and taken out that no one ever wrote. But when she’s caught in one lie, she doesn’t react, she just moves on to a new lie and another lie then the next.  If she has no real evidence against you, she creates it herself.

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 1

This is her We Love Beatrice Pg that SHE clearly admits. Not so much about love and light is she? More like full of shit isn’t she?

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 2

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 3

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 4

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 5

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 6

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 7

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 8

Screen Shot Beatrices hate page 8

SS Beast Complaint on me – NOTICE DATE is June 12,2012 then look at other email down

Filing false complaints is nothing new to Beatrice Marot, it’s part of her pattern, and she is actually insinuating that if it is true and the dog was really hurt that I probably did it. “She is that crazy” she says. lmao. Desperate and outrageous lies that only make her look worse, but she’s clueless to what an honest person might say, she’s not very good and pretending to be the honest concerned normal citizen she claims she is. 

SS Beast 3 Newest Complaints (to date) with her  fake new changed profile name

Beatrice changed the name to this profile and file 3 new complaints (to date) against the top 3 people she’s got a problem with – her favorite way to get back at her perceived enemies.

SS Beast 3 New Complaints with her fake name-c – NOTICE DATE, caught n another lie

Screen Shot Beast email copied to dozens of my Fb friends -stalking proof -a

SS Beast email copied to dozens of my Fb friends- stalking proof -b

SS Beast email copied to dozens of my Fb friends – stalking proof -c

SS Beast Email threat to post on consumer site when she already did NOTICE DATE-a

Liar Beatrice attempts to trick us into deleting any blogs or posts so hers will be all that’s up. All her victims got messages like several times.

SS Beast Email threat to post on consumer site when she already did NOTICE DATE-b

SS Beast Email threat to post on consumer site when she already did NOTICE DATE-c

Screen Shot Beatric’s FALSE ACCUSATIONS, LIES and

Have you seen those partial emails from me she posted on her page? She left out big chunks deliberately, which is typical of the way manipulating Beatrice only posts only what she wants people to see.  I DID NOT EMAIL HER OUT OF THE BLUE, HARASSING HER, YOU CAN SEE HERE THAT AFTER MONTHS OF TRYING TO IGNORE HER EMAIL MESSAGES  I FINALLY RESPONDED – THIS IS THE EMAILS IN THEIR ENTIRETY:

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-1

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2b

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-3

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2c

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-3

Screen shots below where I FINALLY reply to months of her harassing emails

Screen shot I FINALLY reply to months of her harassing emails

Finally responsding after months of harassment, I have alot to say

the second half of the email above

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2 I Finally Reply-a

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2 I Finally Reply-b

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2 I Finally Reply-c

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2 I Finally Reply-d

SS Beas harassing emails -yahoomail-2 I Reply again and pull her covers

Finally she promised to go to the police and report me but they’ve heard from her before and don’t like people who like to use them as tools of revenge so I’m not surprised nothing came of it, just like all everything else that comes out of her neck.

SS Beast promised to go to cops and report herself AGAIN last week 

SHE CLAIMS MY HEART ATTACK WAS A LIE AND THAT HOSPITAL PHOTO WAS STAGED, I don’t know I want to post proof, I know she’ll just think up another lie but this is a digital photo of my discharge papers from the hospital with my diagnoses. For proof the dog I said got hit by a car really did, you only need to go as far as his posts, invoices and X-rays in his pic album from my public rescue page on Facebook – please see cover of blog for link to it or click here HERE. Once I proved her a liar, unfazed, she didn’t react, she just moved on to a new pack of lies to spread.

Screen Shot of my discharge papers from the hospital after my heart attack.

This screen shot is Beatrice online admitting she was told by the police to stop emailing me, and proof she still emails me anyway:

Screen Shot of Beast lying about emailing me

Screen Shot proof Beatrice STILL emails me

Screen Shot proof Beatrice STILL emails me

My supporters will be happy to know that I’m back in touch with the same authorities she ignored when told not to email me anymore and to leave me alone. I am begging them to send this case to the District Attorney. There is a ton more harassment going on since moths ago when I was told I needed more evidence to get a restraining order.  She needs more than a restraining order, she needs psychiatric treatment asap and a stint in jail for cyber bullying and stalking.  Meanwhile she’s still creating so many profiles it’s beyond me, now the FBI can sort it out.

Below Beast files more false consumer complaints full of lies, keeping her promise CYBER BULLYING everyone she has a problem with, including anyone who refuses to jump on the hate train and doesn’t buy her pack of bull shit and also started messaging my friends AGAIN. 

Screen Shot Beast Filed Yet ANOTHER Complaint 7-14-12



….. meanwhile something I found on a Google search of her name. See what I mean?

These LIVE LINKS BELOW I copied and pasted from a Google search and looks like very interesting reading, click the link or copy and past the green url into your web browser or just search her name on the and websites, Google, Bing :

  1. charlie | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds 


    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds.  Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER 

  2. SAD | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds 


    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds.  Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER 

  3. myself | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds …


    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds. … Tammy . . ., BEATRICE SAYS BILLY ZANE AND SEAN PENN ARE AFRAID OF HER …




Post Script 11/2/12

Below is more crazy and weird behavior from Beatrice. It’s a page she actually admins called “We Love Beatrice Marot” where she rants on about her perceived enemies  wishes herself a happy birthday (sadly no one else does because she blows through all her friends by stalking and spreading lies the minute there’s a disagreement) and gives herself outlandish compliments like the one below. She’s really a big fan of herself. She also was posting those old fabricated “Testimonials” from supposed happy customers of hers. But I cringe to think anyone might actually still use her as any type of psychic or spiritual adviser because she’s a very disturbed woman and anything she learns about you during what you might think are private conversations will be twisted into something bad by this nasty lying woman and put online, so if you’re friends with Beatrice Marot all I have to say is watch your back, and know that if she decides to go after you she doesn’t ever stop, she stalks and emails and talks about and spreads lies for years, because she invests herself so deeply in ruining whoever she’s mad at, she’s never able to let anything go, ever. You can see by the comments she leaves on the blogs I listed how she’s still talking about the same people fifteen years later, along with every new individual she get’s into a wreck with. 

      1. Below is the other message she sent just minutes behind the first, then a screen shot of the message crazy Beatrice sent my very well-known and very popular cousin Karen Miller, who she now is accusing of actually ME. Karen sent me a screen shot of a threatening message telling her not to help me network my rescue dogs for homes, so below is proof (screen shot of Facebook message she sent to Karen) she’s threatening to “ruin” Karen the way she did me if she doesn’t remove her Facebook post to help find homes for my rescue dogs, where she admits to what she words as “embellishing” even her own self, is her way of admitting she was telling lies about me to ruin me, and she’s threatening to do the same to her if she doesn’t take down her Facebook post trying to help me find homes for my rescue dogs. Karen did refuse to take down the posts and now Beatrice is following through on her threat to ruin her reputation like she thinks she did mine.  Then below that is a screen shot of her recent attempt to leave a nasty message on my WordPress blog. 

        Uhg the same old stuff. It just never changes. At least she’s predictable. lol  

        what a psycho, huh.


        OMG she never quits, she’s been on this blog still trying to convince people everyone’s bullying poor Beatrice, and telling the world why she thinks it sucks to be her in this screen shot of her on the old Eye On The Paranormal blog (link below) as recently as OCTOBER 2012! That was just last month, an entire year since she had to have my foster dogs removed from her nasty crazy clutches, thanks to her local police, the Burbank P.D.  

        Oh Beastie, what sucks about your life is that YOU’RE still in it and no one is buying your lies anymore, if they ever did.

        Poor Beast is so dense but she thinks she can do anything she wants and is so delusional she thinks she’s slick enough to get people to believe she’s the victim while she’s bullying the real victim -the whole while she cries poor me. Oh poor Beatrice’s slander on those consumer report websites were being hated on by so many of my supporters she had to take it down. But it’s okay, she put it all back on RipOffReport. Lmao! Oh yeah right, poor Beastie. Enough to make anyone who can even follow this story sick. It’s really just too much but I stay updated on what’s being said about me online just so I can keep documenting it. Thanks Beastie for making that an easy task.  Hey, have you leaned to do screen shots yet? lmao!




        Another New Post Script

        AUGUST 2013 and she’s STILL reaching out trying to stir things back up, clearly and predictably BEATRICE MISSES THE ATTENTION, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ALL NEGATIVE. Below is a screen shot of pathetic Beatrice still TRYING TO leave comments on my blog (below) being alternately nice along with threats trying to get me to take down my blog. This blog isn’t going to be taken down ever, even after I’m dead you can bet it will be here… and honestly this was all very hard on my health (after years of battling different health issues I had a heart attack in May 2012 – I wasn’t healthy enough to do a stint surgery so they sent me home to see if my lungs and heart would heal, it did at first but lately has gotten worse) hopefully at least it will serve to help warn anyone else who might get caught up her web, and it’s going to stay up.  She may as well stop trying to threaten or con me into removing them, you’re threats don’t work with me, I know you Beatrice. You can’t let anything go, even though you know you were wrong and anyone would done what I did if they were in my shoes – but it sent you over the deep end because you have no self control; and my taking my rescue dogs back from you, which in effect took the power back I had given you just sent you over the edge, and it was actually a very sad thing to witness and I felt terrible having to do that! I did not want to, but I owe it to the dogs I rescue to make sure they are always in a safe, welcoming environment. And go right ahead and send whatever you want to that detective, who I’m sure puts it right into your 5150 file, which doesn’t hurt me a bit. It’s just more proof how disturbed she is and how desperate she is to get back at me and drag this all back out into the light because she misses the attention.


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DNA/DNT Alerts, Fraud Alerts On BEATRICE MAROT Of CA, Adding Shelter Animals To Her LONG List Of Victims (and other bad rescuers/fosters)

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A known cyber stalker and pathological liar  – Although she claims I am actually the one who won’t let this go, while she continues to harass me, my friends and supporters and watches my social websites daily for anything that might be … Continue reading

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