About Me

I Am The Voice For The Voiceless

About Me

I am a voice of the voiceless ~ I may be soft-spoken, but I’m not alone, I’m one of many.  We speak for the victimized who cannot tell their story, for those who have no voice, and together we are heard, together we make a difference.  As animal advocates and activists we sometimes make personal enemies out of the people we’re fighting against, and accept that, and understand that just comes with the territory.  It is a small price to pay …  To bully me will not silence me.  I am a voice for voiceless and will not be bullied into silence…
We are their voice

I love all animals, and having had a love for animals since I was a child, had always felt a special connection to animals and have always felt compelled to help any animal I saw who was in need.  As a child I developed a passion for animals and helping animals who needed help just came naturally to me.  The way I see it, humans created the overpopulation problem that’s causing so much suffering for them so since we caused the problem, it’s our responsibility to help fix it.
Speak the truth...
I’m also a loving mom, a loyal friend, an animal advocate / activist and I may have a big heart but I think with my head.  Do not underestimate me.  I’m also fiercely protective of the ones I love, and willing to give my life for those I love and what I believe in … it in a heartbeat.
I would die...
♥•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥ •.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•♥
With my Eyes, They will be Seen…
With my Voice, They will be Heard….
With my Hands, They will know Comfort…
With my Action, They will be Free…
♥•.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥ •.¸¸.•*¨*•.¸¸.•♥
♥ Networking Saves Lives ♥
The world is

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animals do have a voice
You are the voice for the voiceless
WE are the voice of the voiceless
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”
― Harvey Fierstein

7 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Kimberly,
    Can you please contact me at johndopp@humanewatch.info regarding Diane Campbell?

    — John Doppler Schiff

  2. I. Wrote this yesterday before I even saw any of this stuff because I wanted this Diane Campbell to get it, to leave my daughter alone! WOW what I have since found is making me sick. So if you are interested in my post please share it, I want this person to contact me.

    Okay this is directed to LADEE DIANE CAMPBELL, so called rescue, dog activist who calls  herself pittie momma:   

    RIP SWEET TUCKER – I tried to friend you (Diane Campbell) 36 hrs ago with no answer, so could say what I had to say to you in private, but since you chose not to do that, I will therefore put it on my page, and ask my 100+ friends to share it and all the dog people who post on my pages to share it, to make sure you get the message. First of all, in the past 2 weeks I have watched some very disgusting filth come out of the mouth of a group of so-called professional women who supposedly dedicate their lives to saving dogs and it was directed at a couple people who do a lot of hard work saving a number of dogs in their homes. They went so far as to make a page dedicated to these people so they could bash him and the filth coming out of their mouths made my jaw drop and I ain’t no angel, that’s how disgusting it was, and when I tried to add comments to this 4 times, they were immediately deleted. I think it had something to do with the treatment of some of the dogs pulled by these rescues, who also collect large amounts of money adopting these dogs out. I know some of the rescues do a fantastic job, then there are others who have crates piled on top of each other in garages, there was even some in the back of pickups in the cold of winter. Of course these dogs are in these crates many, many hours a day because everyone is off pulling more dogs.  These dogs are then sold to unsuspecting adopters, as calm friendly, pets who love other animals and kids and are the sweetest things ever! I personally have seen 3 of these dogs that cost well over $250 apiece and when you get the dog home, it attacks people and other animals like rabid wolves! Oh but now the rescue you got this animal from don’t answer the phone to take it back and they won’t be back to Pet Smart for who knows how long, so in the mean time you are stuck with a dog who has been crated for sometimes months and lost its friggin mind. When you finally get ahold of someone “they have no room to take that dog back at this time”, so you live tortured worrying about what this animal is going to do next, i was sent a message that one tried to bite her childs leg off.  Then when you finally catch them at an “event” and take the dog to them and tell them AGAIN

    The dog can’t be around other dogs or bites kids, you hang around a bit, don’t get a refund of your $260 and watch as they tell the next adopter victim what a great dog it is, collects the money again, and watches as the dog tries to rip the head off the people’s other dog before they move 10 ft.  

    Okay LADEE DIANE now to you personally.  A young lady by the name of Chastity  whose done more for dogs in the last 6 months in about every state, including driving to California to adopt a dog who was shown in a video, then you have done in your whole life.  She previously adopted a tiny chihuahua over 6 years ago that was almost dead and brought him back to a healthy, happy life,  several pits and a cocker coon mix, all of which were rescues.  she also has another chihuahua and a terrier mix also rescues.  The first time I wanted to comment to you was I believe it was Saturday, when her tiny chi was attacked and killed by the cocker and she posted it on FB to notify her friends and was so distressed over this,  and you had the nerve to say to her all in the same breath he knows what he did, just give him a hug and say its ok, then oh he doesn’t know what he did don’t be mad at him.

    Chastity was freaking out and trying to drive to get home to her poor Tucker and was absolutely in hysterics, I know this because she was on the phone with me trying to tell me so I’d go to her house as her child is the one who found Tucker dead.  Okay so teeth impressions were taken and it was found it was the cocker who did it, not only this but also responsible for attacking a beautiful pit bull 2 months earlier who also died.  She made a note of the fact which dog had now killed 2 of her most loved dogs and that she was going to put up for adoption with full disclosure that he needed to be the only dog or only with large females.  OK so here’s where my problem with you comes in. 

    # 1.   You start a fight on her thread accusing her of putting him on Craig’s list and making him a bait dog.  That would NEVER happen!  You don’t even know her to say shit like that.

    # 2.  I DO! I am her mother.  She is a single mother with 2 kids and 6 dogs who are as well taken care of as her kids!

    # 3. THEN you send her a private message, calling her filthy names and asking her if she’s never heard of a crate?  Why is that how you take such good care of your dogs, by keeping them in crates most of their life’s?  That’s why they turn into the psycho killers they are.

    I have raised and shown dogs most of my life,  and I can read dogs pretty good and the largest part of the dogs in rescues are ruined before they ever get adopted, then the people who adopt them are told they are idiots and don’t know how to handle a dog. You said some really nasty filthy shit to her in her time of grieving for one of the best little dogs ever, and  I just want you to know this, you had better leave her the fuck alone!  She was so upset by the shit spewing out of your mouth she was throwing up.  I swear to God you had better not even think of her name again much less write it, because I will find out if you do, and it will be on!  She doesn’t like to fight but I’m telling you this. You are one loud mouth shit talking bitch who don’t have a fucking clue what you are getting into here.  If you say one more thing about or to her then you will be dealing with me and I am not letting you disrupt her life another fucking minute.  If anyone should be put on Craig’s list as a bait dog it’s you and the rest of your nasty filth talking so called professional people who want people to think they are doing such great things when in reality you ruin people’s lives.  And another thing that killer dog is still walking around free like he did nothing .  When in reality he is a killer and will do it again, he likes blood.  So you hug him all you want, give me your address and I’ll bring him to you to rescue!  Maybe after he kills a couple of your dogs, you’ll get it, OH BUT WAIT!  You keep them in crates, fuck the dog pound kennels are 3 times bigger then that!  AND to tell the truth if it was my dog he would of been took outside and I would of put a bullet in his head.  But she’ll find him a good home, because that’s who she is, that’s what she’s about.

    NOW, leave my daughter alone, and I’m only saying this ONCE.  If anyone wants to mess with her further, then you all better get your 501 C 3 ready to show IRS for all the donations you beg off Facebook, of which my daughter has paid in hundreds of $ to some pretty shady rescues and also best be watching how those crates are affecting these animals you supposedly are saving when in reality you are further destroying, it is ABUSE!  I am taking names, addresses and phone numbers so watch what comes out of those scumbag mouths of filth cause its fucking on.  You got something to say, say it on here I won’t delete it. Don’t send me any nasty hate filled trash cause I will post it, just so people thinking about adopting a dog knows what kind of nasty losers they are really dealing with.  Hey people , go to the pound or humane society, and adopt a dog, it will be a lot cheaper and you can even interact with them there, and they have been in a kennel but not a crate they can’t even move in.

    I apologize to those rescues who are doing a great job and aren’t a bunch of liars, this isn’t meant for you, but it is meant for those who know exactly who I’m talking about, so if you ain’t guilty you shouldn’t have a beef with what I’ve said.  If you got a beef bring it on cause I am so fucking ready to get some investigating . RIP TUCKER

    • I had no idea Diane Campbell was trolling the rescue world again. I’m sorry I didn’t even see you’re comment until just now. I’m so sorry you’ve been through this with her, I know how it feels, she went after me too, and everyone who’s ever exposed her for what she is. I commend you’re bravery, it’s not easy putting youself in the line of fire to expose people like her.

  3. wombat319 says:

    Diane Campbell is a slut shore piece of shit cunt. I had my own run-in with her, and she is about as nasty a person as you can find. Anyone friending “Diane Campbell” or “Ladee Diane Campbell” on FB should RUN LIKE HELL!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Diane Campbell is one complete and total Grade-A wackjob. On Facebook I disagreed with her about something Judge Judy said and she proceeded to threaten me. Obviously all empty threats, because I’m still here lol. Here is some info:

    Her latest Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IdoDoU99

    Threats she has made to me:


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